Huatli, Radiant Champion - Rivals of Ixalan Planeswalker Spoiler

Huatli, Radiant Champion

  • Color: Multicolored
  • Type: Legendary Planeswalker
  • Rarity: Mythic Rare
  • Set:

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+1 Put a loyalty counter on Huatli, Radiant Champion for each creature you control.

-1 Target creature gets +X/+X until end of turn, where X is the number of creatures you control

-8 You get an emblem with “Whenever a creature enters the battlefield under your control, you may draw a card.”

  • homer8798

    *spits out tea* Wtf is that +1?!

    • Caleb Halbrook

      This is America
      *spits out diet coke* wtf is that +1?!

      • homer8798

        If this is america then who is drinking diet?? From what I hear it’s the full fat only across the pond…

        • Caleb Halbrook

          Fine, this is america
          *spits out pure melted butter* wtf is that +1?!

          • Communist_Bear

            This is France
            *spit out wine* Qu’est-ce que c’est que ce +1 ?!

          • Shagoth

            *Qu’est-ce que la baisage c’est que ce +1 ?!

          • Communist_Bear

            this doesn’t mean anything in French dude. But you could say “C’est quoi ce putain de +1 ?!”

          • Shagoth

            Translate told me that “baisage” was the F word.

          • Tolle

            This is sparta!
            *spits out a Persian* wtf is that +1

          • Shagoth

            This is Kaladesh!
            *spits out a Tarmogoyf* wtf is that +1 ?!

          • Hedronal

            This is Ixalan!
            *spits out gold tokens* what-the-sun is that +1?!

        • Joseph Myles

          In America we eat Triple Whoppers with large Diet Coke!!

        • Blahblahblahbla

          This is San Francisco
          *spits out wheatgrass juice* is this +1 gluten free?!

        • Deadly Berry

          This is kekistan
          *spits out a pepe* wtf is that +1?!

        • Rush_2112

          This is Canada
          *spits out maple syrup* what the heck is this +1, eh?!

  • Jeffrey Zom

    This + manadorks = amazing.

  • Koover_rob

    My Mirri-EDH-Token-Deck will love this :)

  • Erik López Barcelar

    This card is so much disrespect

  • TezzeretofCarmot21

    Aw, no! C’mon! Another Huatli?

    • Communist_Bear

      Lore wise, it was expected.

      • TezzeretofCarmot21

        She is the worst developed character in the story. She is basically a bratty teenager. I wanted someone like Azor…

        • Hedronal

          She’s wise as heck in her field. I wanted Azor too. It’s entitled to say, but multiple of the same walker in one block feels like getting short-changed.

        • Communist_Bear

          oh yeah i like salt baby !

          • TezzeretofCarmot21

            Ay, sorry! I just didn’t expect the Sarkhan treatment for her!

          • Communist_Bear

            well, i expected her to have 3 colours… Guess everyone has its own reasons to be disappointed.

  • Snievan

    I guess you could say Huatli got a …
    ( •_•)>⌐■-■
    …glimpse of nature.

  • That +1 is godly. It can keep her around for a long time, or until a Vraska’s Contempt kills it

  • MrFacehug

    This is just insane. In EDH you could probably get multiple emblems out of this.

    • Marky Day

      Yeah. In Marath or Ghave this could easily have massive amount of counters on it the turn it hits the board, and every turn after that you just get another game winning emblem.

  • Arcus Diabolus

    I might have finally found a planeswalker for my modern deck.

    • Ethan Burk


      • Arcus Diabolus

        I just been looking for a decent planeswalker to add to my G/W angel modern. When I first saw this I thought it could turn into some decent card draw, replacing my harmonizes, perhaps if I can get the ultimate to go off the turn after she comes in, but once the ult goes off, if it goes off, she wouldn’t add much to the deck that I really need. If her -1 was instead -4 and gave the creature trample, I’d jump on it, but taking a second look at it, I’m not so sure.

  • Edward

    This is beautiful. This is the kind of Planeswalker we need

  • Alex

    Are we getting an Azor planeswalker card or is it just Huatli 2.0 and Angry-wrath?

    • Tom Terrell

      Azor is no longer a planeswalker since his spark is in The Immortal Sun. We MIGHT get a Legendary Creature card but that would be about it.

    • Edward

      At this point Azor will either be a 3-colored Planeswalker or a Legendary creature if he even gets a card.

      • Hedronal

        Why 3c? He’s pretty well associated with the Azorius in WB, probably still aligned similarly. Also which would be the three colors?

        • Edward

          3-color for the same reason Tamiyo was 3-color. They had 6 Planeswalkers in the block so making one more difficult to play balanced it out. I was thinking Esper colors because it is associated with order and balance. The Esper shard was thought out and had a controlled environment. It is really the only 3-color pairing that Azor could be.

          • Hedronal

            Not that I don’t want more color combos of planeswalkers, but it seems a little out of place. Less so if he’s been shaped by being plane-bound, or something.

