Interpret the Signs - Journey into Nyx

Interpret the Signs

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Scry 3, then reveal the top card of your library. Draw cards equal to that card’s converted mana cost.

  • James Allen

    Some nasty stuff can come from this!

  • You my friend are going into my edh deck. . .

  • Taco

    Mana Ramp with Worldspine Wurm!

  • Clark Gegler

    I nearly spit took this one, definitely picking this one up for my commander deck

  • Montague

    …Aaand Kuphrix is officially the most absurdly powerful god (in terms of cards and colors associated with), until further notice at least,

  • maartenlijpert.

    bad card. could draw you not a single card for 6 mana.

    • guest

      you would probably lose anyway if you play this (you only play draw spells if you are running out of cards in hand) and the next four cards are land.

      • Logan Hollis

        Or you play them if you happen to have cards that play off of the amount of cards in your hand, like Master the Way.

    • Logan Hollis

      Not quite. Very useful card in certain spots. I just used it today to draw into two master the ways and activated prowess to win. If you run a few high cost cards, it can be an extremely powerful bit of card draw due to the scry 3. You forget that you don’t have to put any of the cards back onto the top of your deck. Scry just lets you look at the top 3 any on the top or bottom of your deck in any order. The chances of running into four straight land draws are pretty low in late game anyway. By the time you can play this, you’ve got the mana you need to play just about anything.