• Random Guy

    +2 is meh.

    0 is insane.

    -X is quite good, “creatures you control can’t be blocked” which doubles as mediocre removal. But MUCH more importantly, it triggers all your Enrage creatures.

    Better than Gideon imo.

    • Abe Stern

      sorry but she is no way better than gideon ally of zendikar. and gideon of the trials will actaully be decent when ixalan comes out because grasp of darkness will be gone. im not sure hualti will have a place glorybringer is still a freakin beast. but i hope she does find a place because she does look pretty cool.

  • Robert FakeLastName

    has a planes walker ever made a creature token that did not share a color with the walker itself?

    • Happy The Cat

      Daretti, Ingenious Iconoclast(the rb one) makes colorless constructs, Garruk Relentless is only green but makes black wolves on his flip side and Saheeli Rai can clone anything, meaning she can technically create non blue/red tokens.

      • Ghostwolf

        Garruk Relentless is a B/G card. The back side is black

        • Hedronal

          Color identity yes, cost no.

        • Happy The Cat

          technically yes, but Garruk Relentless is green. and if not for having a color Indicator that says otherwise Garruk, the Veil-Cursed would be green(mind you it’s not written on the card that it’s black but a circle next to the supertype that says it’s black)
          but my point still stands Garruk Relentless is a green card with the potential to create tokens that are not green, because Garruk, the Veil-Cursed is black, not Garruk Relentless.

          • Alexandre Donnart

            You don’t have to spend black mana to get black tokens, that’s true. But Garruk Relentless can’t create black tokens. The Veil-Cursed does, because he’s black and green. I mean, if you’re trying to find another walker doing so, you can’t compare Garruk Relentless to Huatli. Whatever… it’s a sweet card.

          • Happy The Cat

            Look, Robert asked if there were planeswalkers that could make tokens that weren’t of their color, I’ve got friggen’ Saheeli on the list, it was supposed to be everything that technically *could* make tokens outside of their color identity.
            I’m not comparing the two, I’m just stating a meaneal fact about the game, and I’d rather not have to argue about this cause above here I’m already having to argue that letting her -x also hit players wouldn’t make her a worse card. how would better options make this not still a great card? they’re basically saying Lion’s Eye Diamond is better than Black Lotus. aaagh!

      • Robert FakeLastName

        garruk has a hybrid color indicator on his flip side so he is black. for the others i believe i may have misrepresented my idea with that comment. I am looking for an ability that specifically states a color that is not shared by the walker.

    • Hedronal

      I like that other people are also thinking about special technicalities like that.

  • Happy The Cat

    why no “or players” for that ult? I mean at five mana I’d like a kill shot on my pw’s ult.(#makeburngreatagain!)
    other than that decent card, the 3/3 is nice, easy enough to produce if you need chumps and big enough they can swing the fight quickly. The +2 is going to build her well if she needs to absorb a hit and when she comes out that’s an easy 4-5 life if you need it. and even though the ult cant go face it can set up a game ending alpha strike.
    limited she’s a 9/10 pw, big tokens, hp stall and removal that also denies blockers sets her up to be a threat, but I’d put her around 6.5-7/10 in constructed. she can end games, but she’s not by herself a game ender.

    • PrissyRose

      yeah pretty much hit it on the head for me tbh,

      I really like her design space

      • Happy The Cat

        I love her design too, but I really wish her -x said “or players”, entering at 3+2 means it’ll never do *that* much damage, but I’d like the option of a five mana Arc Lightning if that’s what I really need.

    • Raphael Cristofaro

      Because you still need to develop your board, otherwise she would be just a bad burn “game ender” card.

      • Happy The Cat

        Question, how does giving her ult the option to deal damage to players remove the ablity for her to build board? why would giving her the ability to finish off a player at three hp make it so she can’t make 3/3s against a full health player? don’t know how long you’ve played this game, but you dont always need to develop board, having the option to finish off an almost dead player would make Huatli much more valuable to aggressive decks, since along with her on-board presence she’d also have the option to trade in for three damage without waiting for summoning sickness on her 3/3s, giving your opponent less time to recover making a great start easy to finish, and making topdecking her much more of a threat.

        I know I’m sounding rude but please refrain from throwing around buzz phrases you here commentators say a lot like “develop board” when people are talking about something else entirely. she clearly can develop board, I even talked about how well the size of her tokens can stall when needed or swing a fight(ie building your board until you’re stronger than your opponent) but her ult is a glorified Wrap in Flames as is, adding the option to hit players makes her more flexible.

        • aswanlikeneck

          The -X is (partly) to get your enrage triggers from your dinos. e.g. -4 could kill something and still have 1 spare to Gavony your team off of Bellowing Aegosaur (when you’re not just going for a huge alpha strike). We will have to see if there is some busted enrage trigger on a standard playable dino. Hence all 3 of her abilities are Naya/Zoo as the dinos are Naya, and I don’t know why you’d expect her to come with a burn-face option as well. Burn *is* great again, it won a modern GP 3 weeks ago and we’ve got Ramunap Red in standard, it doesn’t need to start showing up as alternative modes on cards that are designed for creature aggro strategies.

