• Balkion

    Bad collective effort.

    • Random Guy

      Bad Oath of Ajani and/or Nissa. Collective effort is more valued for its versatility than its power.
      But good for limited.

      • Hedronal

        This won’t be in limited, just the planeswalker decks.

    • Jay Kilian

      Bad in all formats besides pauper, where in my tokens deck i’d consider it (though i have doubts) We play instant board pump spells, this has a more lasting effect. It wouldn’t replace Guardian’s Pledge, but it could be a 5th copy.

  • Shagoth

    This is one of the most blatant things in magic I’ve seen. A common that is ssoooooooo much worse than a rare that it’s laughable, but not only that, both of the cards depict the same character! This is hilarious! It’s such on obvious advertisement like, “Hey, bucko, that one guy has a card that’s ten times as good as this and this was pretty decent in that limited game, so start crakin’ packs, newb”

  • Happy The Cat

    also this card is red common levels of awful. but why is this one of the only cards that have ajani’s real size.

    • Jakob Schneider

      Ajani seems to mysteriously switch between a bulking and cutting phase on Kaladesh.

      He’s ripped AF on Oath of Ajani. His pecs are like 400% more cut than here.

      • Happy The Cat

        I’m talking about his look in Oath of Ajani where he looks like a male model. in this he’s built like a tank, like he should be.

  • Geddon

    I think I’ll stick with Collective Effort, thanks.