• Chaospyke

    Guess he gets a card next set.
    But I really was hoping that we’d actually get minotaur pirates so I could make a minotaur tribal.

  • Grant Jacobson

    I guess we get hijack every fourth release now…

  • Kitnz

    Oooh a Minotaur PW coming up next set?! Alright! Probably RB since he’s a minotaur pirate, but any other ideas out there?

    • Dave

      I also think (and hope as there are few!) RB. From his bit in the story it would seem so. Maybe with some kind of steal/sacrifice ability and certainly damage, he totally looks like damage.

  • Angrath looks like a ravnican Minotaur to me… possibly tied to Vraska?

  • Guest

    Called it.

  • Hedronal

    Angrath is basically minotaur Ghost Rider.