• Marvin Sürig

    I hate it when they put this stuff on uncommon slots. WotC why do you do that?
    Hoenstyl why not give us another uncommon enemy land that gives life when they enter the battlefield…

    • Idon’thave Aname


      • Marvin Sürig

        Yes But the art could’ve been used on the second enter the battefield gain 1 life land of enemy pairs. The point I try to make is: The green Blue was in Jace PW Deck and those lands get a reprint in those as common. So why does Wizard of the coast don’t help us and print those on common and the other lands who are similar like giving 1 life on uncommon.
        My experience from drafting is that it’s more fun if you can split in a 3rd color or have less mana fixing problems in the two colored pair you’re playing.
        On common this would remove the unfairness of the color pie that green can play all other colors in most matches.

    • Edward

      I didn’t realize it was uncommon for a second and then once I saw that I got annoyed. It is a waste of a perfectly good uncommon slot. Like you said, they should do something instead of just being standard enemy colored lands that enter tapped. They should stop printing the same dual lands over and over again

  • TogetherAlone

    That are is amazing. I want a print of that!!