Iroas God of Victory - Journey into Nyx Spoiler

Iroas, God of Victory

  • Color: Red, White
  • Type: Legendary Enchantment Creature - God
  • Rarity: Mythic Rare
  • Set:

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As long as your devotion to red and white is less than seven, Iroas isn’t a creature.

Creatures you control can’t be blocked except by two or more creatures.

Prevent all damage that would be dealt to attacking creatures you control​.

  • welan

    Your easy to guess.
    Whenever a creature attack it get +2/0 Whenever a creature defend it get 0/+2

    • EsperLeague

      Remember that he Is the god of Victory, so I would believe something that gives you bonuses when you kill a creature, such as life or counters

      • Necro

        Why don’t we have both?

    • Jonah Mandel

      no that shouldn’t be it

  • GRUULman

    Wow you lack sparkles….
    You look like a giant centaur but not godly.

  • This guy has muscles on his muscles! He even has muscles where I didn’t even know they existed, both on a horse and a man!

  • Zoo Warden of Nyx

    Iroas is half man half bull. Not half horse, therefore not a centaur.
    His twin brother Mogis is also the same, except with a bull upper body instead of lower body.
    Which of the twin is better? Well Mogis simply because imagine how gassy Iroas gets with a lower body of a cow…

  • Adam Gillespie

    Theres no proof any of these are 4 mana

    • cactido

      THEY’RE MOCK-UPS. Why are people struggling so hard to understand that?

      • Adam Gillespie

        Mock ups use known info and put them on a card a proper mock up would be to show ? RW in the mana cost
        Understand that ?

        • Shadow921

          most of the gods so far have been 4 drops so it is an educated guess

  • Necro

    Please be good… Give all my creatures double strike, pleeeeeeeeeeeease!

  • Anthony Bartolomey

    Mock- 6/5 7devotion. Whenever your opponent declares blockers, choose a creature to gain +2 +0 and first strike till your next turn.

  • Anthony Bartolomey

    Can someone tell me how this card isn’t op as hell?

    • joeymunn7 .

      It really is and just watch as they make Atheros my favorite one really weak. B/W gets nothing good in the mythic slots I swear.

      • togetheralone

        What is ghost council, or blood baron?

        • Kevin Shugg

          They are both from RTR block though

          • joeymunn7 .

            Yeah name a good mythic for B/W in this set so far?

          • Nathan James Goodner

            I abuse Ashen rider in edh, but I am sure it’s way too high costed to be good standard. Great B/W card, but only in other formats

    • Robert Kupper

      Okay, it is indestructible, but can be handled with any exile/shuffle enchantment or creature removal, which people tend to run a lot of. It is not always a creature. (I have had creatures killed before combat so many times to stop my Ephara from attacking) Also the effect is good, but not crazy. Play with him and I am sure you will find he is good and interesting, but not overly powerful.

      • EsperLeague

        I don’t think they thought too much when they made Revoke Existence…
        2 drop, kills Gods (I know it is at sorcery speed but it is still too OP unless an opponent runs things that give their creatures haste)

  • Mattt

    Holy hell. I found my new EDH commander.

    • Orohu

      You and me both.

  • selesnyaWarden

    is he for real? naya timmy with karametra, xenagos and this guy. !!Sparta-…I mean, Akroans!,, prepare for glory!!! to victory!!


      dude with the nylea bow, 2 creatures die per block

      • EsperLeague

        Oh, man, I can already see ppl at the game day attacking me with this combo- then I counter it with some fun thing like aetherize or something xD

      • selesnyaWarden

        dude you are totally right!!!, I didn’t remember nylea’s bow,, AWESOMNESS unbound!!!

  • stealthvoodoo


  • Hmm. . .my inner boros is not sure about this. . .

  • dinner

    this card is replacing elspeth in all standard decks

    • Taco

      Except the ones that use Elspeth as a win con (Esper/WU control) in which this would do absolutely nothing for them.

      • dinner

        this does the exact same thing, except its cheaper

        • eltratzo

          could you enlighten me as to how the aformentioned control-decks (which would have to splash red for him by the way), which usually play next to no creatures can use this as reliable as elspeth to finish up games? understand that I am not simply dismissing your statement as wrong. I don’t nessecarily see him as useless, even in those decks. I’m just having difficulty seeing how he is better than our dear white walker in those specific archetypes Taco mentioned.