          • Happy The Cat

            so, again, how does giving her ult the option to deal damage to players remove the ablity for her to build board? why would giving her the ability to finish off a player at three hp make it so she can’t make 3/3s against a full health player? it doesn’t add much, but what it can do with that can make the difference on occasion.

            anyhow, since you pointed out Ramunap red,you probably don’t realize burn and RDW are two completly different decks. one is built to deal lethal mathematically fast as it can without dying, and RDW exists to keep metas from becoming way too top heavy.(fyi during khans block in particular Abzan whip/midlate/control was getting so top heavy people could literally throw 41 one drops into a deck and beat them cause of how slow and late game they were.) both forms of mono red are supposed to balance out the game, one by being able to counter fast, high interaction decks with super cheap removal and face damage and the other by punishing decks that want to play six 8 drops. But by giving every color fast cards now 80% of standard meta is aggro, which is why WotC needs to stop printing ridiculously aggro cards for every color and let the game go back the natural order.
            Until then, burn has to pick up the slack by bridging the gap between control and offensive capabilities. but right now it costs more to deal three damage to a creature or player than it does to make a 3/4, which is why standard is so bad right now, because the most mana efficient way to fight these cheap, massive creatures is to play your own cheap, massive creatures.

            oh, also that modern burn deck didn’t run any cards newer than Khans, and no burn newer than RtR, and Ramunap red is an rdw that only runs 10 burn spells, four of which can’t hit face, and another four are Shocks. so there’s also that math.

          • Geddon

            I think the answer you’re looking for, unsatisfying as it may be, is “Wizards doesn’t want to do that”. Looking over all the Planeswalkers, none of them with “-X” abilities can touch players. The closest you get, kind of, is Tezzeret Agent of Bolas’ ultimate, and that just has X in the effect. It seems that Wizards has decided that when a Planeswalker gains the flexibility of a “-X” ability, they pay for it by only caring about the board.

          • aswanlikeneck

            I think I’ve made my point, but to clarify, I wasn’t sticking up for the previous poster, I was saying that this PW is powerful enough without an extra burn option bolted on.

            Also, I do actually appreciate the difference between Ramunap Red and the kind of pure-burn decks that you’re talking about, but the latter is (even) less likely to run this Huatli than the former in any case, even if she had the change that you’re suggesting. And, I mentioned that GP-winning modern deck because it won against the current meta, not because I somehow wrongly believe it contatined new tech. And, I remember Khans standard like it was yesterday, and it was more nuanced than that.

    • Shagoth

      I mean, player burn on planeswalkers basically makes a superior version of volcanic vortex.

  • Hedronal

    Not specific to dinosaurs, but works well with both their and other game plans. Plus is a bonus that gets bigger with larger creatures, and doesn’t lose out on value with the other costs being 0 and -X. 0 creates a relevant token at any stage of most games, and doesn’t remove loyalty which is a huge bonus to it. -X enables small removal or big alpha strikes, and can immediately remove two to three blockers. Huatli’s planeswalker deck card was deliberately narrow, but this one fits a wider variety of color-compatible decks fairly easily.

  • Kevan Kramer

    Feels weird that a W/R card makes a green creature. Still, not a bad top end.

    • Nikolai Anzuoni

      Well her faction is in Naya colors so it makes sense.

  • colin

    I like that Magic is being modern and putting feathers on their dinosaurs.

    • Random Guy

      It’s so pretty too…

  • jaya

    Meh, boros that makes green tokens has its irony tho.

    • Communist_Bear

      Ajani was boros even though he came from Naya… And we got naya-colored dinosaurs in Ixalan so…

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    I’m intrigued as hell by this. Plays well with my Adrianne deck and any future dinosaur decks.

  • Alexandre Donnart

    She has a slot in my Heart of Kiran + Samut deck. Gains 4 with her +2, creates a token that can crew the Heart, and… alpha strike. Just an idea, but overall, a very good walker.

  • JD Farrell

    As a commander player, like a few over the last year, I’m genuinely more interesting in the Planeswalker deck version…

    • Dongo

      As a Timmy edh player, I’m pretty stoked. Gaining a bunch of life from a hamletback or something sounds like a lot of fun.

      • Dr. Burn Crow

        Licia, uh, finds a way.

        • Jacob Christensen

          I came here looking for any comment about Licia. I guess most people aren’t excited to play her anyway, so I shouldn’t be surprised that nobody’s excited to specifically play Huatli in Licia, but both her first and third abilities are perfect for Licia.

      • JD Farrell

        I mean, I’m a Timmy too. That’s why I like the one who does all the cool tricks for dinosaurs XD

  • Julian Michael Allen

    i like tyhis cause it can open up a cluttered board for an alpha strike, this is obviously geared toward getting Gishath in and getting /all/ of that damage in and not getting it blocked. outside of that, blasting creatures off the board or taking care of blocks is always nice. Dunno if standards gonna like it that much but i could be wrong, there may be a way for this to work. The token is nice and big and you dont lose loyalty for making it. anointed procession means this is 5 mana for 2 bodies and 6 power toughness total if youre doing big token focused strats. Then the lifegain…meh there’ve been worse lifegain. this would have been so bad if it didnt poop free 3/3s, same problem as samut where it requires you to have a creature. this is a little bit more like xenagos where the plus needs creatures but you also can make creatures. Samut couldnt do that. So this is overall an okay card, we’ll see in the next month how things are.

