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Judge’s Familiar

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Sacrifice Judge’s Familiar : Counter target instant or sorcery spell unless its controller pays 1 Mana.

“It misses nothing and has no sense of humor.”
-Barvisa, courtroom scribe

  • Madou Diallo

    As long as this card is on the table, every non creature spell will cost 1 extra (as in people will not play them unless they have mana to pay for the effect). Its kinda like a small version of Thalia.

    • you mean Daze

    • PrimordialClensing

      sry need to say “non creature spell” is way to broad this doesnt effect artifacts, walkers or enchantments plus creatures. NOT SAYING that you arent right or that the card isnt good but just felt like being a magic nazi :P

    • David Fitzsimmons

       And because this is a one drop, it is possible to have a few on the table early on as well. Now if I am correct, it is perfectly legal to sac several of them at once in order to counter a spell you really do not want to be played.

      I doubt I will personally use this ability often, but the mere psychological effect this guy has of sitting on the field alone makes him worth it in my book. Combine that with whatever other control spells I am sure Azorious will be getting, these birds will contribute to heavy lockdowns.

       Also every time someone tries to kill one of these guys off with a spell, i will use their ability to counter that kill spell. Yes, I know, it is pointless considering it dies anyway and smart opponents would realize this and not pay the counter cost. But that’s the thing, smart opponents, and all it takes is for the opponent to be concentrating so hard on his strategy, he pays the cost without thinking about it.

  • Busterswrd_maniac

    hell yeah, either or mana coming back

  • gadget

    UB Delver is much better with this card

  • Liammanning211

    Word for word copy of curse catcher with wings.. Lol

  • Firestorm75

    Reminds me of Suntail Hawk, my favorite one drop white creature for the longest time. Now we have this, a better version of my beloved bird. I like it, 4 please.

  • JimmiesvanRustlin

    I must have 4 of these. Also….i know what the bird is thinking. “Do you think this is a MOTHERFUCKING game!?

  • SilverAlex92

    Turn 1: This

    Turn 2: Thalia

    And you have a very very upset blue mage

  • Guess So

    Thalia, This, Grand Arbiter, Gaddock Teeg.

    Oh Bant.