• Phil

    Something could be built with gearhulks :)

  • Nebulium

    All of my clues are exploding into people and robots! HOW IS THIS HAPPENING?

  • Happy The Cat

    there are two destroy x target artifact spells in this set so far.
    not really sure how I feel about this card, normally blue gets the polymorph while red gets Chaos effects where you reveal equal to the number of things you shuffled/exiled/destroyed. it could be useful in edh but it would take some serious board buffing for this to see play in standard.

  • Seraph

    Blow up your clues for more valuable permanents; seems dece.

    • Jay Kilian

      That’s what I was thinking, too. Play 0 artifacts and a bunch of investigate spells, then this and a handful of game winner creatures.

  • Deadly Berry

    Whether this is better than Polymorph is debatable, since it costs RRR. Of course, if your mana pool can afford it, then this is amazing by all means.

  • David S

    My Marchesa EDH will love this card

  • Nanya

    …Oh, oh, OH!

    …Mycosynth Lattice and this is disgusting!

    • Ryan Cameron

      A lot of things are nasty with that card. But yeah this one is now too.

  • Devin Beckley

    Sneak out emrakul

  • Gord

    Dedicated burn decks with incidental artifact development can use this to crank out Emerakuls. I don’t know if there is a real deck for that sort of thing but casual decks should be able to make that work.

  • Jackson Means

    Dat art doh

    • Fred Weasley

      Honestly the art seems like it would go in a really old set. I like it!

  • Zombie

    Play a bunch of mana rocks, blow up your mana rocks.

    Suddenly, Emrakul.

  • Fred Weasley

    Red Polymorph anyone? Except this has the potential to be better because it can be played to find more than one artifact or creature in one cast.

  • Shagoth

    Hi, a weird mythic version of Madcap Experiment, Vandal Blast, Blaze, and Tinker, maybe a bit of genesis wave…

  • Jay Kilian

    Boros tokens into emrakul in modern turn 3 with spirit guide.

  • maszguc

    t1 forest utopia sporl
    t2 forest token creator instant / sorcery
    t3 land + spell+ emrakul

  • Typhuzuzu13


    Some decks run few creatures, and few artifacts (smugglers). If you know you’re up against one of those decks, and you play red- blue…. janky 3-mana mill card? Haha not saying it’s good, but for three mana it seems fun. The “x” can be situationsl if you look at it like that. Granted more people are going to be running artifacts probably, but even then it will probably be a certain number? (Like heart of kiran). This means they lose one of their key artifacts, and possibly much of their deck. Throw in cheap mill creatures and counterspells…. eh?

    I’d Like to ty it

    • Typhuzuzu13


  • Dragoncastermaster

    you don’t use this as removal you use this on yourself to destroy some tokens in exchange for random creatures or artifacts in your deck, not great in standard or draft but super fun card for commander

    • Random Guy

      It makes for an ok combo deck.