• Oscar

    Hm… another multicolor card that could shift you to certain colors in limited, although I don’t know how powerful this ends up being, in sealed probably more so than in draft, especially if the format is as fast as Ixalan, but this is also a 3/3 for 3…

  • Random Guy

    Wizards finally made a card with recursion that is subpar in draft.

  • Jalais

    Oh hey, will we actually be able to draft more color pairs in rivals?

    • Han Solo II

      we can only hope so

    • Dave

      You can draft whatever you want without cards telling you what to draft.

      • Jalais

        That’s very true. You could also feed your hand to a wood chipper to spite the warning label, but it’s not recommended.

  • Shagoth

    Oh hai not broken dredge.

  • Kahai

    :D Elemental!