• NobleGhost117

    Do you want locusts? Because that’s how you get locusts.

    • DJ Pad

      Odd that a card with the locust god on it gives you zombies and not locusts? Why not put the scarab god on it?

      • Nyos

        I thought the same thing, but it makes sense if you read the flavor text. The locust god destroyed the hekma in the lore, and that let the zombies into the city.

        • jaya

          Still is off flavor the fact that it destroyed the city should been the main point of this card therefore the main mechanic should been destroy target non basic land or something like that, followed by fetching a desert, and finally followed by creating a zombie, even tho I still agree having locusts coming would be more rational. So what if he lets the zombies into the city, are you gonna ignore the army of locusts running behind the god…

          • Hedronal

            It’s on flavor in that this isn’t the city being destroyed, it’s the city being desert-ified. Less destroying, more covering with sand.

          • Shagoth

            Sounds like BFZ eldrazi…

          • Hedronal

            Kind of, but also the reverse. BFZ eldrazi more or less take away the things that aren’t the equivalent of sand in the comparison.

  • DJ Pad

    Nice that it searches any two lands, not just basics. May see EDH play because of that fact.

  • Baxter Stein

    ANY two lands :0 get in meh EhDuhHuh decks!

  • Jude

    …okay ill bite .3. There are enough deserts that are actualpy helpful for this to be used maybe in fringes of standard. Edh oh yeah this is getting used. Go grab a gaeas cradle ot a crypt of agadeem, temple of the false god, ancient tomb. Definatepy useable. Sadly land search isnt really a thing much anywhere else but commander, but you bet its gonna be a good commander spot in green

  • xxxx

    It gets both thespian stage and dark depth. But at cmc 5 edh may be the best place.

  • Mov

    This doesn’t feel like a rare in limited. 5 mana for two 2 2s conditional on you already having another desert in play. Plus the good things to ramp to are all at the rare slot.

    • Mr.Mayhem631

      Not every card is made for limited.

      • Mov

        Yes but rarity is all about limited though. So they tell us anyway – but not like this will ever be a chase rare for them to make money off though.

        • raziel11

          while rarity is heavily impacted by limited power, rarity does not denote power, rather it denotes complexity. in this case you are searching your library, checking land types, then creating zombies. that is why things that give extra phases/turns are usually mythic now, and why planeswalkers have been mythic as long as mythic has existed.

          • Mov

            Come on, we all know the mythic rarity is all about creating chase cards by restricting supply of key cards

          • raziel11

            key cards, that usually have more complexity then comparable commons or uncommons. how many mythics are there that are just 4/5 for 3 mana? oh wait, that’s an uncommon.

            regardless of the reason *why* complexity is behind a rarity barrier, that does not change the fact it is. i didn’t say “so new players have a better time” as creating a “chase” card could easily be wizards reason, but that doesn’t make a planeswalker uncomplex just because it was created to sell packs, that makes no sense

            also, fatal push is the no. 1 chase card in AER as you can get many copies of a $10 card from a single box, therefor becoming the main selling point for those wanting to open AER for money only.
            you can get a playset+ of paths from a box of journey, which holds more combined value than any mythic in the set, and more individual value then most the mythics aswell. (that was the set it was in, right? i forget.) new phyrexia’s value was also in the common/uncommon slot, as has been with many other sets. the OG innistrad block had a healthy mix of “chase” cards in all of the rarity slots, with the 2 “money cards” being a common (delver) and liliana.

            also, if rarity exists to control the market/create hype for certain cards/sell packs, that means that rarity ISN’T about the limited format, but rather the secondary market. so your rebuttal to my point is to disprove your original point?

          • Mov

            I believe it is only mythics they push to be chase cards. I think there is no real justification for that rarity level to exist. Btws a chase card being a $10 uncommon is much better than when it’s a $50 chase mythic that the deck needs to be competitive. I’m not sure this problem was quite so bad during JOU days was it – did every deck have at least one playset of mythics?

            So yeah rarity is about the limited format, except for mythic which is about pack sales. Btw I don’t really get the complexity argument re this card either – what it does is entirely spelled out on the card, and it does it all at once so it’s not like there’s extra complexity due to delayed triggers (and the conditional trigger is a simple one too – check my side for deserts after I’ve selected my lands).

          • raziel11

            “btw i don’t really get the complexity argument” complexity in terms of cards is much different than complexity in say, science. read MaRo’s tumblr, complexity often comes up there, and does not mean literal complexity but rather things such as steps (searching library, checking deserts, creating tokens) and in general wordy-ness. How do you not know this?

            and again, MaRo has said rarity serves as a way to denote complexity and balance limited. Not purely balance limited.

            “btws a chase card being a $10 uncommon is much better than when it’s a $50 mythic that the deck needs to be competitive” when did i say it *wasn’t* better? this has nothing to do with our conversation, other than to prove my point that mythic does not *always* mean it is the defacto chase card.

            “so yeah rarity is about the limited format” well you went to crowning yourself the victor rather fast, despite being wrong.

            sir, you seem to be ignoring everything i say, or misunderstanding it.

          • Mov

            Complexity as you (and Maro I suppose) define it bears no reference therefore to the dictionary definition of the word. This card is not complex as what it does is wholly written on the card. There are no keywords to remember, and it only checks one zone (ie the one directly in front of you) so it’s not like it’s hard to miss if the criteria is met.

