Keeper of the Lens - Dragons of Tarkir Spoile

Keeper of the Lens

  • Color: Colorless
  • Type: Artifact Creature - Golem
  • Rarity: Common
  • Set:

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You may look at face-down creatures you don’t control. (You may do this at any time.)

It sees all, but it reveals what it sees only to a chosen few -Taigan, Ojutai master

  • Sudsy

    Its funny how this is even worse than Lens of Clarity, which was pretty uninteresting. i’ve never seen anyone play it.

    • Jazzyboy1

      No it’s not. This is a creature. A 1/2 creature for 1 colorless mana, which is okay value. Lens of Clarity is a very situational card that’s useless against decks that don’t run morph, whereas this creature can at least be used as a mediocre creature if you accidentally leave it maindeck.(You should really be sideboarding it :P)

      And sideboarding this against manifest decks could be good. When they manifest that Emrakul ready to be Cloudshifted, you know exactly which card to use removal on before they get the chance. And if by chance they lied about using a manifest deck in the first place, it’s still a 1/2 golem :P

      • Sudsy

        Yeah, I was too drunk to see the part about it being a creature… Sorry about that

    • MrAptronym

      This is way better than the lens, its a mildly effective creature playable in any color.

      Someone played a deck with 2 lenses in it at khans sealed and I just felt bad.

  • Aarhg

    Wow, this is strong for a common.

    • Jandro

      Yup. This’ll be a fairly high pick in draft

  • Blah

    A colorless 1 mana 1/2 at COMMON!?

  • Kameenook