• galen150

    hm, looks cool, but i think i like the normal art better :/

  • Happy The Cat

    you know what would have been cool, if instead of these tiny arts they had made it like ancient mew where it looks like a picture of a glyph wall, instead of a badly framed picture.

    • NothingSpecial

      We still haven’t seen at all what they look like in person.

      Don’t get me wrong, there’s no way these frames will surpass Inventions, and the glyphs around the name and type information are pretty much unforgivable, but I think they’re not made to look like picture frames, but rather “windows/doorways into a 3-dimensional environment”, and I think the way the card looks in person will carry that vision a lot better than what we can see online. We’ve already seen the way wizards can convey 3d information with foil markings.

      Like, “this is going on right outside the temple you’re hiding in”. That type of feel.

      • ConDucktor Whirl Crate God

        I hope they foil the name and effect text to make it look like a Magical spell coming to life. That would be SIIICK!

      • Happy The Cat

        well, we did see one of them in person, one of the cards(dont ask what, I dont remember and it isnt on here anymore) was spoiled as a picture of a physical copy.
        but while I’ve got you here, go look up Ancient Mew, see how the art is a part of the framing? for an Egyptian themed set wouldn’t that have looked better? it would have looked like archaic drawings they found in a temple of these legendary spells and creatures. this frame make is look like someone just pasted in a picture on a google image search for egyptian walls.

  • NothingSpecial

    What do you know, this card is just as bad the second time around!

  • Shagoth

    Yay, now the head is too skinny to see!

  • Shawn Michael Diaz

    Hmm, I’ll have to see them in person but I think u prefer the vanilla art on this one

    • Zombie

      Dont worry they look even worse IRL

      • Shawn Michael Diaz

        You say that like I don’t like the Invocations at all. I just like the vanilla art for Kefnet a lot.

        • Absinthman

          I feel the same way about Aven Mindcensor

      • Deep Spawn

        The magicspoiler drinking game: take a shot every time the user “Zombie” shows up just to complain about the Invocations’ frame again for the umpteenth time.

        • Zombie

          Magicspoiler drinking game 2.0: Take a shot every time some salty toddler whines about me doing something.

          Warning: This drinking game will kill you in 5 seconds.

          • Happy The Cat

            zombie, no giving booze to children, you know the rules.

  • Sam Chi

    Kepret the Mirdpul?

  • Michael Boyer

    Just talking about the actual card. Kefent seems to be able to attack quicker then the jackal god (sorry don’t remember her name).