          • raziel11

            need we consult the dictionary on every word? i was unaware internet trolls were really just calling me a bundle of sticks. whether or not you agree, that is how complexity is measured when making cards. that is why there are no vanilla mythics (or to the best of my knowledge, even french vanilla) sans the upcoming unset mythic, obviously. that is why there will never (discounting major directional change) be a rare planeswalker.

            here are the standard complexity levels, iirc

            common/uncommon:vanilla, french vanilla, virtual vanilla/virtual french vanilla (etb effect and nothing else) instants and sorceries that interact with 1-2 zones, with no special gimmicks or more than 2 “checks” (such as cards in hand, creatures in graveyard, *insert tribal* on field)/additional costs
            *rare:french vanilla, mass board interaction (lords, wipes, buffs, debuffs) multiple checks/additional cost, hand interactions (such as no maximum hand size/*insert tribal* costs less)
            *Mythic: for the most part just rares but no vanillas, multiple separate abilities on cards (such as each of amonkhet-hou gods having 3 abilities) built in synergy (grixis god cycle) and planeswalkers.

            *rare and mythic have gone thru substantial change in complexity over the years, and vary quite a bit between each 2-4 year chunk.

  • jaya

    Very very very must have card for any EDH running green and black, rly get cabal and urborg, the only other card that does this is tempt with discovery and needs to relly on opponents being greedy. This is a must for most decks that have powerful lands.

    • Aurore

      Heck, this is a must-have for any EDH running Green.

  • Alexandre Donnart

    Even if the story and flavor text explain it, it’s a Green ramp card, creating Black tokens, with a Blue-Red God on the picture. In a Desert.

    • jaya

      Ikr, its tottaly off flavor xD, and the way the flavor and art show it should be more inclinated to land destruction than creating zombies, mby fetch 2 deserts and destroy target land would be better flavor wise. And mby gorgary colors instead of mono green to give the sink hole effect of erosion of the lands.

      • Mr.Mayhem631

        The flavor is that the zombies and deserts are coming in. It’s spot on, as long as you actually use it to fetch deserts.

    • Vizzerdrix

      If only you gained 2 life or something then it can be every color, or fetch a land that produces white mana and a land that produces colorless for that matter

    • Zombie

      I stopped expecting Wizards to make sense a long time ago.

    • Jacob Kodicovic

      These are the same people who printed a Horse Tribal card.

  • Alex

    A 20/20 flying indestructible for 5 mana , sounds playable in legacy.

    • Fart

      Then you’ve probably never played legacy.

    • DJ Pad

      It’s even better when it costs 0-2 mana (which it already does).

    • Vizzerdrix

      7 you still need to activate stage also with this you need amulet of vigor out or wait a turn and likely someone kills depths with a wasteland in legacy

  • Mr.Mayhem631

    This is pretty good even without the desert bonus.

  • Gabe

    This card makes sense. The Hekma is destroyed so the dessert along with the monoblack zombies are coming into nakutumn. It should technically say fetch two desserts instead of two any land for more flavor but that would be much less playable. This is definately replacing explosive vegetation in my yidris deck.

    • dashkatae

      Fetch two desserts? I’ll take ice cream and cake.

      • Gabe

        Hahahaha. Nice one. I obviously meant deserts. But I like he way you think

  • John Doe

    Thespian’s Stage + Dark Depths
    Urborg + Coffers
    Valakut + Vesuva
    Gaea’s Cradle/Serra’s Sanctum + Deserted Temple/Minamo
    Boseiju + Mirrorpool
    Cavern + Hall of the Bandit Lord/Shizo, Death’s Storehouse
    Drownyard Temple + Dust Bowl/Lotus Vale/Scorched Ruins
    Eye of Ugin + Eldrazi Temple
    Maze of Ith + Kor Haven/Rishadan Port
    Nykthos + Deserted Temple
    Glacial Chasm + Tabernacle
    Unholy Grotto/Volrath’s Stronghold + Phyrexian Tower
    Wirewood Lodge + Yavimaya Hollow

    … all the possibilities!

    • Vizzerdrix

      Petrified field+ strip mine/wasteland/ghost quarter/Tec edge
      And honestly if you’re playing both all ready in green you likely have life from the loam or crucible of worlds

    • jaya

      Drownyard Temple + Lotus Vale/Scorched Ruins doesnt work the spells puts the lands into play tapped and lotus and scorched required untapped sacs.

      Best options are coffers+urborg/vesuva/thespian or just play it safe and go ancient tomb+temple of false god.

  • goodforstandard

    Just get 2 shrine of the forsaken gods and next turn hard cast ulamog

  • Nathanael Lambert

    my gate edh deck is going to love this

  • Shagoth

    DESERTS! I have a five drop when Gitrog rotates now! This deck might just go mono green. Then again, fatal push. Then again, fatal push is ten bucks…

    • Daniel Kaine Allen

      Thank the gods I have my playset.

  • Rory O’Connor

    Kinda sweet combo with Westvale Abbey in standard, sets up Ormendhal for next turn assuming you have some other creatures out. Certainly not broken in standard

  • Nebulium

    An explosive vegetation that can get nonbasics with the possibility of 2 2/2s. For just one more mana? That’s amazing.

  • Robert FakeLastName

    i am just so used to these kind of ramps specifying basic lands that I misread the card. This is definitely worth it.