• Eli Eyal Broide

    Cool… I think…

  • Jackson Means

    There’s your one drop

    • Marvin Sürig

      Well. There already was a white one drop for dinos. But now we have an aggro one drop for Sino tribal. The other one was mire midrange and slowed the match down.

    • Rocket Raccoon

      And turn 2 that RW dino 2/2 with menace and flying!

      • galen150

        or the 2 drop that makes dinos cheaper so turn 3 you can drop a bigger guy and then give it haste

  • HeyHey

    Flavor seems to translate to ” Together, my mount and I are stronger than if we are apart.”

  • Bobit

    But do dinos really want this? They have next to no abilities that buff things after they’re played.

    • Josue Martinez

      I thought of this too. Equipment seems to be the best saving grace, in limited at least. Good buffs from Kaladesh though.

    • Sakae Nakahara

      RW dinos seems to follow a more low-curve aggro strategy, in which case, yes.

      • Bobit

        If there’s nothing that buffs dinos after they’re played, then this is worse than a non-dino 2/1 plus upside.

        • Sakae Nakahara

          I mean a 2/1 vanilla for one mana is playable in an aggro deck…

          • Bobit

            Yeah, but there are probably better 2/1s, not sure with the new rotation tho.

          • Sakae Nakahara

            the full set is supposed to be spoiled by tomorrow, and as far as I can tell, there are no other 2/1 for one mana in RW that aren’t about to rotate out

          • Bobit

            Yeah, gatherer shows that the only 1/2/1 in rotation is Dread Wanderer, which is shocking. Still, the Humans that care about dinos at 1 mana look very, very good, but not very aggro-oriented.