• Jeremy Perez

    Freaking sweet card.

    • Ashark7773 Gaming

      It seems unplayable since to make 1 4-4 it cost 5 and a card, and also the only deck that would fit decent into would be an enternalise deck, and the cards already would be able to do that. The other deck would be a blue-black or blue-black-white zombie deck, which might work. ( If you can proove me wrong with a decklist please do since I want this card to do well)

      • Flayne

        “UBW” is hardly functional with the mana base when it has 3U in the cost, 2 colors is already pushing the limit unless the second color is mainly for splash.

        In relation with this, seems narrow in playablity, ironically only a heavy control Ux(splash) could afford this, and since it is in the control architype, there will be even less creatures for this card to even interact with,
        Of course it is theoretically possible to mill yourself to get some creatures into the graveyard, with multiple copies of Champion of Wits and others like it: draw 2-4 cards discard 2, keep control card and discard creatures, (another CoW maybe :p) mill yourself some more, then use this, bring back multiple CoWs with this, etc. Etc.

        Hardly consistent though. I do hope it fits into a certain architype tho, the effect is certainly interesting.

        • Shawn Michael Diaz

          Imagine Temur ramp – really BU control shell with red splashed just for Cathartic Reunion and winning the game by milling with 4/4 Black Zombie Ulamogs. That’d be a trip. I still think God Pharaoh’s Gift would be better in that situation though.

          • Hedronal

            Temur or Grixis? You said “Temur”, “BU”, and “red”, so I’m not sure which you mean.

          • Shawn Michael Diaz

            I meant GU, whoops. GU isn’t the most common control color pair, but cards like Bounty of the Luxa, Engulf the Shore, and Haze of Pollen let you build stall-y decks with controlling cards and silly win cons.

          • Shawn Michael Diaz

            Really I just wanna see someone Eternalize Ulamog as a finisher because that seems hilarious

          • Hedronal

            So that’s why Bolas had him freed.

  • victorseth

    Holy lord. HAHAHA

  • Desthian

    what’s happening with the flavor texts lately?

    • Derek Niles

      do you mean that a bunch of them seem like video game loading screen hints?

    • Hedronal

      What do you mean? If I may ask you to mention another or two similar examples I might have an answer.

  • Mike Thomas

    This seems like an extreme bend, if not outright a break, for blue. I get they wanted to play up the ‘blue is bolas, therefore the enemy’, but making zombies by exiling creatures from graveyard?

    I see how they justify it — “They’re 4/4 clones of creatures!” — but idk. Seems very forced.

    • Daniel Scott

      Yea, it feels to me like this should have been UB. The closest match for this is Dimir Doppelganger, which is of course UB and this even has the extra B brought in by the resulting creatures being zombies. Bit of a flavor fail, but still a sweet card.

      • Robert FakeLastName

        mono blue zombies exist.

        • Daniel Scott

          True facts, though I think they are all Skabbs (and thus more Frankenstein monster than normal zombie)? Still feels like it would be a better fit in UB, but you do make a fair point

          • dodnyjv

            But aren’t these Eternals essentially crafted using lazotep? They’re a necro-engineering project, not unlike the skaabs on innistrad.

          • Daniel Scott

            Good point, I didn’t realise that, maybe this does work as mono blue then.

          • Shawn Michael Diaz

            Fate Stitcher is mono blue and a zombie wizard. If I had to guess, this is considered a light bend. Cloning is blue all the way. The bend is that they’re exiled from the graveyard and come out black but that’s probably just to keep things consistent. I wonder if we’ll get some kind of Eternalize token that indicates that a card is black and a zombie… It also makes it easier for them to print hate in Ixalan or Core 25 with cards that color hate black or hate zombies.

    • Coulter Baker

      It’s a heavy bend, but it’s supported by the fact that ebmalm and eternalize are both blue/white centered mechanics in this set, so it’s fine. Body double is an example of the cloning from graveyard, so it has existed before, and does exist as a fringe part of blue’s identity.

