• Shagoth

    Could be a top end in menfolk decks.

  • Robert FakeLastName

    could replace a certain non merfolk in merfolk decks.

  • Aaron Tarket

    Basically Thalia, but for anything that targets your Merfolk. I could see this being a $15 card easily.

  • Alex Yaeger

    With the amount of merfolk here plus the Merfolk Vs Goblins deck, does that mean there is a high or low chance for merfolk tribal in Commander 17?

    • Dr. Burn Crow


      • Alex

        Well thank you for responding to a comment from months ago now that the product is out. It was very helpful and informative. Truly. Absolutely not the slightest hint of sarcasm…

        • Dr. Burn Crow

          Y u mad tho

  • Geoffrey Baron

    It could replace Kira . Protection might be weaker in theory but it being a Merfolk could make up .

    • Vizzerdrix

      Hard counter versus tax, personally I’d take kira. My guess though this could be seen as a possible budget option.
      Opponent tries to bolt they pay 2, or opponent has to cast 2 bolts, kira is better card advantage,

      • DJ Pad

        Correct answer might be some mix of both, though I agree, Kira is probably better.

  • Kezvin

    This being a Merfolk means that it easily replaces Kira in the main, but I would still run 1-2 Kira in the board for when the hard counter is needed.

  • O’Mc’jr.

    I like this guy, protects your seamen!

  • Blahblahblahbla

    Sweet art and sweet ability for a sweet archetype. Sweet.

  • Njaal

    I’ll probably run this alongside Kira in Modern. Kira’s ability is more powerful, but Kopala has better synergy.

    • Divine Shadow

      this is better than Kira in most cases.

      • Njaal

        Kira’s main advantage is that it requires them to have two cards in hand to deal with your threat, Kopala taxes their spells but it doesn’t outright prevent them. They can still get a 1 for 1 with your merfolk as long as they pay the additional cost, and naturally, the first target they’ll kill will be Kopala. By the time Kopala actually comes out, most will have the excess mana in order to deal with him. With Kira, they could have all the mana in the world, but they need two distinct ways to get rid of it, and that will in most cases leave them two cards short. Turning a 1 for 1 into a 2 for 1 in your favor. Thus by destroying Kira, they’ll probably leave themselves unable to deal with your other merfolk. Kopala complements Kira nicely, but in my opinion he cannot adequately replace it.

      • Vizzerdrix

        Spend 3 mana bolt this guy, 1 more mana kill another threat or 3 bolts to kill kira and another creature. Also merfolk usually run vapor snag so even if they could kill kira you can snag and vial it back making it 5 kill spells to get around kira, really tough comes down to tempo or card advantage. Personally I’ll take kira and card advantage

  • xSiNx SHADOW

    incoming 50 dollar rare

  • Nick Art

    Who wants to bet this guy is gonna get a spark ignition?

    • Santuli

      Yes please.

    • Hedronal

      What? Multiple planeswalkers of the same species that isn’t human or dragon? Blasphemy!

  • Gustavo Martinez

    So sad he does not stops triggers :c

  • Alex Kronfeld


  • galen150

    so does this make abilities without a mana cost take 2 mana now if they target a merfolk? the wording seems a bit weird. say i have a creautre with “tap: deal 1 damage to a target creature”, does it cost 2 mana, ore none because it doesnt have a mana cost to start with? the way it says “2 more to activate” feels like its implying that the ability has to have a mana cost already.

    • Hedronal

      No prior mana cost required. That damage tapper must pay mana to hit this person’s merfolk.