Hero's Downfall - Theros Spoiler

Hero’s Downfall

  • Color: Black
  • Type: Instant
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Set:

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Destroy target creature or planeswalker.

Destiny exalts a chosen few, but even heroes break.

  • Joshua McTiernan

    Ooooooh this looks niiiiiiiccceeee! I’m gonna “Murder”….me some planes walkers!

  • Joshua McTiernan

    MonoBlack Control looks soooo dumb right now. Doomblade, Ultimate Price, that other Black only removal spell and this! Add Duress and Thoughtseize and you’ve got some in the vices!

    • Joshua McTiernan

      Don’t get me started on Jund! OMG I thought things were gonna change around standard guess not…

      • jeremysclone

        Did you reply to yourself?

        • Joshua McTiernan

          Yes forgot about the edit button :P

    • Dv1l

      Your attitude is as shitty as your drawing skills.

  • Hand of the Praetors

    strictly better than dreadbore.

    • Xero

      Nope. “Strictly” means better in all scenarios. There are two reasons that I can think of why Dreadbore can be better than this: 1: It costs two mana; and 2: Some spells and abilities work off of you casting a multi-colored spell, or a red spell.

      • Hand of the Praetors

        Personally, i think instant speed outweighs any reason people can come up with.

        • richardshort2001

          That’s NOT what strictly better means, though. If you are making a deck based on Lobber Crew and Pyroconvergence, Dreadbore wins. Strictly better means there is virtually no reason to put the other card into your deck before putting the maximum number of copies of the better card in first.

          • why not run both. . . ?

          • Zombie

            I actually plan to.

            My Jund brewstorm has 2x Downfall 1x Dreadbore in it already.

            I dont want to run 3x Downfall or 2x Downfall 2x Dreadbore either. 2:1 just feels like a good fit.

            I think Jund will still like Dreadbore of however many copies period. While slow, it’s stupid cheap for what it does.

    • jeremysclone

      Not necessarily. Dreadbore may be a sorcery, but it only costs 2. And the red/black as opposed to 2 black might be more desirable in some decks

    • Zombie

      The only thing that makes it better is Instant speed.

      Dreadbore is easier to cast, hits the same things, and can be reasonably cast in multi-color decks without having to bank on having 2 sources of black.

  • Tank Johnson

    Just shut up and ree do Vindicate instant speed and bring back terminate

  • guest

    When they said there was going to be a rare with five words of rule text, one of which was “planeswalker”, I wondered whether they would repeat dreadbore again so soon.
    It was a very powerful and novel ability when they did it the first time, but does it really have to be rare?

    • Jordan

      I was thinking something blue taking control of a planeswalker. like a god saying, get over here minion.

  • Again another card I have to get 2 play set’s of. . .

    • Zombie

      Why two?

      Just switch them out of the deck you aren’t using into the other one.

      It’s not like you can play two decks at once at an FNM.

      • I build a second deck for a friend to play at FNM so I’m gonna need 2 sets . . . I’m U/B he’s R/B. . . I’ll have him work for a few of them as well. . .but 2 set’s will be needed

  • Zombie

    WELL. BRB Pre- Ordering 4.

  • alec

    you just combined dread bore and murder

    • Jaxen

      Dread Murder

      • Shadow921

        or Murder Bore

  • MtgMind-Welder98

    What caught my attention is that it is an instant

  • Kevan Kramer

    I always loved murder and I glad it back with a great buff.

  • Woop Woop

    Is it me, or is black getting a LOT of power this time around?

  • dude

    I am glad they did a great spell again.For me the last editions were to creature based and they only did powerfull creatures.

  • Jaxen

    Murder digivolves to…

    • Zombie

      Pretty much.

  • James Quinton Hicks II

    Damn, Murder you look good!

  • Silver

    I want it for my Karador EDh, four copies if possible

    • Shadow921

      4 copies for 1 edh? please elborate

  • guest

    I don’t know. Murder was never very playable in standard and this is a small upgrade. If domni rade ends up being staple, i might see this in jundy aggro decks, but i’d rather play dreadbore even at sorcery speed

    • Jack Feigh

      With the way the mana curve looks in Theros, this might be a good card for certain situations. You are right though, Dreadbore just has that certain something about it.

  • wisdomseyes

    The big issue I see witht his card that WILL come up is new players not understanding priority, as they often don’t, and then complain when they try to “destroy the planeswalker before the planeswalker even has a chance to use it’s ability”. It is going to be annoying as hell to now have to explain to newer players in BLACK too! it was annoying enough with shock >->

    • Steven Bryant

      shut up and deal with it, you had to learn once too. just because you are a seasoned player you think the game belongs to you.

      • wisdomseyes

        I said it will be annoying, not that I wouldn’t do it. The fact I have to in the first place shows that I play with newer players to begin with.

        You need to get off your high horse xD

        And when you do deal with as many new players as I do, I am happy to avoid this situation whenever possible, because it requires me to explain a very long section of the rules to them

  • selesnyaWarden

    Usual MtG PLAYER: “Hey Wizards, how about giving us more interaction with planeswalkers?,, say,some destroy effects..something never seen before”
    Wizards: “Sure, why not?,,, how about,, an insane one mana black sorcery spell that allows you to…”

    Usual MtG PLAYER: “I was gonna say something never seen before,,, like an instant that could destroy a creature or planes…”
    Wizards: “just take this one kid its better for you (WE INSIST HAHAHAHA) ehm, it’s called (cashsiez.)… we mean thoughtseize,, trust us,, It’ll be good for you, for standard, modern, legacy, casual jonny decks, FOREVER,,,, just give us your money of course…
    Usual MtG PLAYER : gladly wizards, :)