          • dinner

            because he does the EXACT same thing as elspeth, read them both again

          • Taco

            1-Espeth is a threat on her own. If she is the only permanent on the field, her controller will win the game. If Ioras is the only permanent on the field he will do nothing. Absolutely nothing.
            Half way through typing this I realized you were a troll. No one could truly thing this card is anything like elspeth.

          • dinner

            1- elspeth never wins on its own, she does nothing, this guy can attack for 7
            YOU’RE the one who is trolling

          • guest

            um elspeth wins on her own this card cant do any thing on its own. so do tell how is this better than Espeth. and how does this do the same thing as her

          • dinner

            elspeth does NOT win on her own, this guy does because he can actually attack

          • eltratzo

            Thank you for enlightening us all. after checking your post-history I realized that you posess extraordinary insight into the workings of the great game called magic. I will be sure to remember your unique perspective on the workings of control decks and standard in general fondly. ^^

          • DInner

            thx bb

          • This is a random name

            Iroas can’t do anything unless you have devotion; Elspeth can.

          • DInner

            no she can’t. she does NOTHING

          • RomriDade

            They share no abilities that are even close to each other. Iroas makes your guys pretty close to unblockable, Elspeth makes 3 1/1 soldiers. Iroas protects your attacking creatures from damage, Elspeth blows up anything with power 4 or greater. There’s nothing there that’s even close

          • Dinner

            nope, you’re wrong

  • Xaldin975

    Holy hell. They just broke Naya and Boros. G frickin’ G

  • Josh Kaufman

    Do you know what makes this card really good? Supreme Verdict, Grey Merchant, Whip of Erebos, Desecration Demon, Thoughtseize, Azurious Charm, Sphinx’s Revelation, Aetherling, Anger of the Gods…

    Oh sorry, did I just get your hopes up by telling you how insanely overrated this card is? This is just like whenever a new card gets spoiled, everyone either talks about how broken something is or how great it is in EDH (Everything is good in EDH because it’s not a real format).
    Two words for you: Temporal Mastery.

    • Robert Kupper

      Look, you’re not wrong about cards being over-hyped, but do you have to be such a condescending jerk about it? EDH is a real format by the way, not everyone plays magic just for competitive type-2, and you thinking everything is good in EDH is really cute. Its a format where mana-costs matter less, but it still has good and bad cards.

      • I actually compete in a local EDH tournament weekly, it’s a lot of fun and harder than you think. We also have a massive multi-player game after it every time the largest of which was 25 players, INSANITY!

        • Necro

          Now imagine if all of those decks were control. You’d never get anything done. Ever.

          • Actually it’s even more fun then. All about calculating where you are and the Politics oh lord the Politics. . .

    • Shadow921

      battle of wits is literally only an enchantment with no other uses in EDH

  • Necro

    He is good, yes. He isn’t completely insane.
    This is Goblin War Drums and Dolmen Gate on one card, for 1 less, with more color commitment.
    I know that it isn’t too hard to get him online as long as Reckoner is in the Format, but he’ll be gone soon, and then you’ll have to work without easy to cast split mana and without shocklands.
    And it’s not like Indestructible does a lot in the current Meta. It’s an enchantment. It’s gone.

    • Robert Kupper

      Fun EDH card, but even then I think Boros has better general options around. I am not a red/white player, but I am not overly convinced by this god.

      • Necro

        If i was less into playing Pauper at FNM i might build another R/W Battallion Aggro. He’d be a nice one or two of, but I wouldn’t consider more than that.

        • Zombie

          None of the gods should ever be played as more than a 2 of, the one exception being Thassa. Mogis sees Standard play as a 1/2- of, Xenagos is a 1/2- of, Ephara is a 1/2/of, Erebos is usually a 1 main 1 board… You get my point.

          The gods aren’t meant to define a deck. They’re supposed to be this big fat redonkulous creatures that sit back waiting to end the game once you have enough Devotion. Or in the case of Xenagos, you just end the game turn 5 because he’s broken.

          But I digress. Thassa = 3/4- of, everyone else = 1/2- of’s.

    • dinner

      this card will define legacy tho

      • Joshua McTiernan

        I think you’re my new favorite…,.

