Hope of Ghirapur - Aether Revolt Spoiler

Hope of Ghirapur

  • Color: Colorless
  • Type: Legendary Artifact Creature - Thopter
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Set:

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  • Traveler

    Hu, pretty cool. Maybe sideboard play in modern hatebears?

  • Daniel Kaine Allen

    Very strange card. I like it, but not sure how useful it’ll be.

  • wisdomseyes

    My new commander

  • guest

    could this be a possible alternative to vault skirge in modern affinity? in matchups/metas where lifelink isn’t relevant anyway?

    • That Guy

      Probably not unless your local meta is very weird. The only matchups I can think of you would want this more than skirge is infect and storm.

  • Deadly Berry

    Fuel for Shirei, if you’re into that kind of guy.

  • Luis Dominguez

    Essentially a colorless Xantid Swarm, which is used in sideboards of legacy Storm and other combo decks, but damage must connect, which I guess is harder in legacy due to Baleful Strix and Delver? Still solid.

    • Jalais

      What makes it so much better than Xantid is “until your next turn”. Against creature light decks this might as well read “opponent loses next turn.”

      • DJPad

        Except creature light decks are likely instant-heavy decks and can play spells mostly on your turn anyway. That and they still get to draw and untap..

        Xantid is better for what decks like storm want because it doesn’t need to connect and will trigger more reliably.

  • Takadori

    Just a random scenario, I have one of these on the battlefield and a copy target creature card in my hand, if I swing and hit a player with the one on the field, then put a copy of it onto the battlefield, the legend rule applies, forcing me to sac one of the two, before that happens, can I use the original ones sac ability to keep a player from casting spells, or does the legend rule apply first??

    • Aigonnaes

      You can’t response to state-based action.

    • That Guy

      Losing one of them to the legend rule is a state-based action and therefore can’t be responded to.

    • Daniel Kaine Allen

      Better question, why wouldn’t you just sac the one you attacked with first, then play the other one? You can’t use its ability until after combat damage has been applied anyway.
      Edit: Nevermind, I just realized I read your comment wrong.

  • Jace must die

    Prototype portal

  • kevin

    already 15 bucks

  • Evil Tactics

    lol Thopter tribal got some love.

    That aside, very neat. We don’t get many colorless 1 mana legends, if any.

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    Boy, if only there were a Commander with artifact recursion to help abuse this…

  • Soren Szilver

    Potential modern affinity side board maybe?

  • Jacob Anderson

    Stupid question, but if you wait for your opponent to cast a non-creature spell can you respond by sacrificing this essentially countering the spell?

    • Jackson Means

      No, it’s like silence in that it stops the casting of spells but not the resolving of spells already on the stack.

  • Christopher Knighton

    Pretty useless against UW Flash, but could be good in a lot of other matchups.

  • Tolle

    This is a commander… I REALLY want to see someone build this deck. :P

    • ColorCaptain

      You could do voltron too. Maybe a better Isamaru.

      • Tolle

        The main issue is that it is colorless. Isamaru has some advantages to being in white. Although it is nice this guy has flying. Typically colorless decks like to run titans because of their value. i don’t think this deck will be good, I just think it would be funny to make.

        • ColorCaptain

          Yeah, the evasion is nice but colorless makes it hard to do voltron. Only so many swords. I’m sure theres an infinite combo available. It will be interesting to see brews for sure.

          • Aurore

            You know just normal equipment works, right? They don’t all have to be mythics. I highly doubt anyone will use this as anything but a gimmicky casual deck anyway.

      • sansmyhands

        Sram is already the better Isamaru voltron commander from this set.

  • Edwin Marín Castro

    This toy will go to my box.

  • Kevan Kramer

    I never knew I wanted a legendary thopter until they made one. If Tiny Leaders was still a thing, they finally got their colorless commander.

  • sansmyhands

    FINALLY another colorless artifact commander. A damn weird one with no innate synergies, but one all the same.

  • Alex

    This would be quite amusing as a commander… buuuut… nothing about it really says “build around me.” I will definitely want one to run in Edric, however.

    • Aurore

      The “build around me” part is the part where it’s legendary 1/1 thopter. Hello, adorable gimmick!

    • Vizzerdrix

      Perfect for edric 1 drop flyer which if it’s still the same deck as when I built it, is the backbone of the deck

  • ChaosEngineer

    Is nobody else thinking they need a few in the sideboard for standard to use agaisnt control decks? I know I will for the turn I really need to cast my win con and don’t want to deal with counter spells in my second main phase.

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    Anyone else think this is a really weird thing to make a legendary creature?

    • Alex

      I think the reason they made it Legendary was not for the sake of Commander, but because it would be absolutely broken in 4-of formats if you had a board full of these. You would be able to effectively shut down an opponent’s ability to play non-creature spells. With graveyard recursion and/or clone/duplicate effects, they would be unable to cast non-creature spells ever again.

  • kmk888

    Super weird to make Xantid Swarm colorless and legendary, but it’s a cool card. I don’t think I can play this Standard without playing combo since it’s the best environment for it since maybe combo winter, so I’ll probably end up with this one in the sideboard.

  • Shagoth

    If it wasn’t legendary, this probably would have replaced Vault Skirge in affinity, granted I don’t know the value of Lifelink in the deck, but I’ve faced it with an aggro deck before and the implinks have been bothersome with gaining life to say the least. This is a legendary ability though.
    Also this will be a one of a kind commander.

  • Cap. Obvious

    This+Alesha is brutal in EDH!

  • Happy The Cat

    well, I’ve found my new insane commander to play with.
    this one may take a long time to make…

  • Vizzerdrix

    So bad xatand swarm, though I Kinda wanna run this in teysa it fits in with revielark and karmic guide

  • diskboi

    I wish you didnt have to sac it, but it is really good for when you need to instakill someone during your main phase 2. could be a staple sideboard card in combo decks.