Hythonia the Cruel - Theros Spoiler

Hythonia the Cruel

  • Color: Black
  • Type: Legendary Creature - Gorgon
  • Rarity: Mythic Rare
  • Set:

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6 ManaRed ManaRed Mana: Monstrosity 3.

When Hythonia the Cruel becomes monstrous, destroy all non-Gorgon creatures.

  • Joshua McTiernan

    I get a 7/9 and u get an empty board (optimally)? Sure! Ill take it!

    • Kevan Kramer

      Unless it get kills or bounced before u can do it. Should be a fun card in limited.

    • Zombie

      There will only be 2 other Gorgons in Standard with Hythonia.

      Good luck building a deck around that and living long enough to spend 8 mana.

      • Joshua McTiernan

        It might be a a good mono black finisher. Doesn’t have to be a gorgan deck, if the whip does something interesting it could be good

  • Masonimal

    Ohhhh why hello there DEMON SPAWN OF SATAN!!!!!!!!!!

  • argentumdens

    And with that ability being able to be used at instant speed… well black may have gotten one of the better board wipes this go around especially since it is really hard to counter activated abilities.

    • Zombie

      Except it kills all of your non- Gorgons as well.

      And if you’re running Mono- black, fat chance of having a board full of those.

      – “I use Hythonia’s Monstrosity”


      – “I swing for 7.”

      “Hero’s Downfall/Putrefy/Insert Instant Speed Removal Here”

      – “Well ****”

      • murph

        You’re not too chipper about this set are you. It seems you keep posting negative comments on every card page I go to.

        • Zombie

          I get that a lot.

          People just seem to gloss over the positive ones for no reason.

          • MtgMind-Welder98

            Yah, that’s pretty freaking annoying too

  • Hand of the Praetors

    it says Non-Gorgon, gorgon tribal anyone?

    • Hand of the Praetore

      I just realized this, even tough its not exactly tribal, going monstrous with that B/G gorgon on the field means nutso amounts of scrying.

      • Zombie

        Unless you want the top card.

        Then you just scry the same one 10 times.

        • Ben Ehren

          but thats the cost of having a scry one, it COULD be an awesome thing scrying 1 6 times from the gorgon bomb, or it could just suck. thats how repetitive low scry works.

    • mason

      im with you i want to see a gorgon tribe i think it would be interesting

  • Nickerton

    Beautiful art, will definitely pick one up for my MBC EDH.

  • guy

    i got to believe thats uncomfortable, she could at least put a nice soft animal hide around the chair.

  • Zombie

    While, yes, this is a neat wrath effect, you all seem to be ignoring how horribly inefficient this card is.

    A 4/6 Deathtouch for 6 isn’t that great. A Wrath effect for 8 mana is even worse.

    And while, yes you get a 7/9 in the process, keep in mind this creature might not actually kill everything. Other Gorgons, creatures with Indestructible, creatures enchanted with Gift of Immortality, etc.

    If you can catch them off guard with the ability and swing into an open board for 7, good for you.

    Unfortunately, with your ace- in- the- hole printed directly on your card in play and in plain view, you pretty much telegraph what you’re going to do immediately, letting your opponent know that they need to save their spot removal or way to deal with your big Gorgon instead of killing something else.

    It’s a cool card, but unfortunately like all other ‘cool to look at’ Mythics, it’s just another bulk Mythic.

    • Antares

      It’s a limited mythic. Just because a card is powerful, doesn’t mean it’s going to be rare/valuable. Delver was one of the most bonkers cards in Scars/Innistrad standard at common. The rarity of a card is determined by its power in limited. Imagine opening this thing in a G/B control deck in limited. There’s rarely that many answers, and if this is one of, say, 5 threats then it can be a game-winner.

      I agree that it’s got cool art and that’s about it for constructed competitive play. That being said, casual play and limited will see this card be a powerhouse. It’s a bit obvious when you get the 8 mana for her and then leave it open, but hell, against a good player, most moves will be somewhat telegraphed depending on what you have in play, the # of cards in your hand, and the colors you are playing.

      Definitely agree that it’s a strictly limited/casual rare.

  • MtgMind-Welder98

    As good as it is, it seems to expensive to cast her abilities in general and gives your opponent a turn to respond to it.

  • da

    All hail the one true king of Theros sitting uptop the stone throne!

  • confusede fish

    i know it not competitive but i think it would be fun just once to combine with Conspiracy, so you don’t lose anything.

  • Guest

    Just imagine this in a casual match:
    Player 1: I activate monsterous on my gorgon killing everything and then attack you.
    Player 2: while monsterous is on the stack is use nameless invasion on you gorgon and it turns died to its own monstrous
    Player 1: FFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUU…………..
    Player 2: success!

  • fewtas

    Medusa anyone

  • wisdomseyes

    Such very very lazy art… I can name at least 3 cards on the top of my head that have very similar art, but the most strikingly obvious is Damia, the sage of stone

  • FuzzyKittyBark

    eh fock, i’m throwing it in with my changeling commander ;P

  • phil

    does hythonia the cruel destroy all of your non-gorgon creatures on the battlefield as well?