Jace, Architect of Thought - Return to Ravnica MTG Spoiler

Jace, Architect of Thought

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+1 Until your next turn, whenever a creature an opponent controls attacks, it gets -1/-0 until the end of turn.

-2 Reveal the top three cards of your library. An opponent separates those cards into two piles. Put one pile into your hand and the other on the bottom of your library in any order.

-8 For each player, search that player’s library for a nonland card and exile it, then that player shuffles his or her library. You may cast those cards without paying their mana costs.

  • not a real fan of the ultimate. or of the card in general. :/

    • Chris

      Keep a Worldfire in your deck and grab it with his -8, and a creature or direct damage spell from your opponent’s. Cast Worldfire first, then the creature. Then win? XD  It’s cutesy, but for only needing one other card in the deck, it’ll make his -8 win you the game if you ever bother to use it. I like his other abilities quite a bit.

      • JMTroyer

        Not only that, but it can work to bring out big mana meanie creatures. Y’know… Drop a Craterhoof Behemoth for no mana.

  • Argentumdens

    Balanced. Let’s see how standard likes a Jace that can actually be used in blue control or blue agro

    • Jaken

      if you notice though, this jace is pushed towards a multiplayer format. every one of his abilities says “Oh, hi three on ones.”

  • Jace isn’t Christ-like?! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH THE REAL WOTC?!!!

  • Madou Diallo

    Bad card, should have been the exact same card, but start at 3 loyalty and cost 3 mana and it would be playable. Now its an EDH card, which isn’t even as good as the older Jaces (except memory adept) but still good in that format. Crap in everything else.

    • sphinxy

       i think you are underestimating the card advantage from his second ability. its like two weaker fact or fiction for 4 mana. if not the first effect will save you from token decks. playing it against a control deck it will be worth an answer also. i think hos power is going to come from how underestimated he is.

      • Chris

         His -2 is almost a “Scry 3. Draw a card.” at WORST. His +1 helps to protect himself. His -8 isn’t anything to write home about, but it can help bring you to victory in a stalemate. All in all, I think he’s pretty solid.

        • Cloudenvy

           In my opinion, this Jace will do wonders for control. Especially Grixis. Oh hey, Nicol on turn 8? Doesn’t sound TOO terrible.

    • why “except memory adept”? jace, memory adept is wait better than this one. at least i give it good use…

    • Mlundgoldstein

      Dude, if you haven’t been paying attention 4 mana is actually pretty easy to get out in standard it’s exactly where it should be. So don’t give people this B.S. about how 4 mana cards are completely unplayable because since Avacyn Restored came out people get out up to 6 and 7 drops rather quickly in this game, and it’s Ravnica which means there is plenty more ramp coming up.

  • This is…..bad

  • Dsadasf


  • Guest

    Guys, I’ve been wondering….
    Is it bad or odd that the “LLC” is not printed on the RTR cards but is printed on the “Izzet vs. Golgari” Duel Decks? 

  • Jgarcia Jg86

    Technically his ultimate works for you too. It says each player and not each opponent so that means you can search your own deck for something. I might consider using this with omniscience. Might not work but should be fun to try. Or even worldfire. Get your worldfire and a creature from your opponent. I’m gonna have fun.

    • elfire

      i like the way you think :)

    • YouGotFranked

       Except that you’re gonna blow all your lands with Worldfire, so you won’t be able to cast the stolen creature.

      • QuiteFRANKLY

        Lol, you silly bro
        “You may cast those cards without paying their mana costs.”
        My good sir, YOU have been Franked

        • Warren

          I hope you realize that Worldfire exiles ALL permanents, right? So bye-bye Omniscience.

      • Warren

        You don’t need lands to play the creature. You play the taken cards without paying their mana costs.

  • why create cards for EDH? especially planeswalkers? -.-

    • Trade

      some people play EDH?

    • pacanug

      RTR Design Lead – Ken Nagle, EDH enthusiast and on the design team for the set of Commander Decks from last year

  • Guest

    can someone please explain why it’s so bad to me?

    • 200%Nigga

      …That’s nonsense, lol. Btw..what were you guys expecting Jace to be..something similar to Jace, the mind sculptor??..i mean, come on..there wont be a jace like that again..

    • elfire

      they dont understand the final very clearly… and the 2nd is bad ;)

  • Magic: The Gathering – Return to Ravnica! Starring James Van Der Beek as Jace, Architect of Thought!

  • bunneh

    am i the only one to notice the top of he head is over the card itself, where is this jace getting confirmed from, and since when does his head go over the boarder of the main picture. I think it is a fake and you guys are getting trolled

    • sphinxy

       look at all the planeswalkers with all there alt art. almost all of them pop out of the picture.

