• Deadly Berry

    Wasn’t expecting a Iona reprint on this Vault, seeing Iona got reprinted in MM2. Maybe could have used that spot on some other angel, but I can’t refuse that new art. Nice.

    • Kameenook

      At least in terms of price, are there that many priced above Iona?

      • Jordan Orzolek

        Linvala Keeper of Silence is.

  • Zombie

    Wow, this is some impressive art.

    Kind of an interesting/weird angle, but Jason “Jace the Wallet Sculptor” Chan has pulled it off again.

  • All these new arts are amazing. Just wish they did new art for the whole set for FTV sets.

  • Kameenook

    That is freaking huge. Those hedrons are not usually small things, but then again,neither are angels.

    • Ryan Bozsik

      If you look carefully on the original Iona art you can see a tiny person in the foreground on one of the floating rocks. Iona is a gargantuan angel.

  • Andy Dondes

    This art is so great

  • Scott Hiers

    Shocked to see iona In there Hoping we get to see baneslayer and linvala too…but im doubting linvala now

    • Ben Ehren

      baneslayer is pretty iconic, i would put money on them putting her in.

  • Melissa Juice

    Maybe the only angel art that is kind of terrifying.

    • Happy The Cat

      you sir must not remember bankslayer
      also chancellor of annex and almost any mono black angel (i.e. fallen)

      • Exyrea

        I say the scariest looking Angel is Shattered Angel

      • Furyfied3000

        I have to agree that Chancellor of Annex is pretty scary.

        I’m surprised that none of you mentioned Tariel, Reckoner of Souls. She looks as if she’s about to make ground beef out of you even if you’re an ally.

  • Happy The Cat

    love the new art but I think that the old art had more power

  • Hagane Oboro (Pablio)

    Very nice, sigle…. (Muito legal, unica…)

  • Beautiful

  • Dustin Weeks

    i totally llove this art i would love to use it but i have a very strong hatred for this angel. It has wrecked me so many times.