Kumera, Tyrant of Orazca

Kumena, Tyrant of Orazca

  • Color: Multicolored
  • Type: Legendary Creature - Merfolk, Shaman
  • Rarity: Mythic Rare
  • Set:

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  • Kahai


    • TezzeretofCarmot21

      Agree with that. I am a firm Pirate supporter, but I am totally making an EDH deck out of him.
      I can’t wait to see the g/u legendary flip! Who wants to bet it’s going to be merfolk?

  • Kahai

    I love him.

    He’s perfectly costed. Beats a lightning bolt. Has well balanced abilities.

    I understand he’s supposed to be UG, but i’m sad i have to still have to use both Sidar and Thrasios to play my three color merfolk commander deck :(

    • Kitnz

      That actually sounds like a solid tribal EDH deck. I plan on using this guy as a Tiny Leaders general. UG hasn’t quite had anything worthy of leading except maybe Vorel or Kaseto, but neither have the powerful 3CMC or less cards to pull it off. You won’t likely get the Tap 5 ability off in TL, but tapping 1 or 3 Merfolk offers strong enough rewards to warrant the commander choice.

  • Fanatic of Mark Rosewater

    Wouldn’t surprise me if UG Merfolk in Modern plays this, especially since that card can fill the board really fast, and the draw engine from Kumena can be huge

    • DJ Pad

      If you’re drawing cards with your merfolk and not attacking you’re probably playing merfolk wrong.

      • Donovan Davenport

        Or playing a more midrange fish list? Funny thing about magic is you can play any way you want!

        • DJ Pad

          If you don’t mind losing, then yes, you’re correct. U/G merfolk doesn’t have the midrange cards to compete on that level with other decks like Jund, Abzan, Jeskai etc in modern, they need to play the tempo/aggro game to have a chance.

          • Donovan Davenport

            true, but I believe it could work with some tweaking.

  • TezzeretofCarmot21

    Thank goddd!! Finally GU merfolk get a commander and people can use Tishana where she belongs – card draw!

    • TezzeretofCarmot21

      Now give us pirates!!!! And MOAR MERFOLK

  • Zombie

    This is exactly what I was looking for in a Merfolk General for EDH.

    The others weren’t really interesting to me, but Kumena has options and that’s what I’m looking for.

  • Happy The Cat

    so ug gives you Intruder Alarm and Ooze Flux, which is a two mana loop.
    overall for ug merfolk tribal edh I don’t really know if I’d want this over Zegana or Tishana. Yeah he’s much cheaper but both are such good big draws, without Intruder Alarn out I don’t see him being much better.
    overall, probably will see standard play, he’s as viable as merfolks, if they work he works. Modern… maybe? mono blue merfolks are pretty cut and dry at this point. Shocks and fetches could open him up, but all of his abilities favor a mid tempo deck, not a to the floor aggro tribal deck. This isn’t a crazy gear shift like Master of Waves and vigilance isn’t a common merfolk keyword(actually as of right now NO merfolk has it on them)

    • Edward

      Well Kumena draws cards, makes himself unblockable, and powers up all of your Merfolk. Tishana Is far more expensive and is reliant on having at least a few other creatures. They both have strengths and weaknesses but I think Kumena is easily the better choice for Merfolk tribal EDH. Tishana doesn’t need to be Merfolk tribal though so that is definitely an upside for her. It is really a matter of whether you like big flashy creatures or cheap effective ones. I just want the draw available all game when I need it and winning with Commander damage seems fairly easy with Kumena as a backup win condition. Bloodforged Battle-Axe will doe some work in that deck.

      • Happy The Cat

        the biggest problem I see is that you have to tap out to use him though. sure you can repeatedly draw cards but you’ve got to be tapping three Merfolk, and with most of the old ones where most everything’s a lord you’d be losing a lot of damage.
        Also, an important part of Tish and Zegana is that they are bloody HUGE Merfolk. throwing them out onto an active board can be game ending, not to mention how most good Merfolk will be Lords and buff them even further. 8~11 power is easy with a good Merfolk deck, and them fully reloading your expended hand is a massive boon.
        Lastly, Kumena’s “can’t be blocked” active is actually pretty mediocre for Merfolk, you can easly have an unblockable board with Merfolk or just cheat through to Islandwalk by transforming an enemy land. Maybe for a low budget/newfolk deck I could see him, but LoA and Pearl Trident are only $6 nf and others float around there, so it’s not like it’s hard to get them. He can fit into the 100, but the others have unique value you generally always want access to. you can build specifically for him, but that’s a thinner niche.
        I’ll put it this way, Tishana favors more of a Merfolk and friends tribal, where you can use the looser support cards from UG for value. Zegana(when building tribal)wants old skool Merfolk, relying on lords to buff the board and her when she enters, forcing the game at your pace when you get her online. Kumena is the Jimmy option, he wants to be like a Wizard edh, chaining value into more and more value setting up for game ending combos.