    • Hgpeterson01


    • Plessy

      wow you’re stupid…….they already released jace on the official mtg…

    • Andyskryz93

      All the planeswalker cards do that. Personally, I wish they did it for legendary creatures too. That’d be pretty sweet.

    • Mlundgoldstein

      They all do that and this Jace was spoiled at Pax by WOTC so it’s not a fake at all

    • Lorescale

       Looks like some people still dont recognize a troll when they see one. Great job mah bunneh.

      • Mlundgoldstein


    •  Ever heard of Sorin, Lord of Innistrad? Might want to look that one up.

  • Mlundgoldstein

    This card can still be good in standard  the +1 weakens your opponent attacks which is useful at times. The -2 is useful at times because YOU choose which pile goes where, and the ult. is still cool even if it’s from one opponent’s library. So I don’t see much bad in this Jace at all sure he’s better in multiplayer formats but he’s still pretty powerful in 1 on 1 formats too.

    • 200%Nigga

      His ult may target yourself as well, since you’re a player too, it doesn’t target “opponents” but “players” in general, you actually play 2 nonland cards, 1 from your deck and 1 from the opponent’s deck, it’s actually pretty cool..quite balanced.

      • Mlundgoldstein

        imagine having Worldfire in your deck and searching for a burn, creature (preferably with haste), or even Nichol Bolas to just have fun and destroy lands.

  • TheDoctor

    Everyone dissing this card is a moron. This new Jace is not bad, he is balanced. Sure, he isn’t exhibiting the raw, godlike power of blue like Mind Sculptor did. He’s more refined than that. His plus one ability is good for true blue decks, because you never have enough blockers, creature light as blue is (unless you have a Talrand ;D), and it applies to all enemies. Hi -2 allows you to either nab card advantage or get the best card out of your top three, that is, if your enemy knows what’s important. And lastly, his ult. Boy do I love it. I’m a big fan of stealy cards, my favorites include Sen Triplets and Silent-Blade Oni (This Jace combos brilliantly with ninja decks, btw). Just recently I stole a bolas out of someones hand for free with the Oni. Being able to nab stuff out of every opponent’s deck, not to mention your own… it’s beautiful! The more powerful your foe, the better that ability is. Playing three people? Well, the ult is twice as powerful as in a two player game! I reiterate, he is not another Mind Sculptor, he is /amazingly/ balanced!

    • Guest

       LOL! This card wont see any play in the current meta, with such big creatures is +1 abbility will make 0 diffrence, unless you are playing against a deck that is only 1/1 ceratures, wich, I’m pretty sure isn’t that common. His -2 abbility is pretty decente, and his ultmiate is an authentic piece of s***. 2.5/10

      • elfire

        actually his final isnt that bad you can search for something along the lines of… well lets have niv-mizzet be my example your playing a mythic with 2 colors 1 of which you dont even have for FREE think of that for a second… you probably say its sht cause you didnt understand it neither did i till i read it a few times just look and please correct me if im wrong… this planeswalker has an okay first a pretty bad 2nd and an amazing 3rd on top of that it starts at 4 and costs 4 mana i give it 6.7/10

      • Mlundgoldstein

        Wrong! I know I’ll be the odd one playing all 5 colors but if you get him out early enough his +1 is decent because it still takes a couple turns to get big creatures or an army of decent sized tokens out. His -2 is decent because it’s card advantage and YOU get to choose which pile goes where, and his Ult. is a Game ender because he can find Worldfire and play it for free along with a creature or burn spell to finish them off.

        • Guest

           Yeah! How many times do you use a Planeswalker’s supreme? Just asking! And plus, in an enviorment where all you see is delvers, and large power creatures at early game, how many times you think you are going to use it’s supreme? It’s -2 is a great ability! Dont get me wrong, in fact, is the only good ability of him. Are you going to waste a 4th turn to get that guy down Where you could have just use some delvers and keep the mana to counter potential game killing spells? He is going to be a great planeswalker! If you are facing and opponent with 0 damage spells / creatures / skills! This card will see 0 play, in evry single format. Now keep dreaming about going to cast eldrazis and progenitus with is supreme! XD

          • Guest

            Agree it will most likely not be played to much success in this standard environment.  However, saying it will see zero play in “evry single format” is just ignorant.  Card will be great in any kind of UW tapout deck in modern, and will also see lots of play in Cube and EDH, which in fact are formats.

          • Mlundgoldstein

            No I plan on running him in bant in standard and ending the game on turn four or five with Jace’s ultimate why one card Heroes Reunion. Planeswalkers can be targeted as players (just not vice versa) so it just takes two mana to play his Ult. it’s not hard.

