• Kyle Kinnear

    This card is absolutely insane.

  • TogetherAlone

    welp, im gonna want a few copies of this for EDH, and this definitely has to be standard playable.

  • Gregory Walter

    HA! The jokes on you! My Phylactery Lich is bound to a Dark Steel Reactor! >x3

    • Lich would still die to this.

      • Gregory Walter

        Yeah, I know…

  • Stef Edge

    Red gets something decent/good?? Unbelieveable.

  • galen150

    so this is likely to see standard play. dont think there are many indestructible creatures in the meta and some people will just play sweltering suns over this any day, but its a solid card

    • This is a supplement to Sweltering suns, not a replacement. This is also a lot more main deckable due to it’s ability to deal with Gideon and the board without having to use 1 for 1 removal.

      • Diego Martins

        It’s also good against decks with Avacyn.

  • Keith Chi Kin Cheng

    Just good enough to kill those cute horses too :(

  • The Dracogenius

    Shame on me, for I am stupid.

    • Stef Edge

      Well only Hazoret survived, the other four Gods died.

      • Necrachilles

        maybe survived the bolas god’s sure but look closely in this art, looks like Hazoret’s broken mask/crown on the side there:

      • jaya

        Hazoret survived? I thought she died based on forbid reprint art.

        • Hedronal

          “Hazoret’s Undying Fury” has some people thinking that she would be undying, instead of her fury being it.

      • Hedronal

        Is there any reason to think so other than “Hazoret’s Undying Fury”‘s name? She’s not stated to be undying, her fury is.

    • Alexandre Donnart

      Nope. Oketra is a 3/6.

  • Hecksus

    Red button for the UR Control

  • Alexandre Donnart

    Finally a clean answer to Gideon.

  • Christopher Knighton

    Roll credits! *ding*

  • Eli Eyal Broide

    Certainly a card worthy of its name…

    Shame for the “Story” flavor text though

  • Jordan Meyers

    I have a Mogis EDH deck. Help I don’t know if this fits. It does what I want to do, but also kills Mogis…

    • Daniel Scott

      I dunno how it plays, but is it not quite likely you aren’t up to the devotion limit if you are choosing to wipe?

      • Jordan Meyers

        If I have 3 other permanents (mostly enchantments) in play by turn 6 is usually happens. But, just for the mass planeswalker removal this is the NUTS.

    • Nanya

      Play it when you’re behind and Mogis isn’t a creature?

  • Stef

    Holy hell, this card is ridiculous. Cleans everything in the format, even Amonkhet gods. Red has it all now, early sweepers, Magma spray for exile effect, Glorybringer, Chandra and now this.

    • jaya

      We still dont have ramp, counter and draw. =(

      • Hedronal

        It’s counter, the only color that gets to even mention not having it would be blue if blue didn’t have it for some reason.

  • Kaiser

    Hour of Redswipe

  • Jordan

    Wow. Red finally gets something good. Like really good. And I’d love to have that art on a mat. Hell this kills half the old gods too.

  • Jordan

    Interesting that he knows who/what the Gatewatch is. Outside of themselves, they never really used that name.

    • Kaiser

      He can read minds andthat stuff you know, evil god dragon.

    • Stef

      Tezzeret may be aware of their purpose?

  • TheAweDude

    Is this the first card that is named the same as the set it is currently in?

    • Happy The Cat

      there are 9 cards that have the name of a set, but i think only Conflux was released in it’s set. but most of them were released around the set of their name I think.

      • Richard Coghlan

        Time Spiral, Planar Chaos, and Future Sight were all years before the sets named after them.

        • Happy The Cat

          “most of them”

  • Happy The Cat

    not only is it an occurrence of red getting a great card, but it’s also great card named after a set. I’d even go as far as to say it’s comparable to Time Spiral, and I love me some Time Spiral.
    it should be 6 damage for flavor though right? cause as is Bolas lets the cat and the croc live with this, not to mention six of the theros gods(four of those are x/7s so that’s fine)

    also, WAY better wrath name than Hour of Revelation. “pay 5, Devastation” is way cooler.

    • jaya

      Its not better than Time spiral…What have you smoke today? I want that brand too.

