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  • TezzeretofCarmot21

    Jace, The Masters Auto-Include 1UU
    Planeswalker – Jace
    +1: Open a Masters pack. If you pull a Jace, The Mind Sculptor, put it into exile.
    0: Draw three cards, then put two cards from your hand on top of your library.
    -5: Put all Jace TMSs exiled with this card onto the battlefield, except they’re no longer legendary.

    What did you expect – Tibalt?

    • Jazzyboy1

      Inb4 we get Tibalt.

  • Zombie

    Should push JTMS resting price to $50, good place for it to be.

    Now all we need is Karn in here, too.

    • AHunter

      Hoping for good reprint is not a good idea : it’s going to be like all master set : kind of slow down the increase in price,but doesn’t make them affordable.
      They will push the mythic,and add garbage rare..

      • Zombie

        Reprinting is basically a catalyst to price reduction.

        It starts when there’s a reduction in play activity of a specific card, and then a reprint is what completes it.

        We saw this with the most recent printing of Tarmogoyf.

        Fatal Push reduced how much play Tarmogoyf saw and the additional printing of Tarmogoyf, which drastically increased how many Tarmogoyf cards were on the secondary market, tanked the price.

        What was once a $150 Modern staple is now played less (in a Modern meta that’s essentially the most diverse Modern has ever been), is now a $60-$70 powerhouse that isn’t required anymore.

        It used to be that Goyf would just beat out other creatures for its slot simply by existing, but now that the format has developed more, and answers for Goyf are stronger/more prolific (Fatal Push, Rest in Peace, Relic, etc.), Goyf just can’t maintain the price point it once held when it was one of the single most in-demand cards in Modern with an incredibly low supply.

    • Mathos

      The now Modern-legal Jace scoffs at your $50! Unfortunately.

      • Zombie


        He’ll still rest at about $50. It will just take longer to get there.

        JTMS’s unban spike is entirely expected and he has a reprint coming. His price spike is a panic move.

        Liliana of the Veil only commands such a ridiculous price because of her availability. She might be in 25 as well.

        Tarmogoyf has been printed 4 times (Might be printed in 25 as well) and has finally dropped to $60-$70 a piece. He’ll likely continue to drop over time as well.

        JTMS being legal means he can be printed more. This is what the market frenzyists are failing to understand now.

        JTMS being Modern legal means more people can play him -> More people want him -> JTMS can be put into more product -> More JTMS printed -> JTMS price drops over time.

        JTMS is not a $100 card. He’s always been the victim of massive price inflation. Liliana suffers the exact same thing because of her lack of printings.

        • xxxx

          Not a 100$ Card? I’m not too sure about that he could very well be 80-100. He is beeing played in Vintage, Legacy, (now for the first time) Modern, Highlander and sometimes even Edh. Every printing was mythic so who knows? If Jace comes to stay in modern he will be like bolt a format defining card and unlike Hierarch there is no real substitution for him.

  • Gideon Jura

    they didnt reprint him as legendary planeswalker?

    • Tolle

      This isn’t the art of the new Jace. If you look at the set symbol it is that of Iconic Masters.

      • Umbacano

        Eternal Masters*

  • Hedronal

    No set watermark on planeswalker cards, I take it. Oh well. I was kind of looking forward to text on logo on background on image.