• Jacob Kodicovic

    It’s obligatory to say “You just got… HORNSWOGGLED!” when you play this card.

  • Grant Jacobson

    I say its a better limited/sealed version of negate, but I’m pretty sure its worse in any type of constructed format (when compared to negate)

    edit: oops [negate –> essence scatter]

    • Jalais

      You mean essence scatter? Yeah I don’t see this replacing it in a non metalcraft set.

  • Blahblahblahbla

    I feel like Hornswaggle should have ‘Affinity for Beebles’.

    • Steffen

      Next block I’m 100% positive that there will be at least 1 Beeble. The Tolaria-Theme is too strong not to ;)

  • Daniel Victor

    Hopefully,this is a sign that 1U counter – a – creature spells are leaving standard.

    • galen150

      they wont be for a while now. we still have 2 more sets and then on the one after that they cycle out. and its not like control is out of control.

      • Daniel Victor

        Not proper control,however,control spells are seeping into temur energy decks.

    • sansmyhands

      And be replaced by a UU hard counter is what you mean, right? ;)

      • Daniel Victor

        They won’t bring back UU counterspell.If you mean UU – counter creature spell,then yes,perhaps.

        • sansmyhands

          I was talking about Counterspell. I was joking that you were saying Essence Scatter was too weak, not too strong.

          • Daniel Victor

            I was saying that essence scatter was annoying.

  • CMK

    When casting, I shall declare.. ‘Clonk!’

  • Alexandre Donnart

    Wait… “YOU create” ? Why ?

    • Kahai

      You’re stealing from someone you’re kicking off the boat. It’s lovely!

      • Alexandre Donnart

        Should have explained a bit more. They never use the actual word “You” when you create a token. At least it’s the first time I’ve seen it and I bet it’s a mistake.

        • Kahai

          I think it might be just a slight change in wording to provide a better understanding of the abilityword create. But this does look like the first usage.

          • Alexandre Donnart

            That’s the thing : there are other cards in this set creating Treasures, and the word You isn’t there.