    • Hedronal

      Black-made zombies are mostly any kind, white are servile. Blue are intelligently designed, either stitched together or made to keep aspects of when they were alive, especially skills and abilities. Similar to white in that it’s a more deliberate, planned process, similar to black (more on Theros than Amonkhet) in that aspects of the living remain.

  • Random Guy

    Very similar to: http://www.magicspoiler.com/mtg-spoiler/god-pharaohs-gift/

    + Can be cast for 5 or 9 instead
    + Gives more immediate board presence
    + Doesn’t die to amonkhet’s massive amount of removal

    – HUGE: Cannot be cheated out with http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?name=Gate+to+the+Afterlife
    – Does not give haste
    – Gives less total board presence
    – Requires 3 blue mana

    Conclusion: will probably see less standard play than those other cards, but it’s close.

  • Kaiser

    The Hour of ZOMBIES!

  • Animar, Elemental Master

    Flavor it is certainly interesting.
    But the card itself is like Empty the Pits in blue.

    • Kaiser

      >Empty the Pits< That is good enought for me.

      • Shagoth

        Empty the Pits, AKA the foil mythic that I was thankful for its low value because I spilt water all over it.

        • Kaiser

          Also a limited finisher that was super good besides the expectation and see standard play if i dont remember bad.

          • Shagoth

            It’s a mythic, it’s either broken in limited or it’s terrible in limited.

          • Kaiser

            And this is not a mythic. What makes this “better” is that you not need to pay more than 7 to win. Jusy need to hit 2 finishers to win.

  • Caleb Martin

    I love all the eternalizing non-eternals there is in this set. Also, love the card

  • Shagoth

    Five mana for a 4/4 Body Double, 7 for two, ect.
    This is similar to empty the pits and this makes bigger and better dudes, but empty the pits had deducted mana from your graveyard, while here, the graveyard is the target. It may not look like it, but Empty is WAAAAAAy cheaper. Honestly, I’m surprised it’s not a win con in fringe dredge decks once you accidentally milled yourself for forty cards.

  • Kevin Johnstone

    LOL turn 4 ulamog is back………. but its a 4/4. #fckstandard

    • Kaiser

      yeah like having a 10/10 indes that kill you and YOUR deck is “fair”

    • TomGalonska

      This t4 Ulamog is MUCH harder to set up… You need a discard outlet (probably red (reunion)), ramp (green) and 3(!) blue on t4 for this to work.

      • Marvin Sürig

        1G Channeler Initiate
        1G Beastcaller Savant
        1G Deathcap Cultivator
        1G Servant of the Conduit
        G Loam Dryad

        1G Noose constrictor
        1U Seeker of Insight (needs something like a counterspell to loot)
        3 Gate to the Afterlife
        Geier Reach Sanitarium (Basicly needs 3 mana)

        And you could just summon Ulamog with “Reason” /to/ “Live” while having six mana and some luck which isn’t unlikely with those mana ramp cards. And you could split in 1-2 God-Pharaoh’s Gift to punish your opponent even more with Gate to the Afterlife.

        And even some cheap counterspell to protect yourself and Ulamog like Censor. Or something that lets you choose liek Supreme Will. Maybe Add 1-2 Barals two ramp spells by 1 and get a DISCARD/LOOT as a little extra when you counter something.

        That all sounds quite nice XD

  • Hedronal

    My Teferi (walker) ramp commander may well make room for this.

    • Marvin Sürig

      I can see some cards I would use this on in my Teferi (PW) EDH. But a 4/4 Kozilek Token seams a bit sad x’D. Still Kira and Thorn Tail drake cards are nice with this. I like the thorntail hatchling to pull the breaks on my opponents early game ramp cards xD

      • Hedronal

        It’s also a means of graveyard recursion in general, which I don’t run as of yet outside of Call to Mind. Getting a bunch of good even if smaller creatures for UUU plus 2 mana per seems super fun in blue ramp.

  • Dr. Burn Crow