• Fargor

    UR shape anew here we go!!!!

  • Zombie

    That lady looks like she’s holding in a massive dump

    • Happy The Cat

      that’s jace for ya! don’t let him in your head!

    • aswanlikeneck

      “Just a collage of images: cryptoliths, the sea, a lady holding in a massive dump…”

  • MrAptronym

    I am liking the Investigate on spells that are normally mediocre, and landing somewhere between their normal cost and their cantrip cost. This one seems a wee bit weak next to other versions of the same effect though.

    Now where is my “Counter target spell. Investigate.”?!



  • kk

    if we get a 3 mana “counter target spell” with Investigate, It´s going to be insane!!! Artificer’s Epiphany it´s going to be a real divination at instant speed… and sometimes a single divination takes over standard.

    • Fargor

      Imagine a 1 mana cantrip, investigate. That is a great form to reprint divination. Not the things they are printing now.

  • John Bentley

    O.k. That flavor text definitely looks like what all the investigating is leading to something from the depths of the sea. I feel like the madness came from the watery abyss.

    We’ll see.