• Tezzybros

    geez, what a bomb. B/W Is looking good

  • Stef

    Very nice uncommon engine. Power level is very high in this set it seems.

  • Aurore

    Time to go in Ayli!

  • MTG fan

    Can’t this be infinite with itself? It makes a servo, you sac the servo, then get it back while scrying.

    • Aurore

      Theoretically if not for two things:
      1) Mana cost for sacrifice
      2) Only triggers once per turn
      It’s powerful, and gives all the pieces it needs to work, but it can’t go infinite in one turn, it just feeds into itself.

    • eltratzo

      over infinite turns, yes. you only get one servo per turn.

  • Tolle

    My white black Daxos will like that. Just wish it said “permanent” or even “non-land permanent.”

  • Derek Mullins

    More and more, I’m really thinking bw aristocrats…. Hoo boy.

  • Jay Kilian

    This will be exceptional in the Orzhov tokens build. Or in the Mardu version of Norin Sisters.

  • Happy The Cat

    we need an unglued card called Hidden Socks.
    also this is ridiculous for almost every b/w archtype in edh. $8 foil right here

  • Han Solo II


  • Zombie

    My Breya deck just leaped off my desk, hit the screen, and started oozing what looks like drool.

    • Bastion8889

      What colour was the drool? You really have to learn the distinction between drool and the black phyrexian oil that corrupts so many living machines.

      • Zombie

        The only Phyrexian that I let near my sweet Breya is Phyrexian Metamorph because it pretends to be something not-Phyrexian.

  • ColorCaptain

    And thusly, the hidden cycle from urza block was complete.
    Err… wait…

  • Adam Malekhedayat

    piece of garbage.