Jhessian Thief - Magic Origins Spoiler

Jhessian Thief

  • Color: Blue
  • Type: Creature - Human, Rogue
  • Rarity: Uncommon
  • Set:

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Prowess (Whenever you cast a noncreature spell, this creature gets +1/+1 until end of turn.)

Whenever Jhessian Thief deals combat damage to a player, draw a card.

“Where’s the fun in an escape if it’s not at least a little daring?”

  • Nefarox

    I am incredibly happy to see prowess as an evergreen mechanic.

    • kingalexander61

      Unfortunately, I don’t think it will be evergreen just because it shows up in the final core set. I would like it to though, as it is a very fitting keyword for blue, but we’ll see. Either way I’m getting excited for drafting this set, just off of the few cards and mechanics spoiled so far.

      Edit:Weeelll I was wrong, but am very happy to be wrong.

      • Nefarox

        Yeah, I’d read the article wizards put out on it and was incredibly happy, though whether it stays evergreen is now the true question. It is incredibly fun to play with in limited, so it’s kept me happy.

    • Melissa Juice

      Probably not evergreen. But maaaayyyyybe.

      • Nefarox

        Wizards put out an article saying it will be from now on, unless they decide to change that in the future. Thoroughly enjoyed the rule in limited, so I am happy to see it stick around for a bit longer.

        • Melissa Juice

          Just read it after I posted. heh.
          Yeah, that’s awesome. I’m psyched.

  • xermaster123

    yay, strictly better scroll thief, I’ve always wanted a shadowmage infiltratorish card to be playable, being able to survive bolt by casting a spell seems good.

  • Matt86

    Yawn… soo, our keywords until now:
    – A nothing keyword that only shortens the (not very good to begin with) “Only blocked by 2+ creatures”-ability
    – Prowess, a keyword that has tried and failed
    – Scry, which, in my opinion, has seen way too much play in and since Theros.
    Seems like R&D is finally running out of cool stuff to do with old keywords. For a set designed to close an era, I’d expected something with more impact.
    – Exalted for white
    – Dredge for green
    – Overload for red
    – Vampire tribal for black
    – If you must reprint a keyword from KOT for blue, reprint Rebound
    There, instant value edition! ^^

    • kingalexander61

      What do you mean prowess failed? It was very well received, and has proven to be very fun and powerful.

    • Ryx

      Menace- the best mechanic for aggro and G/R decks
      Prowess- the mechanic that made jeskai tempo/tokens a powerful thing
      Scry- the reason people would use tapped lands in standard.
      Rebound was the only mechanic in DOT that wasn’t well received because the cards were to over costed and not standard relevant.

    • XC

      Okay, but by the time FRF came out Prowess was polling the highest in popularity of the five clan mechanics – after having polled lowest when KTK launched. That’s powerful incentive to keep it around.

    • Gareth Martin


    • Melissa Juice

      Prowess is a fantastic mechanic that has by no means failed.

      Scry is one of the best mechanics they’ve ever designed.

    • Oberon

      well, the keywords you mentioned aren’t new, they’re evergreen (like flying or lifelink). i expect there to be new mechanics, announced later in the set.

  • Red

    Jhessian? Isn’t this around Alara?

    • Fla Master

      It is a nation in bant!

  • Joel Lee

    I can’t wait to here Marshall gush about this on limited resources.

  • Aarhg

    This is actually really nice. I’m not totally convinced on putting it in a modern deck I’m working on, but it’s not that far off.

  • MrAptronym

    I for one welcome our new evergreen keyword. I am excited to see how they will play with it in the future

    • Melissa Juice

      Does this for sure mean it’s evergreen, then? Same with scry?

      • eltratzo

        maro confirmed both as evergreen today, along with menace, while retireing landwalk and intimidate and moving protection to “use when needed”.

        • Melissa Juice

          Oh, wow. Gotta read the article. Missed that. Thanks.

      • MrAptronym

        Confirmed in the Making Magic column this week. Scry, Prowess and Menacing are the new evergreen keywords. Landwalk, intimidate and protection are out. (Protection will still show up occasionally)

        • Melissa Juice

          Got around to reading it.


  • kmk888

    Anybody that looked at the cards Wizards put in DTK after Prowess was supposed to have left should not be surprised by this. I mean every other card that was in white or blue had a variant of it and they were supposed to have moved on. I am happy to have this as an evergreen mechanic.

  • Gabriel

    As a blue Mage, I am happy about the announcement of prowess. We really missed good cheap creatures that benefit from combat tricks and instant spells early game. However, Wizards has to be really careful. Considering monastery swiftspear and monastery mentor, I am scared they will inevitably forge a bannable card really soon.

  • Happy The Cat

    why could you not be a merfolk?
    would have loved this a merfolk

  • DCM

    It’s just me or her clothes is like some asian cartoon’s cosplay costume?

  • Master race

    Well… Scroll thief certainly gets better once you add prowess. She might even end up drawing you a card, this time around.