• Hedronal

    I KNEW IT. Lazotep does have some purpose that fits Bolas’ gains. Now we just have to wait and see what exactly that is, or maybe it means that that’s how Eternalize works, being Embalmed but with Lazotep involved.

  • Happy The Cat

    black gets a 1b common 2/2 that has a new keyword that is pretty strong and as a creature type of their strongest tribe, red gets the exact same thing, but without the keyword or tribal support. WotC is showing us creatures become better when they aren’t being printed for red.

    • Hedronal

      Or that bears specifically is something red isn’t as good at. There’s also blue, which has no bears, and only gets 2/2s for 2 with downside or UU in the cost.

  • Ethan White

    Bear force one where you at

  • name moniker

    in a vacuum this is s bear with a better version of trample (i.e. if the blocker has 1 health then it is the same as trample, if the blocker has more health than its better [unless you have a buff, but if that buff grants trample than that will stack with afflict])

    • Random Guy

      Deleted. You’re right.

  • galen150

    interesting how the 2 cards with afflict so far both appear to be made of lazotep, and are called eternals

  • Random Guy

    Mono B Pauper?