• bryh

    This card is absolutely absurd and I love it

  • Daniel Kaine Allen

    This would be fantastic in some sort of GW tokens deck with Archangel Avacyn

  • Edward

    Looks like a Mono-White Commander staple to me

  • Mr.Mayhem631

    Noyan Dar is happy.

  • Snievan

    The ark of the covenant has opened…..

  • NC

    And I have someone playing Avacyn in my commander playgroup. Swell.

    • Happy The Cat

      I’ve heard Bonds of Mortality is a great investment, it’s uncommon so it’s cheap enough to justify a foil for almost any green deck and it’s strong enough that it never is a dead draw.

    • xxxx

      I can’t wait to play this in my Avacyn deck too :D

  • Nanya

    Planar Cleansing, is that you?

  • Happy The Cat

    oh, wait. Prostrate. I thought it… never mind.
    this card is great, anyone who says otherwise doesn’t know what they are talking about. but not sure about the name, doesn’t have that same ring as a good wipe, “pay four, cast wrath” or “pay six, cast cleanse” sound way better than “nine, ten okay, pay three cast Revelation”. sounds more like a draw spell than a reset button.

    • name moniker

      pay three cast HOR (hour of Revelation)? that or call it HR (i.e. you are sending them to human resources to complain about badly your board just got wiped)

      • name moniker

        oops! edits:
        1) there should be a “how” between “about” and “badly”
        2) the last “your” should be “their”

  • Julna Buras

    Um, yes please.

  • I thought this was a smart, interesting, and powerful card until I noticed the word “nonland”.

    • name moniker

      you wanted it to wipe lands as well?

      • sansmyhands

        I think he meant in the cost-reduction ability.

      • Taxation is theft

        I did. It would be awesome as hell if it did.

  • Deadly Berry

    If Avacyn with Lightning Greaves equipped wasn’t obnoxious enough…

  • Han Solo II


  • Oscar

    Hello new EDH staple!

    Especially viable in white decks where casting a spell for WWW shouldn’t be to demanding for yiour mana base. It should be online every time you’d want to use a boardwipe anyway, especially with so many players.

  • jaya

    straight better planar cleansing straight into edh control decks

  • Blahblahblahbla

    I will go out of my way to try playing this in every format! 3 mana Planar Cleansing ftw!

  • Hedronal

    Based on this, I assume that the Hours of Glory, Promise, and Eternity are cancelled.

  • Arcus Diabolus

    Basically a situationally better Planar Cleansing.

    • NCY

      It is strictly better. same cost, same effect, situational cost reduction tacked on. In commander once you start counting mana rocks, unless another board sweeper just went off in the last couple turns, there will be ten nonland permanents in a 3+ player game.

  • Jay Kilian

    Selfless spirit and this in a token or weenie deck would be so crazy.