Jeskai Elder - Speed vs Cunning Spoiler

Jeskai Elder

  • Color: Blue
  • Type: Creature - Human, Monk
  • Rarity: Uncommon
  • Set:

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Prowess (Whenever you cast a noncreature spell, this creature gets +1/+1 until end of turn.)

Whenever Jeskai Elder deals combat damage to a player, you may draw a card. If you do, discard a card.

  • Daniel Gilmore

    Prowess, huh? Interesting. Not exactly the kind of mechanic I was hoping for, but I can see this being pretty fun to use :D

  • Gangsta mike

    At a glance this seems like a really neat card in a limited control shell….. But a storm pump??? Could see standard play

    • Ralloc

      Storm wouldn’t work with Prowess. Prowess says you have to cast the spell to trigger the effect; storm simply puts the copies on the stack without casting them.

      • AliasBot

        Storm still likes to play a lot of spells per turn to help build up its count, doesn’t it? Storm’s copies don’t trigger it, but the spells that precede the Storm do.

  • noinim

    I can see her being a fun pauper edh general.

    • guy

      Do you have any ideas on how to abuse her? just a bunch of cantrip and draw spells? Unless there is some infinite mana and casting combo, I would raver play lore scale coatl and draw all the cards.

  • Zombie

    Prowess seems fairly weak on a creature like this.

    It’d be better on something that can’t be blocked or something that has flying.

    • Madness

      It’s a 1/2 for 2 and looting, what did you think you’d get?

    • YouGotFranked

      Prowess by itself is a very good mechanic, but it’s one that requires the creature to be at least decent by itself. A simple bear, 2/2 for 2 with prowess, would actually be quite good. It suddenly makes a block with Sylvan Caryatid a questionable move. This one i agree might just not cut it since there’s not many 2 toughness blockers around, but who knows? Many dissed Pack rat when it came out, yet it’s a format defining card today.

    • Montague

      I generally trust your analysis, but I think you’re only half-right.

      As a mechanic, Prowess doesn’t look very STRONG. But it does seem fairly effective, and the flavor is just overwhelming. It looks like everything Maro promised the Jeskai would do. Why?

      Because this card is a 2-drop looter that hits for damage, opponents would want to block it. But if they block, then an instant spell may come down to hurt them – for example, a red trick that grants +2/0 and first-strike. It’s a perfect mechanic for head-games.

      I do however agree with you that it’s not (by any stretch) a wild mongrel, or even a kor looter; but for limited, it provides a good early card that hits the flavor/experience ball right out of the park. It’s likely to be a FUN card (yes, I know you didn’t say it would be unfun, just pointing out the design reasons for its stats).

    • Robert FakeLastName

      Prowess seems oddly like heroic. While heroic is restrictive and permanent, prowess is temp but less restrictive. It might see fringe 1-of-play in storm, but they prolly have better options(honestly nivex cyclops is prolly a better 1-of.). Overall it seems pretty interesting and I cant wait to see what else has it. There could be prowess for +2/+2 or +3/+3. Heroic did have those kind of variations too.

  • Bento

    I’m digging it. No op. Too many cards out in the multiverse to use on the mechanics of Prowess. Replicate wound do well with it

    • Kilroy

      unfortunately replicate doesn’t help out prowess much; replicate copies the spell after you cast it, so no matter how many times you replicate the spell, it only activates prowess once; otherwise imagine this and storm! This type of thing would always come up with Wee Dragonauts.

      But it’s still gonna be a fun mechanic!

  • da

    Maybe the rare would have something like “Creatures you control gain(Have?) prowess”

    but I feel like any rare with prowess would be just a under costed or normally costed creature with prowess just stapled on (I like the ability, but it seems lack luster to me ’cause it looks like it will only get +1/+1 nothing else).

    • SMB379

      Perhaps a creature could have Prowess 2(or more), similar to bloodthirst, bushido, and the like?

      • Ian Moone

        Wouldn’t it say Prowess 1 then?

        • Maybe it could just have multiple copies of Prowess, like Maelstrom Wanderer had “Cascade, Cascade”

  • Mike Thomas

    Prowess seems super weak to me. For boosting creature cards like this, it follows a simple under-curve/over-curve (similar to bloodthirst), but unlike bloodthirst, it is significantly more difficult to engage, as it requires non-creature cards. And this is an under/overcurve that is temporary. That makes it much less appealing to commit to instant and sorceries into the deck for it, and ultimately much weaker.