          • Edward

            I don’t think it is a stretch for him to be Esper. WU is about maintaining the status quo and keeping things in order. Azor does that but he does more than that. He created the Guildpact on Ravnica to keep the guilds in check. He effectively forced Ravnica in to peace. He also gave up his spark to keep planeswalkers from leaving Ixalan. He doesn’t just want to keep the peace. He wants to set the rules for how to keep the peace. To me that just screams Esper colors. He could just be WU but there is definitely room to make him Esper.

          • Hedronal

            Not this time it seems.

          • Edward

            Yes but I still think he is amazing. Sphinx’s Revelation and Sphinx’s Decree together on one 6/6 Sphinx with Flying. I can already feel the oppressive decks that will be made around him and with him in the 99.

          • Hedronal

            In a mana-intensive format it works better. One of S Rev’s most major advantages was casting during your opponent’s end step.

  • Happy The Cat

    she seems kinda weak overall, I mean that ult is okay but it’s not normal 4 mana pw power. the best thing she has going for her is that +1, since it realistically turns that ult into just a regular ability, and her value will come from turning every creature into Jace’s Ingenuity as long as you hav a big board to hold out with. she wont win on her own, but she can create a snowball, making her a good, albeit early game pw.

  • Todd K

    Wow … This card is stupid good. It will no doubtability be an EDH staple. Imagine this card in Rhys or Marath Decks. It’s almost as stupid as Doubling Season.

    Speaking of Doubling Season. If Double Season is in play and you have 3 creatures on the battlefield, you would get 7 (1 for the activation and 3 counter the creatures and an additional 3 because of doubling season.) I

    • ZurgoGotDowngraded

      No, you also get an additional one for the cost, it’s whenever a counter is put on her, and the cost is putting a loyalty counter

      • Tolle

        Incorrect. Please reread doubling season and then the last ruling. It reads “whenever an effect…” an effect is a well defined term in magic that doesn’t include a cost. A planeswalker’s +1 is a cost you are paying to get the effect. Therefor it is not effected by doubling season.

    • Tolle

      You are correct on this. You’d get 7. The 3 is doubled to 6 but the 1 isn’t because it is increased as a cost and so doubling season doesn’t apply.

  • Shagoth

    There are too many good cards in this set to keep track of.

  • TheFullMontzy

    I think the only thing that will end up holding this back is that the -1 doesn’t give trample.

    • TogetherAlone

      Except that nothing on this card is good unless you are already ahead and have creatures on board thus you are already winning and could play something much better than this like bristling hydra etc. TLDR: worst planeswalker since tibalt.

      • TheFullMontzy

        You’re absolutely correct for standard/modern/legacy. I should have clarified that I was talking about in EDH, my mistake.

      • Edward

        Well you only need 4 creatures(tokens) to make her in range of ult’ing and then all of your creatures after that turn in to card draw for the rest of them. At that point the deck fuels itself and it makes token strategies extremely powerful. At minimum she will be enough of a threat to waste your opponents resources. I think that means she at least deserves better than “worst planeswalker since Tibalt”

        • TogetherAlone

          Except for the fact that if you have 4 creatures out you are likely already winning at least in standard. Lets break down her abilities. her +1 literally does nothing to the boardstate nor generates card advantage. Her -1 gives you a worse giant growth effect if you are playing on curve(giant growth is instant which btw is only worth one mana in green). lastly if she survives long enough to ult you probably were winning anyway so you could have run a different 4 drop and would have won faster.

          Even in EDH she isn’t good, you can’t even doubling season and ult right away nor is the bonus loyalty doubled from her plus one.

          Worst planeswalker since Tibalt but Tibalt still takes the cake for worst ever.

          • Edward

            I totally understand not liking her because she literally does nothing on her own but I don’t think she deserves to be called as bad as Tibalt. She has a place where she could potentially be good unlike Tibalt.

  • Theorak

    So I was right too build Bant Cradle Ramp.
    Also Ghave is happy.

  • Lord Gonti Of The Orzov Networ

    Is that Primal Calamity I spy in the background?

  • Animar, Elemental Master

    RIP anybody who wanted to see Azor

    • TogetherAlone

      It’s actually revealed from the spoiled artbook that he used up his planeswalker spark to make the Immortal Sun. So we will never get him in planeswalker form sadly(unless we get a cycle of commander ones again.)

      • Aurore

        Planeswalkers getting sparks back: things that have NEVER EVER happened in Magic history.

        • Guest

          I hope they smash the immortal sun so azor can get his spark back.


          Commander Sets are non chronological but canon

    • Hedronal

      Or he’s a creature now, could be that. I’m sad he isn’t getting his spark back (at least not until the end of the plot) though.

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    Huatli discovered the power of friendship!

  • Guest

    I wish her minus ability made tokens or put creatures in play or something, I like it when abilities have more synergy. Other than that, great planeswalker all around.

  • Sean Harp

    So remember Ajani on the Packaging? I’m sure what happened was they heard the cry for less gatewatch so they gave her this card instead. The abilities remind me of the last Ajanis Printed where creatures matter.

  • Oscar

    I wonder what Huatli has to do with Zacama. Can’t wait for the story to hopefully reveal itself.