• Melissa Juice

    That’s a hell of a one drop.

    • Phoenix UNBENCHED

      I get it…. hell… SIN-uous… ehhehh..
      Seriously though, this guy’s busted. Especially with the red werewolf that causes all werewolves to come into play transformed.

      • Sean M

        Agreed, Geier Reach Bandit. XD

  • Khan1104

    A 2/1 for 1 with an upside Holy zheeees thats power

  • Kaiser

    Yes, yes, this is what i want, now give me the other trailer Dreadwolf

  • Nolly

    Seems like another one drop werewolf decks desperately wanted, though maybe not as synergistic as they’d hoped.

    • Dominic Ng

      Having a giant activation cost with big upgrade did synergize with other werewolfs a lot

  • Urdothor

    2/1 for (G) is good. Flipping to the backside, is good.
    I like this a lot actually

  • Soren Szilver

    One of my favorite cards so far, both thematically (flavor text) and strength wise (it feels strong but not too strong, like it will probably be in standard in most decks of the color and perhaps in modern if wolves gets enough support in the format)

    • Jacob Kodicovic

      I don’t think this will really be in standard too much, and modern has much better creatures than this.

      • Kaiser

        not a boom but standard G and G/R can use this, the flip seens decent to me, not need to give him mana every turn, just one time.

    • Hedronal

      Limited yes, standard only possibly.

  • Lockwert

    Kytheon’s pet

    • Hedronal


  • Nolly

    Something a bit overlooked that was pointed out on another site – cards that cause werewolves to flip (like Geier Reach Bandit’s flip side) will cause this werewolf to transform into a 4/4 and be unable to transform back.
    You bet this will see play.

    • Hedronal

      Things that transform werewolves regardless of their face (or bounce effects) send this back to front.

  • MTGFanatic

    Good for Green Stompy

  • kmk888

    Besides just bring a good card, I realized something about taking the werewolf tribe from human/wolf transformation to wolf/eldrazi transformations yesterday. This way they can print werewolves that are good without risk of making humans decks like bant humans any more competitive! That deck already makes use of the best green werewolves (pacifist and duskwatch) while werewolves remain unplayable.

  • Rovkir Hexus

    And then give it Menace. Makes it unblockable, if I’m interpreting it right.