Lone Rider - It Rides as One - Eldritch Moon Spoiler

Lone Rider // It Rides as One

  • Type: Creature - Eldrazi, Horror, Human, Knight
  • Rarity: Uncommon
  • Set:

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  • Dylan Dougherty

    That flavor text is amazing

    • Daniel Kaine Allen

      Very much so

    • Hedronal

      It’s funny in a way that doesn’t undermine it being creepy.

  • Bacon

    Oh my this card probably the best I’ve seen so far in the spoilers, a 1/1 with first strike and trample for 1W is AMAZING enough, but the potential for a 4/4 with not a very steep transform condition just puts it over the top.

    • Dylan Dougherty

      It has lifelink on the front not trample.

    • Nick Fitzpatrick

      This might be the new delver of secret/siege rhino for the set. Since it uncommon, everyone will have equal chance of playing him.

  • MrAptronym

    I like this a lot. I enjoy any cards encouraging lifegain a little. I wonder if there will be enough support to make this viable in limited?

    • Hedronal

      Given that pump spells can count, I think so.

    • the mad seer

      blessed alliance and more will inevitably come. and the prerelease will include cards from SOI like chaplain’s blessing, alms of the vein, grotesque mutation, rush of adrenalin, senseless rage, uncaged fury, and aim high so i think this card will be potent in limited to say the least.

  • Liam Maiher

    That flavor text tho

  • Happy The Cat

    there is a “loving” your horse joke here but I don’t feel like digging it out. I would rather focus on the fact that this is a wonderful card for a standard voltron deck, give it +2/+2 fast enough and it will open shop really quickly, also it goes into that WB sap deck that had all those “opponents lose 1 life and you gain 1” effects really well. might see the light of standard and would have joined the Round Table if it kept it’s knight creature type after it changed.

  • Mr.Mayhem631


  • David Bray

    This looks amazing

  • Melissa Juice

    This set already looks fantastic.

  • oooooo. soul sisters material.

    • Hedronal

      What would that cut for this though?

      • paul schultz

        Champion perhaps? Maybe even try a 2/2 split with pridemates? I even thought of trying hanweir militia captain but haven’t had the chance

        • Hedronal

          Pridemates trigger out the wazoo, even without evasion they fit better. The militia captain is nice, but may be too slow compared to other token sources and size creatures (like the pridemate).

          • paul schultz

            So… Auriok it is?

          • Hedronal

            Given the consistence issues that may make, I really don’t know.

      • no idea. ajani pridemate is pretty good so i dont think its better, but its so close. so so close.

  • kmk888

    Looks great. This is a great card and a serious reward for playing Blessed Alliance or a +3/+3 pump, neither of which needed a reward to be playable. I wouldn’t limit this to standard playability either.

    • Hedronal

      Even a +2/+2 pump.

      • kmk888

        wowwow I actually read that as 4 life at first. This card is stupid good

  • Bige Boiy

    Dare you challenge the tentahorse?

  • Protoman

    Hope rides…ALOOOOONNNNEEEE!!!

  • Han Solo II

    chaplain’s blessing is insane now

  • larryand corn

    i can’t help but feel the background should be switched hmmmmmm…

    • Hedronal

      I imagine the latter background is during a lightning strike.

    • Gareth Martin

      the first background looks more normal to me.

    • wisdomseyes

      i think the first is him riding into battle, the second is him coming back from battle and terrorizing the town

  • Nolly

    I’ve never wanted to build a deck around a card more than I do now.

  • Bostorket

    Hi-ho Silver, fhtagn!

  • N…neigh?

    • Him


  • ConDucktor Whirl Crate God

    My Karlov Commander has a new friend!

  • Julna Buras

    Oh jeez, this’ll be really easy to flip in the right deck, and then it’s just a total bomb. I really don’t want to play against this.

    • Daniel Kaine Allen

      Agreed. Its already really good as a 1/1 first strike life link for 2, then things just get better.

  • ticksam

    ojutai’s common can bring it back AND flip it same turn #busted

    • Dave

      I think you mean Ojutai’s rare. ;P

  • Bulk Vanderhuge

    So this is where that terrifying horse artwork comes from

  • Kameenook

    This is actually fairly easy to flip, giving an excellent body.

  • Benjamin Simonds

    This would be very interesting to try to make Odric work. Give your team first strike and LL, makes 3 life no problem. Then flip it, swing team and win, with about 40 life. Sounds good to me. Drop this t2, Odric t4, Avacyn t5, you have yourself a flying lifelink first strike indestructable army. Hell, you don’t even need to flip this guy.

    • Benjamin Simonds

      Forgot Thalia t3, if you need that much nonsense.