• Jackson Means

    As an entomologist you’d think i’d get the joke here…

    • zipec

      Its because its a programming joke. Bug meaning mistake in code. As in classic “Its not a bug, its a feature.”

      • Jackson Means

        Ahhh ok cool thanks!

  • Tolle

    Wow… that is horrible. Considering this is designed for limited, a 6 mana sorcery that doesn’t impact the board at all… No thank you.

    • Kameenook

      10 seconds to ensure you draw your bomb next turn or draw a series of removal spells. Knowing your deck and having a plan before you cast this spell means you could stack probably 3-4 cards in your deck, and hopefully then you have some impactful spells it can definitely be worth it.

      Also who’s to say this is specifically designed for limited, there’s plenty of cards that are just straight up trolls.

      • Tolle

        A. Depending on the speed of this format if you waste your turn six you are probably dead before you can draw any of those draws you just set up.
        B. That is literally the point of Un sets… They are designed exclusively for limited…

  • Daniel Scott

    It feels to me like someone at wizards was watching Commander VS on youtube when they came up with this.

  • Grant Jacobson

    6-mana scry your library is totally a fair Magic card. If my play group allowed me to play this as a commander then I would forevermore be an Azorius player.