      • Hedronal

        The point of that comparison was that of two cards that share a name with a set, this one is actually relevant to the set.

  • Kaiser

    Finally i can add a red card to my nicol bolas fan deck.

  • Dave

    Kills horses.

    • Tavis Carrillo


  • jaya

    Sweet card, its a shame it doesnt say you cant prevent damage and 5 damage is little too little for EDH, there are still better sweepers but its the best we can hope for red…
    Very good in standard tho.

    • Happy The Cat

      too little for edh? this wipes almost everything that builds board! it even gets around effects like Darksteel Forge and Knight Exemplar(or that new horse thing). and while it can’t kill big Avacyn, it shuts her off, which probably means your red deck can kill her.
      if Languish can see play, this definitely can.

      • jaya

        Languish doesnt see play in edh, what are you even talking about? And theres stuff like terminate, hallowed burial, final judgement, descent upon the sinfull, toxic deluge, merciless eviction, the list goes and goes, this doesnt even make to top 20 sweepers in edh, so Im not sure what this reply is about.
        Its good for standard but wont see edh play in my decks, fairly sure even blasph act is better. Just a game I played a few hours ago in MTGO every1 had creatures with over 7 toughness, day of judgement would been better than this in that situation.
        The Best situation I can see for this is when ur running creatures with 6 tough and ur opponents arent but even earthquakes do the trick.
        Also havent seen knight exemplar in years, just how casual is your meta?

        • Happy The Cat

          see, what this does is called “have a unique effect” most of the time red would only have access to chaos warp and colorless spells to deal with indestructible creatures, and this allows you to check tokens, planeswalkers and creatures red normally couldnt touch, or at least would struggle to do so.
          oh, and Languish does see edh, but I was mostly using it to generalize any wrath that isn’t, well, a wrath. red doesn’t have many big wraths, except for the ones that are complete board resets(shout out to Apocalypse) and while this card isn’t perfect for every play group, namely ones that have no early game and only super late game cards, the groups where this will see play it will do a lot of damage. it hits planeswalkers, it gets around Forge, is shuts of Gods and things like Avacyn so a red player can actually kill them without using complete resets.
          and I said effects like Knight Exemplar, because there are a good deal of “creatures you control have indestructible” and that was the first one that comes to mind, since a friend’s odric soup uses it.

          this card isn’t meant to deal with 7 toughness creatures, it only deals 5, that’s just how math works. spoiler, this card wont do much if you don’t use it correctly. cause this couldn’t kill x/7s, but I’d bet everybody didn’t only have x/7s the entire game.

          • jaya

            You know you can start dropping x/7s after turn 3? It depends on what your facing but why would I ever run this over any of the b4 mentioned wraths.
            Even in mono red due to the color strength your better off trying to go off asap instead of answering to threats, thats not how you play red in edh, you lack draw/tutors and other colors have better removal anyway.
            I dont see any deck that wants to run this, im hoping you can show me how magnificient this card is, Im not seeing its value at all in edh.
            Ive yet too see languish, ppl played it a bit when it came out but havent seen it in 1 year min. Mutilate, toxic deluge and the other wraths black has are so much better, not even to mention the whites.

        • Giby86 .

          So, you’re comparing this to the best “wrath” red has and you find out it’s worse. Then you compare it to one of the best wraths of the color with all the best wraths and find out it’s worse. In other news, water is wet?

  • Shagoth
    • Shagoth

      Side note, this name is probably worthy of the title of the set because it’s what Wotc felt after giving red a playable spell in this set!
      Seriously, this might be one of the few okay spoiled red cards in this set so far. Even the red PWs are bad.
      This is also one of the few red damage wipes that probably won’t go into my friend’s Tajic deck of Pro red/indestructible critters.

      • Nanya

        Wouldn’t pro-red creatures still be unaffected?

        • Shagoth

          Not the more powerful, indestructible creatures, though. They are the best in the deck.

          • Nanya

            Hmm, well, if you’re running Boros, you have access to stuff that can give Pro-Red.

            Mother of Runes comes to mind.

  • Bostorket

    “Take this, you damned kids! And your stupid dog, too!”

  • SLY

    Roll credits *ding*