• Ultramegalord

    Ouch that’s just brutal. You could in theory double doublestrike lol…..I gotta do it now……

    • Happy The Cat

      well, there are a good deal of double damage cards out there already. Quest for the Pure Flame is my personal favorite.

      • Ultramegalord

        I’m thinking a blue red baral burn deck might be viable in standard

  • Cthulhooo

    Quad damage!

  • Happy The Cat

    not bad, double damage is good, the prevented damage only comes up on the new gideon probably, and the Searing effect from the grave will probably be helpful, especially if you have the spare mana to crack both on the same turn.

  • Serj

    This is strong

  • Brams

    Turns 1 and 2 cheap aggro creatures. Turn 3 Combat Celebrant. Turn 4 Insult with 1 mana pump or madness cast Fiery Temper. Even if you sneak through just one 1 power creature, with a +3/+X pump that would be 16 damage. Lots of fun with those cheap green 2 drops too. Or turn 2 Key to the City to make sure your 1 drop gets through. And if that 1 drop happens to be Flameblade Adept (+1/+0 for the Key to the City discard), you’ve got 20 unblockable damage.

  • Ryū

    That’s hot.

  • Blahblahblahbla

    Heartless Hidersugu thanks WotC for making this mono red.

    • Happy The Cat

      why? he already had a bunch of double effects, he’d probably thank them more if we got mono red mobile lifelink.

      • Blahblahblahbla

        Because the second part of the card finishes people off once you get them low enough.

  • Nebulium

    Is minotaur man screaming red lightning curses at snake guy? I sure hope so.

    really nice card too.

    • Happy The Cat

      well, in Their tongue, he is Dovahkiin.

  • Zombie

    So for 6 mana you can nuke something for 4 and dome your opponent for 4?

    Seems dece

    • Happy The Cat

      not nuke, that’s target. this is a new searing blaze. would have been awesome as a board wipe with all the wide decks with servos and what have you though…

      • Zombie

        Reading sideways cards is hard

        I’ll be writing Wizards yet another letter about that

        • Happy The Cat

          don’t, they just have their mail automatically recycled and used to print new two mana 5/5s for green.

          • Zombie

            Joke’s on them, eventually they’ll end up printing something better than Tarmogoyf and I play Zoo in Modern.

          • Happy The Cat

            no! don’t go to the dark side! that’s what they want! we cant let the game become hearthstone cause the only playable cards are one color!

          • Zombie

            Did someone say Patches?

          • Happy The Cat

            dont you dare speak his name!
            actually I dont care that much since I’ve been playing shaman murloc aggro all season and unless I draw a bad hand I tempo better than pirates and just snowball mid game.

          • Zombie

            I’ve been f***ing around with Kibler’s dragon lists. Pretty fun.

        • Polis_Ohio

          Write half your letter sideways, see how they like it.

          • Zombie

            I might actually do it now, just for the meme

  • TheFullMontzy

    The names on these should be switched.

    • Gareth Martin

      They really shouldn’t…Insult to injury fits nicely with cut to ribbons, mouth to feed, rags to riches, onward to victory, destined to lead, prepared to fight, and dusk to dawn.

  • Deadly Berry

    I wish Injury did direct damage to target player, because after Insult’s effect I doubt that the opponent has a lot of life points left.

    • Jacob Kodicovic

      It does ( :

    • MrAptronym

      Well I have good news for you!

  • sansmyhands

    Hey…a rare aftermath card that doesn’t totally suck.