          •  Heroes Reunion (Or any life giving) does not work on Planeswalkers. Planeswalkers are not Players, they are a type of Permanent. They also use loyalty counters, not life. Proliferate would work on a planeswalker as it adds one more of any kind of counter to anything that has counters.

          • Guest

            I use their penultimates a lot, actually, but maybe that’s because I’m a good player.  this is provided the game isn’t already over, mind you.  His ultimate may or may not end the game, it depends upon what you face, but it certainly shifts the tide.

      • Bt-92

        I agree with the first two but the ultimate ability is 8 out of ten for me think about it you can play any one of your opponents cards and any one of yours from both libraries for 0 cost think about how much variability and options that gives you not to mention the fact that it could get you out of so many sticky situations plus he costs 4 for 4 royalty and his ultimate costs only 8 so not bad at all but i think he’s slightly over rated though

    • NoIHavent

      Dammit, Sam, you broke it again.

      • Dontsquishthespider

        It’s what I do!

  • Lonethief

    This could very well see minor play in standard.

  • Lonethief

    Also note his ult searches your library too.

    • Mlundgoldstein

      Search for Worldfire

  • Guest

    I really like how people were all like,” Oh noo there’s gonna be a jace we hate jace he’s so overpowered” before return to ravnica was spoiled, and now everyone’s like,” This jace is so freakin bad.”Really? I mean people don’t like jace because he’s too powerful then when there’s a balanced jace everyone hates him. Make up your minds people!

    • Just live with the fact that players hate Jace in general, and then when they wine, drill them hard with Jace’s ultimate power. He IS the best for infuriating opponents, right?

  • I Will Teach You!

    I see alot of people claming that his ultimate lets you search your library and evrything, sure it those… But how many times do you see a planeswalker’s ultimate blow up? Not much… ;)

    • Mlundgoldstein

      Fairly often actually

  • YouGotFranked

    EDH playable at most imo. Not gonna replace Tamiyo in standard however. His +1 is rather meaningless. His -2 is decent, but i think it should have been better if it sent the rest into the graveyard. Could have been played in reanimator decks this way. His ultimate probably wont have any impact in constructed, but could be good in EDH. Getting to steal their artifacts while tutoring your Omniscience sounds pretty neat. But yeah, i agree that you must not compare new planeswalkers with mind sculptor. He was a mistake and WotC will do anything to avoid making something as broken as him.

    • Mlundgoldstein

      Are you serious!?!?!?!? You did read it’s each player’s library right? Not just your opponents, his ult. is a game ender in any format. Worldfire can actually playable in standard now. First you search your library and play Worldfire for free then search your opponent(s)’s library for a creature or burn spell for free and kill them off. Did I mention they’re FREE it’s not just a tutor. Sure his other two abilities are nothing to write home about but his +1 helps weaken attacks to protect him and you, and you get to choose which pile goes where with his -2 ability.

  • Chezzycatgirl

    People do realise that his ult allows you to cast whatever you steal for free right?

    • Wisdomseyes

      You do realize how long it takes for a 4 drop planeswalker to get 4 more counters and then have to wait until the turn after to use that ability right?

      You get him out turn 4 (likely) and then spend 5 turns of hoping to god either he doesnt die or you dont lose. and when you realize that doesnt happen and that it never happens with planeswalker, you will reconsider his worth. 

      His +1 is interesting but not good. the power of creatures is almost always greater than 1, even in token decks

      his -2 would be good, being a “fact of fiction”, but its not. it only digs for 3 cards, the cards dont go into your graveyard, and its a -2 causing for massive loss in loyalty. if it was a -1, or if it was 5 cards, I would like it. As it stands his – is underwhelming and his + is not relevant. and those are the abilities planeswalkers are judged by. 

      Is he bad? No. Is he mythic? yes. Why is he mythic? for flavor… 

      • Mlundgoldstein

         I hope you realize that Heroes Reunion targets target player and you can target planeswalkers as players (but not vice versa) also the  life of a planeswalker is measured in it’s counters so just a 2 mana life gain card beefs up any planeswalker by 7 loyalty counters and there is a ton of ramping in the format so you can get him out as early as turn 3 and play his ultimate as turn three. I’m not arguing that his other abilities aren’t that great. But it does not take that long to play his ultimate. This Jace seems balanced but is really a game ender.

        •  See previous answer to this as above, Planeswalkers are not Players but another type of Permanent. They can not be given Life as they run on Loyalty counters. The mechanic you would want to artificially increase a Planeswalkers Loyalty counters is Proliferate.

          • LightningXIII

            You do realize that you can redirect bonfire to hit a planeswalker instead of the player right? hence meaning that planeswalkers are also considered players and not just another type of permanent.

          • Daphoa

            You are able to redirect DAMAGE from a player to a planeswalker. That is all.

