• Deadly Berry

    “…it’s important to find something you can rely on.”-Yea, like cycling, to discard this horrible thing.

    • zebra

      it seems like it could be used some where cycle or discard to tormenting voice then use it as a finisher late

      • Happy The Cat

        except it doesn’t have flashback or anything to cast itself, and you are better off with better cards than this if you use something else to do it

    • I mean to be fair it’s probably better than Absorb Vis, which I do run because it can be a brutal finisher or lifesaver and I can get basic land off it if I want to. Then again I run Absorb Vis alongside Vizkopa Guildmage, so that makes it better I suppose.

      This is potentially powerful alongside the other cards in the set that benefit when you cycle cards.

      • Hedronal

        Or you can just cycle something else more consistently useful. Two big differences between this and Absorb Vis: no lifegain, regular cycling instead of basic land.

        • Isn’t trying to focus on your life total not generally considered good play?

          I mean in my deck it’s central because the entire thing is basically a weenie deck filled with nickel & dime lifedrain (lots of Extort for example), but in a lot of decks it’s not a priority.

          I agree the card isn’t great but I don’t think it’s useless either. =P

          • Hedronal

            Things that are *just* about your life total are not generally good yes. Absorb Vis however isn’t just about your life total, it’s offensive as well, and represents a bigger shift in comparative life totals.

            Few cards are useless, but it doesn’t just have to be useful, it has to be more useful than every other option outside the card limit.

          • The life shift is only 2 though, whereas Absorb Vis costs 1 more mana. I agree Absorb Vis is better but not necessarily by much. I honestly think the only real reason this might be objectively better or worse is based on your deck construction and if you need more landsearch or just general draw. Maybe I’m wrong on that though.

            It only has to be more useful than every other card that’s even an option. Absorb VIs for example is not an option if the deck isn’t also black. It’s also not an option if you’re playing Standard. =P

  • Srack the Herald

    6 mana to a player… uncommon… cycling… only worth 4-5 mana.
    Underwhelming af

  • Hedronal

    Burn to target opponent only? No thanks.

  • Happy The Cat

    so far this is the second burn spell in this set to have flavor text that insults burn.
    fun fact, Lava Axe was relyable due to it will deal 5 for five, making the investment worth the cost because you would hack off a quarter of your opponent’s hp. this is much worse.