• Ultramegalord

    Welcome to my sramOs build by beautiful color fixing cantrip

    • What!

      You can afford to have a land come in tapped?

      • DJ Pad

        Or even pay 2 mana to cycle a land?

        • Jerry Lee Gibbs

          Formats: limited? Meh
          Legacy: nah
          Modern: extreme fringe
          Frontier (is that a thing still?): seems like a pretty good dual
          Standard: its fine, wish we had a fetch land
          Commander: Very Very Solid, i like it alot.

          • Zombie

            Modern is ‘f*** no’ unless an Astral Slide-level card is printed.

            Good Cyclers already exist and they’re still barely used. Street Wraith is the only widely played Cycling card.

  • Kahai

    Each these new duel-cyclelands has something interesting going on in the sky. The blue effect will very much so make these foils extra pretty.

  • Angrygnome

    Bicycle lands!

    • Jacob Kodicovic

      I cannot upvote this enough.

      • Zombie

        Don’t worry, Reddit already did yesterday.

  • Winter Trabex

    If control makes a comeback, this card will be played. A lot of the time, control decks will have lots of mana open and have lands in hand.

    • Zombie

      “If control makes a comeback” as Wizards prints even more anti-control creatures like the Serpopard.

  • Charlie Shadeslayer

    No me gusta :

  • Insight66

    Great, another cycle of ally-color-pair basics when we’ve got another cycle that isn’t even finished from Battle for Zendikar…

  • Happy The Cat

    I mean it’s an almost strictly better cycle land. it doesn’t match the cost of the good cycles which is a fine trade off for two colors but these just outclass the bad cycles in almost every way.
    looks like more basics are getting cut from a lot of decks.I know people who run the 1ups so these are just better for them.

  • MrAptronym

    A lot of Azorius themed lands have the right-angle canal thing going on.