    • Montague

      I think everyone is missing this, and this is significant for limited deck-building at least –


      That means enchantments, artifacts, and planeswalkers as well. This ain’t Izzet, folks. It doesn’t make too much of a difference, but I bet people will be forgetting at the prerelease, esp. if they don’t read the bazillion articles pointing this out a week before.

      And yes, I know you know it’s non-creature cards. Just pointing out that limiting them to instants and sorceries constricts deck design based on habit, which is unfair even for a rather mediocre-looking limited card.

      • Mike Thomas

        Well, I think that if you have planeswalkers to trigger this thing in limited, you’re at a good start, regardless. I pointed out committing instants and sorceries because they are going to be the most common example by far for triggering prowess. Even without limiting non-creature cards to instants and sorceries, that still doesn’t stop it from being a fairly constricted mechanic that is temporary to boot.

        The best thing I can think of to use prowess with is in bluffing scenarios. For example, I swing this guy into a 2/2 blocker with mana open. Chances are, if early game, he’ll refuse to block in fear of me having an instant to fork his bear. That can lead to some early game damage that will add up in late-game racing.

        • Montague

          It’s true that it’s mostly going to be used to bluff instant tricks, I agree with you there. But it IS often enough a threat of a 2/3 or bigger that can accumulate advantage, so… I have some hopes of its decency in limited.

          We’ll see how the mechanic turns out on other creatures.

    • Madness

      You seem to have forgot the lesson of Delver a bit too fast. Whoever played with Kiln Fiend and Nivix Cyclops in block formats can tell you that with the correct support, it can become… interesting. Having prowess be a block keyword might mean that such a deck is a definite possibility.

      • Mike Thomas

        Delver is a permanent 3/2 with no need for further mana commitment. Imagine if delver would only flip for the turn, and you would have to pay 1 to flip it. That a BEST case scenario for Prowess.
        Kiln fiend and Nivix Cyclops get +3/+0, not a paltry +1/+1. It’s not worth comparing.

        • Madness

          And this is not a french vanilla creature with prowess, it’s a looter with prowess, and you can expect plenty of other creatures with prowess, so, chances are, there might be support in those colour to make good use of it.

        • Melissa Juice

          Delver is a hall of fame card.
          The point is that Prowess is a tempo mechanic and has potential.

  • Amir Atme

    I’m not getting the hate on prowess. Giant growth: +4/+4. No complaints here. I also like the combo of this plus burn spells. This with lightning strike kills polukranos. Makes combat tricks a nightmare for opponents.

  • Kazdrax

    I wonder if they will have abilities that are conditional on triggering prowess? Like something becomes unblockable, or some additional effect besides +1/+1?

    • YouGotFranked

      No. everything that is between () is the ability’s reminder text. So Prowess will always be about giving +1/+1 until eot whenever you cast a noncreature spell.

      • Kazdrax

        I’m talking about a triggered ability based on prowess.

    • Madness

      The trigger would have to be spelled out a second time as well tho. I could see this happening in a rare where there’s no reminder text for prowess.

  • Joe

    prowess could be like bloodthirst and have a number next to it dictating plus 2 plus 2 for example?

    • Mike Thomas

      Nope. Otherwise it would have a number stipulated, e.g. Prowess 1 (~~~)

  • Kilroy

    i’m hoping this means we’re gonna be getting some fun cantrips out of Khans!

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    This looks like a more general purpose Heroic to me. Dunno why everyone’s griping, but my Izzet commander deck will gladly welcome prowess having cards as extra boots on the ground.

  • Derrick

    I’m not sure if the people in the comments entirely get the flavor of prowess, but I’ll explain it anyways

    The Jeskai are all about cunning and trickery, and this fits it quite well. This is because this card causes powerful mind games.

    For example, you have a 2/2. Then the opponent attacks with this creature. He has 3 mana open and 5 cards in his hand. If you do block, you could easily lose your creature. If you don’t though, the opponent will filter out some cards, and you will lose a life.

    I expect all of the other prowess cards will have abilities that trigger on damage, to create more of these bluffing type scenarios where bluffing pays off more than just a bit of damage.

  • Vizzerdrix

    So anyone else keep seeing this guy standing on top of a “JetSki” showing off his prowess? that being said i really want the duel deck if only to alter this one card with shitty drawing ability

  • Daky A. shortt

    Prowess isn’t going to change between cards…… is it…. I guess a plate full of 2/2’s and 3/3s getting an +1 each time I cancel or return would be nice and all…… But is that it?

    • Melissa Juice

      Yep. It’s a tempo mechanic.

  • Melissa Juice

    A bad-ass old lady is just plain charming.