        • Planeswalkers use loyalty instead of damage, but not health. You can direct noncombat damage to an opponent’s planeswalker when you hit them, but not healing. That’s not how they work. They’re only like a player in that they can be attacked and lose life, and don’t regenerate it as creatures do with their toughness. 

        • Corsarris

          You can’t use anything that gains life to give Planeswalkers loyalty counters. You just can’t, but if you really want to think about this is formats.. B/G EDH.. Doubling Season then Jace.. GG. 

  • im the one who search the opponent a nonland card ? or my opponent search it for me?

    • Mlundgoldstein

      whoever activated his ultimate searches and keep in mind it’s EACH PLAYER so they search their own deck too

  • saucey Coffee

    I love his ult. for grabbing your copy of 
    Omniscience then grabbing something funny from their deck 

    • Mlundgoldstein

      Forget Omniscience grab a Worldfire and a creature/burn spell/Nichol Bolas(to keep destroying their lands, haha always fun)

  • Rakdos Jarad

    Well Jace would be pretty sweet in that regard… except for the fact that, thanks to Promenade, Chromatic Lantern, and the shocklands being reprinted, most people will be either main boarding or side boarding Dreadbore, and, more than likely, Slaughter Games to get rid of him before he even gets cast.

    • Mlundgoldstein

      Saughter games doesn’t exile Jace if he’s on the battlefield also don’t forget HE’S BLUE counter spells are still everywhere also with the mana color splashing you could add Slaughter Games to get rid of your opponent’s Dreadbores and Slaughter Games.

  • rev_shad

    finally a non draw Jace but still why another Jace he is so stupid

  • Turn 1: Avacyn’s Pilgram (This might be the ONLY standard legal ramping 1-drop after 2012’s BoP and Llanowar Elves rotate ='( … )
    Turn 2: Axebane Guardian
    Turn 3: Doubling Season (Reprint please? =D)
    Turn 4: Jace 4.0, Ultimate into Omniscience into Tamiyo, Ultimate into repeatedly Dream Twisting yourself and playing your deck.

    If Doubling Season gets reprinted in the New Ravnica, we might have a standard legal turn 4 combo win. If not, Im doing this in modern.. (with rainbow birds…)

  • Neuo the 1

    another crappy Jace that we could have done without. where is Ral Zarek?

  • Nordic

    After reading a couple of comments of “he is so bad” and “he sucks” and at the same time many which support him, I decided to make my own support note, because I think it is a nice card. I am not gonna mention more about Worldfire, because pretty much everything about it has been said. But now, the biggest “fault” peopel have pointed out is how hard it is to get to his ult. However, you can’t just see a card standalone, you must see it with its format. Jace is a blue card, and in RtR a “new” ability for blue (and white) card are coming, detain. This allows you to slow down the game drastically. We have already seen cards like Martial Law that detains a creature every turn and Archon of the Triumvirate which allows you to detain two permanents every turn. (I know Archon can be expensive, but as we have already seen some of mana boosting won’t be much of a problem in RtR) Other cards of white and blue colors that can help on his survival include Supreme Verdict, Angel of Serenity, Cyclonic Rift, Detention Sphere/Oblivion Ring, Safe Passage and the list goes on. Alone, I don’t believe he will do much good, but in a control/survival deck which can keep him safe I believe he could do wonders.

  • Farmtoon1

    why does he have a butt-chin and look like a generic action hero?

  • Warren

    A controversy I’ve had when using other cards with abilities similar to this Jace’s -2:
    Do you get to look at the piles, or do you blindly guess?

    • Luc

      The card states ‘reveal’ so yes you do get to see them first as well as everyone else at the table. It’s up to one opponent to separate them.

  • Azorius Herald

    Going to play him with Shimian Specter, Sphinx of Uthuun, and Sadistic Sacrament. 

  • Azorius Herald

    Also, can you play a Worldfire right after doing the ultimate and cast the creatures after that?

  • Guest

    Am I the only one that could see him in some kind of superfriends?

  • DocLol

    I like him. Like Doctor, I like stealing stuff and have an EDH (Commander) deck with Sen Triplets, Silent-Blade Oni, Jace, etc. and I have to say he is a major asset. Since the point of the deck is to win with all sorts of combos (like Exquisite Blood/Sanguinary Bond) and to do that I need card advantage, I use insane amounts of draw cards and search-your-deck cards (e.g. Diabolic Tutor, Ponder, the like) and he is a real asset. Search your opponent’s deck for a burn card/giant creature and then search yourself for Worldfire, and then win the game. (That only works with a U/R general or a constructed deck though, so I can’t use it the way I would. In my case, I search for Omniscience or an end of one of the combos and win with that.)