• ShammySham

    Oh hello, Eggs is looking at you, you almost Pyrite Spellbomb.

    • DJ Pad

      I think it would have been better if the draw was a “may”, pyrite spellbomb is probably better for combo decks like bomberman etc. because of that.

      • ShammySham

        I was thinking of just Faithful Eggs (Formerly Second Breakfast). I’d have to play test it, but I don’t think it would deck itself, even without the may. The potential is there.

  • Nebulium

    Hey is that new wording I see? “It” is a lot of saved space over “Implement of Combustion”.

    • Shagoth

      Thank god for “IT”!

  • Happy The Cat

    “deal 1 to target player”

  • james hegge

    pia’s revolution meet your best friend