Hypersonic Dragon - Return to Ravnica MTG Spoiler

Hypersonic Dragon

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Flying, haste

You may cast sorcery spells as though they had flash.

“Even this primitive specimen of my kind is impressive.”

  • awesome card! ill probably have 1 copy or 2 of it in my deck.

  • Arcanefyre

    If it wasn’t late-game, it would make Pillar of Flame really good at instant speed.

  • Rev_Shad

    problem lore wise
    Mizzet is the only dragon on Ravnica, so unless a walker brought another
    dragon, then Mizzet most have hatched the eggs that Zomaj Hauc had tried too, or this is a lesser dragon like Hunted Dragon
    but it seams to strong to be a lesser plus there is the blue element to it so looks like Mizzet trying to take over by hatching dragons :-)

    • Zsfz


    • Klangas1234

      Then what about Rakdos Pit-Dragon in dissension

      • Neuo the 1

        that was a lesser dragon and is no where near as awesome as this Rev’s comments still stands, Mizzet is the only real dragon on Ravnica, that is how the lore for Ravnica describes Mizzet, there are lesser dragons the two examples being Hunted and Rakdos Pit, which are both crap cards that no one in there right mind would have ever played. this is clearly a BA dragon not as sick as Mizzet himself but clearly not some crappy lesser.

    • ricky

      Mizzet hatching dragons fits with the non-magical guildpact in place he needs to concentrate the power of his guild and protect himself.

    • Kjjnj

      no dragons do exist but they are rare and in hiding
      hunted dragon, rakdos pit dragon

  • Firestorm75

    One of my favorite dragons now. Have to have it in my Izzet deck. It makes any Izzet deck much better, in my opinion.

  • pjizzle

    sooo just make the game last until you have tons of mana, then drop this guy, then next turn drop a searing spear and then a world fire on top of that stack.  :D

  • Xero

    Spellbound Dragon’s cousin.

  • Aided

    The REAL question here, people, is who exactly Niv is having babies with?… Errr.. If dragons even mate

    • Highlander

      dragon eggs. Zomaj Hauc tried hatching them in 1st block here

      • Aided


        • wpken

          Either way, that’s irrelevant. I don’t think this is his child seeing as he says it’s a “primitive specimen of my kind,” meaning less advanced.  ie: not younger/ not his child. It’s like looking back on something and saying “Wow that was pretty good for it’s time.” 

  • Iughgyjg

    What you just said was stupid but lets just wait till wotc gives us answers