• meow

    blind obedience?

  • LeonFA

    Blind Obedience on a creature. A lot easier to remove, but you aren’t as aggravated if you draw more against an aggro deck. Extort is nice but its not exactly huge in constructed. And this is pretty interesting in X =2 decks. And being a human goes nice with Xathrid Necromancer and Champion of the Parish.

  • yay

    Will probably only see limited play blind obedience is harder to get rid of

    • Zombie

      Not to mention Blind Obedience doesn’t even really see play anymore outside Esper Control. And IT has Extort.

      For sure, this creature will be strictly Limited.

      • GRUULman

        Do you not see this working in Naya Blitz?

        • Zombie

          Naya Blitz would rather have 2 drops that accelerate its board to out rush their opponent than stall with Imposing Sovereign. What would you rather have as a turn 2 play as Naya Blitz: Emissary/Emissary/Boar or Mauler, or Imposing Sovereign? I think the choice is pretty clear.

          I see the potential for the Sovereign to be a sideboard option for the Blitz mirror, but not much else. A 2- of at most.

          Every other deck that WOULD use Sovereign as an aggression mitigator would rather have Blind Obedience. It can’t be burned to death, the life loss it causes with Extort is “evasive” (can’t be prevented), and it’s harder to remove in a format that doesn’t really have an emphasis on Enchantment removal.

          Sovereign will be pretty strong in M14 Draft/Sealed, but I can’t really see it being useful at the moment. However, post INN/M13, I see the card having a bigger influence. It’s just too redundant a card to be a player right now in Standard.

          • GRUULman

            I see. But people will probably still use it though haha.

          • Zombie

            There are people who will play literally anything. Casual and Type 1 still exists for a reason.

  • Sean Mclorie

    not really evan a first pick in limited though

  • Matt Stone

    She’d be good in naya blitz or aggro, and G/W humans I think. I quite like her.

  • Erron

    I do understand that YES, Imposing Sovereign costs the same as Blind Obedience, and yes has a greater restriction, and yes is easier to kill. However, at it’s heart this feels like a tempo aggro card, and cannot be treated in the same way. Should you be playing this in a control deck? Probably not, but is it something to consider in the lower mana-cost ends of decks? Absolutely. Facing a mirror, I can’t see when you would not want this on your end.

  • David Meyers

    If you’re playing a human or white weenie deck, this guy fits right in. You can get the tribal bonuses from Cavern of Souls for a little while, too.

  • Antonio Delonge Baiani

    In all cases, though, wouldn’t it just be better to use blind obedience? it’s cheaper too, which i dont understand why.