        • Dinner

          They keep deleting me tho:/

      • wut

        This card will never be played in a legacy deck

        • DInner

          nope, you’re wrong.

      • RomriDade


  • SliverGod

    Hey guys its like Gruul Warchant, except is indestructible, makes your attackers invincible and can potentially be a 7/4.

    Looks like Gisela just found a new husbando.

    • Necro

      Just to get this out of the way, it does NOT make your attackers invincible.
      Hero’s Downfall, Doom Blade, Go for the Throat etc. still exist.

      • SliverGod

        Oh thank goodness the internet is blessed with people such as yourself Necro, or else the totally misinformation Im spreading mightve caught on!

        (In case you missed it this time, since you missed it last time, I was kidding and being hyperbolic)

        • Necro

          Also, I’m a Steak.

  • Welan

    Why does people pkeep putting him as an agro card ? It s not where he shine . People sometime you have to think out of the box of a single build for a color . He is a red whit control finisher . Play creature like banisher priest , young pryromancer and Satyre fire dancer. For the rest of your deck you play burn control . And you use this guy to finish the job for that moment that eventually happen to those kind of deck. You get out of resource to give the finishing blow. It s the same thing with karametra all over again . She doesn’t heal and she doesn’t create token . She ramp late . Was she meant for acceleration in standard ? No she was build for a constant combo green white deck.

    • Shadow921

      if you are playing burn and those creatures they are your finishers not iroas. the deck gets less efficient if you are tapping out on your turn. in the deck chandras pheonix is alot better.
      iroas is for the boros devotion deck that likes to tap out and attack.

      • AdventureMormon

        ooorrr…Have him out when you cast blasphemous act…

        • Shadow921

          the context in which we are talking is standard and although i was sad to see it go blasphemous act is nit standard legal and it would eipe your board any way unless you instant speed it.

    • welan

      I disagree with you . In a deck with continuous attack agro there is better. Young pyromancer give an army a small army and satyr make sure your opponent don t have a lot to block with. A small armies of 2 and 1 that need two creature to block and won t die will be very painful when your down to 10 life and you lost your creature to turn control.

  • Zombie

    This… this is disgusting… RW Devotion and Dega Midrange just became obscenely good.

    • David Fitzsimmons

      When I first saw this, my mouth droppd and I said the exact same thing you said

      In a good way.

    • Taco

      The last line of text sadly doesn’t work for reckoner too well, but Blood Baron, Master of Cruelties, Brimaz, and more!
      Pack rat to piss people off galore!

      • Zombie

        It’s just Dolmen Gate, and that means your Reckoners can still be walls that shoot lightning at people’s faces if you need them to be.

        Otherwise they’re 3/3 beatsticks.

  • Antonio Sousa

    is this for real?

  • James McElwain

    I really wish it we’re a 3cmc 5/5 like Thassa, it would fit into an aggressive curve much nicer.

    • Antares

      R/W already has enough 3cmc to try to squeeze into the curve (Reckoner, Brimaz, Fiendslayer, Chandra’s Phoenix, the boros medic guy, Fabled Hero, Ajani, Khrusor). I think it curves out very well, especially with Brimaz.

  • Dellowood

    How swell do you think Iroas would work in a Naya deck with Xenagos, or something along the line of that. Your guys would be protected from everything bside black instant removal, and Xenagos helps build up the power and toughness of any creature you would like, hopefully ine with trample, either that or use Ghor Clan Rampager for that.

  • Extremely Budget Player

    I’d love this, but I don’t have a big enough budget to pre-order even 1 :(. Still, it is an amazing card, and should give Boros a boost. Should be even funner in EDH. Blashpemous Act, Odric, Comet Storm, Lightmine Field, Bassandra, Hellraiser Goblin, Avatar of Slaughter, Yuan Shao.

  • Nitro

    For all of you people who are seeing him as an agro card, stop looking at it that way. I run a r/w token/counter storm. This card will integrate beautifully, since i can run my deck off of 4 mana for an entire game. Combo him with Elspeth,Phalanx Leader, and Akroan Crusader with a lot of amp spells, I can over run my opponent with high amounts of tokens with counters. Plus if he becomes a creature, he has all of those counters from phalanx leader.