• E.

    Ooh at uncommon, noice :3

  • Eli Mecham

    thank god not a rare

  • Kim Bobst

    first legendary uncommon?

    • Ryan Cameron

      Nope, see Iconic masters with Bladewing, the risen.

    • Jalais

      Nah, there have been plenty, Rosheen Meanderer and Bladewing the Risen spring to mind.

    • Derek Mullins

      I believe the first of them appeared in Kamigawa, where legendary mattered, and they needed to spread out the rarities; quite a few showed up.

    • Aidan23

      In legends there were common and uncommon legends

      • Derek Mullins

        I forgot about that! Thanks

  • ShannoSauro

    Nice, uncommon rarity is so nice

  • AustinSmith

    Yay this is a fun new buildaround for pauper edh. I already have a normal, fairly casual version I have for my playgroup.

    This + Reef Worm is gonna be fun in limited.