• Eli Eyal Broide

    Well… Pirates be flying…
    I guess the dream of stealing with Admiral Beckett Brass might be an option :)

    • galen150

      yea, there are also a few decent menace ones. like with the 2 drop that also spawns tokens

  • Márcio Siqueira

    Cloud pirates older brother.

  • galen150

    so, safe way to trigger raid, or becket brass. hand disruption. relevent creature type. yipee

  • Mathieu

    So, if you fatal push this in respond to it’s ETB trigger, do they get to permanently exile a card from your hand?

    • Guillermo Mila

      No. Fatal Push resolves first, from the top of the stack.

    • Absinthman

      No. That’s why they changed the templating of cards like this. They used to have two separeate abilities, one that exiled and other that returned. That made it possible to do what you describe. But now with this format, if you cast Fatal Push on it, the card will never leave opponent’s hand (although they will still reveal their hand and you will choose a card anyway).

  • Soren Szilver

    this is honestly amazing for an uncommon. an evasive creature with an enter the battlefield effect like this and 2 relevant creature types might actually see some decent play

  • Edward

    This card is great. It is cheap, has evasion, and disrupts your opponents strategy. Pirates also seem to have a lot of “until this card leaves the battlefield” effects which I like because it helps mess with the opponent and makes them need answers.

  • MrAptronym

    This rules. I am really glad they seem to be expanding the “until CARDNAME leaves the battlefield” cards a bit.

    • Hedronal

      And on evasive, disruptive two-drops to boot.

  • Aarhg

    Huh, a better Storm Crow in black. That’s cool.

    • Shagoth

      By cool you mean it will assuredly get banned in freeform, right?
      Granted, this isn’t a better Storm crow. Bird is a disturbingly relevant creature type and you can pitch Storm Crow to Force of Will.

      • Aarhg

        Well yea, definitely.

      • Mark Pilzer

        *to counter an opposing storm crow*

  • Shagoth

    Am I the only one thinking that this is ridiculously good? A 1/2 flyer for one mana=fine. An average reveal/discard spell (skin to duress)=Good. Combining them into one card seems really, really good.

    • Random Guy

      It’s a 2 mana Vendilon Clique that gives the card back when removed. I think it will see standard play, modern is less likely.

      • Shagoth

        Two mana vendilion clique that isn’t legendary, easier to splash, etc. I bet Mavirek would like this guy.

      • Mark Pilzer

        Mesmeric Fiend or Tidehallow Sculler could be better comparison

  • Jay Kilian

    The flavor is strong in this card. It needs flavor text like “Gimme that!”

  • Dr. Gitrog Crow

    Why does this fly?

    • Godmode_ON

      Because it’s hitching a ride on a ship

      • Dr. Gitrog Crow

        But there aren’t flying boats on Ixalan. Only pirate ships and conqueror’s galleon.

        • Dr. Gitrog Crow


          • Happy The Cat

            cause WotC thinks people can actually fly by wearing kites. It should at least be a one time thing.

          • DarthinvaderIX

            It’s basically hang gliding

          • Happy The Cat

            again, one way trip, unless you climb back up the mountain or whatever you are jumping off.

      • MrAptronym

        She’s got a kite. Presumably some kind of magic kite.

  • Calvin


  • kmk888

    I like this card a lot by itself, but it seems particularly awesome for pirates, raid, and The Scarab God.