  • Caleb Martin

    I like that we finally have a boros planeswalker that isn’t a mono white planeswalker that got pissed off. Ajani, Nahiri, Gideon will be there soon probably…

    I also really love her title. “Warrior Poet” is a really great name. Plus, she makes Dinosaurs!

    • Dr. Burn Crow

      I think Gideon might be entering an Emo phase, so I’d bet he’d be WB if anything. He’s pretty thoroughly white, though.

      • Shagoth

        Imo in magic means blue… for some reason.

      • Caleb Martin

        Gideon’s always been on the verge of red. He’s from Akros, a R/W aligned polis. He joined the Boros. After his Irregulars were killed, he wasn’t in the best place and probably wants revenge against the gods. He’s always managed to stay mono white up until this point, but he’s definitely been on the edge before, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the fight with Bolas tipped him over. Plus, I think he went back to Theros, which might get him in touch with his R/W Akroan roots.

        • Dr. Burn Crow

          The man wants to die, seems fairly heavily black to me, but I could see red.

          • Caleb Martin

            I don’t think he wants to die. I think that was more not caring if he died, cause Bolas is makes them look like ants to ants.

          • Cody Daniels

            He has major Survivor’s Guilt, and Bolas telling him that he has wanted to die because of it, triggered the realization in Gideon. But he now has renewed vigor to live, so that he can best Bolas, so although I’d love to see a W/B Gideon, Emo Phase, we are 95% more likely to get a W/R Gideon, God-General

  • Love the title! Also pretty happy with Wizards’ decision to feather up the dinos more akin to their bird heritage – little touches like that make this game great!

  • Insight66

    I’m glad she’s not pushed. Save that for cards compatible with my deck

  • Shagoth

    This is an okay PW, not great, not bad.
    It has some of the best protection out there, and I like the trend of having three PW abilities useable on the spot. It isn’t too expensive like Garruk, and it isn’t too broken like JTMS.

    • Caleb Martin

      Three is the usual number; it always has been. They occasionally give us 4, and DFC walkers are a little different, but for the most part planeswalkers have always had 3.

      • Shagoth

        I forgot to put “useable on the spot,” whoops.

  • MrAptronym

    I like this design a lot. Ixalan seems like it is a bit slower and she fits into that strategically. She can protect herself without losing loyalty, and the 0 ability also keeps her +2 from being too situational. Her -X allows for a couple different uses and could easily win you the game without ever feeling like she is the only reason you won the game. Seems like a fun design to play with or against.

    • Cody Daniels

      Oh hey I found your comment. I agree with all of this haha.

      I like that Wizards has taken planeswalker Ults from game winning, moreso now to putting you in a great place.

  • Giby86 .

    A 3/3 for 0? That feels great. Compensating for not having an ultimate, I guess, but I’d still take it.

  • Dragoncastermaster

    finally a red white planes walker that has good abilities but won’t be instantly dealt because opponents fear the third ability too much thus never allowing you to use any of it’s abilities meaning that through the lens of a commander player i can actually use this card in decks

  • Deadly Berry

    I like the first ability, having a +5 toughness creature on the field by turn 5 is not an oddity for Naya. Second ability is fine too, tho I would have preferred it to be +1 and no Trample instead, but I guess that if they did go that way then nobody would use the +2. The ult is a finisher if you have enough bodies on the field, although I don’t see the harm in adding Players to the list of targets, it’s not like you will go -10 with her, most of the time you will be using the 0 ability therefore her Loyalty won’t be that high on the vast majority of your games.

    I also believe there was a wasted opportunity here, she could’ve been the very first Naya PW, think about it: First ability is green oriented (toughness), second one puts a green token with trample, third ability is red oriented due to divided damage plus disabling them as blockers. There’s little to none White in her, so why didn’t they make her G/R or GWR? SMH Wizards.

    • Happy The Cat

      I think they are saving tri colored planeswalkers for momentous characters and events, like Sarkhan completing his goal of Back to the Future 3ing dragons onto his home plane and freeing a lost elder dragon. (or like Bolas, who just is an elder dragon). I actually think this plane’s story might end with Jace getting some three color form as he’s had to learn other ways to gain power in order to escape purgatory.

      • Zenzaji

        how did you know all this lore where you read it mate?

    • Siraphon

      Life gain is a pretty W ability…

    • Pandancules

      I could see her crewing up a Heart of Kiran and then using the +2 to heal, or creating dinosaurs to crew the heart.

  • Arcus Diabolus

    She isn’t too good, but she isn’t terrible either. Probably one of the most balanced PWs in recent memory.

  • Ryuji Nichol Pabila

    commander related question, is she legal in mardu commander decks even if she makes green tokens??

    • Dragoncastermaster

      yes her color identity is red white