  • Hinterland Sage

    This looks great to me. Second ability reminds of Cryptbreaker. Second and third ability seem really relevant. Could see modern play?

    • DJ Pad

      Except Cryptbreaker was 1 mana and zombies in general were resilient to board wipes.

  • DJ Pad

    Personally I think this guy is unplayable outside of standard (unless there’s some infinite combo I’m not seeing). Merfolk needed a lord that pumped your team so you could play some aggro/tempo with Branchwalker/Silvergill adept. This guy just forces you to over-extend into a wrath to get any value out of him. Why would you want to use his 3rd ability rather than just attack?

    Maybe if he was a 4/2 and his unblockability actually mattered.

    • Edward

      Are you forgetting about Commander? It probably won’t see play in Modern and certainly not in Legacy or Vintage. However, in Commander it is great. It is cheap and provides a lot of value for 1 card. Also we might still end up with a more traditional lord. This is a tribal block so we should expect a lot of tribal support.

      • DJ Pad

        Are there a lot merfolk worthy of commander play? Looking at the list there might be 5-10 you could play and not be totally embarassed, otherwise, you’re just playing a bunch of low-impact dorks that get wrathed.

        • Edward

          There might be a few but Commander isn’t about building the strongest deck. It is a casual format for people who don’t care about competitive Magic for the most part. There is really enough general tribal support to allow any tribe with a decent amount of cards to be viable. You can build Pirates but that doesn’t mean it is going to be on par with something like Vampires. That doesn’t mean people won’t build it and don’t want to play it. Playing a lot of unassuming creatures could work to your advantage if people don’t see you as a threat.

          • DJ Pad

            Sure, but then is every legendary creature good because it can be a commander of a bad EDH deck?

            Just because some people will build it doesn’t mean the card is good, or anything other than a bulk mythic.

          • Edward

            In general, tribal decks play subpar or high cmc creatures because the value gained from the tribal support cards balance it out. Vampires, Elves, and Goblins are the really the only exception to that and even then they are only playable due to strong tribal support. Maybe Zombies and Dragons too to a lesser extent. Most Legendary Creatures have the potential to be good as long as it is in a strategy that suits it. If there is not enough cards to build around it or the card itself doesn’t give enough of an advantage then it isn’t going to be good as a Commander.

          • DJ Pad

            “If there is not enough cards to build around it or the card itself
            doesn’t give enough of an advantage then it isn’t going to be good as a

            Which is precisely what I’m saying about Kumena.

          • Ashenmoor

            This card draws, is in powerful colours, is from a tribe with vast support and easily hits for commander damage. If this isn’t a good tribal commander I don’t know what is.

          • Edward

            No you are saying that there isn’t enough Merfolks with relevant effects in UG to make it worth playing. Tribal has enough general support to push most tribal deck. Neheb The Worthy would be a card with not enough support to build around due to the lack of Minotaur support and support for how the deck wants to run. Unesh on the other hand is just fine as a Commander because it uses Sphinxes to get card advantage and swings in with them to win. Kumena is in the colors of clones, card advantage, empowering creatures, and mana ramp. You can build up an army of Merfolk, pump them up, protect them, and swing in to win. You can run a few big creatures to help support you and you can always win with just Kumena. You can have a minor Voltron theme. You have an abundant amount of resources to turn your unassuming Merfolk in to a formidable army. Are you going to win every time or be on par with every other tribal deck? No but you certainly aren’t lacking resources to help you win.

          • DJ Pad

            “There isn’t enough Merfolks with relevant effects in UG to make it worth playing”
            “There is not enough cards to build around it or the card itself doesn’t give enough of an advantage then it isn’t going to be good as a Commander”

            Is there a difference in these two statements? What is YOUR point? I’m simply saying merfolk tribal is currently garbage in EDH, and this card is not a great EDH card either, as it
            1. Forces you to overextend into wraths and
            2. Play bad cards (ie. probably 10-20 BAD merfolk) to maximize it’s potential.

            If you want a UG merfolk that generates card advantage, Thrasios is 10000x better and doesn’t pigeon-hole you into playing bad cards in your deck.

            Neheb isn’t even a tribal card (zero synergy with other minotaur), so the lack of” minotaur support” is of no relevance.

            “You can build up an army of Merfolk, pump them up, protect them, and swing in to win”

            You can literally do that in any EDH deck with green if you replace “merfolk” with “creatures”. A card like Edric gets you so much more card avantage than Kumena and doesn’t force you to run bad merfolk. A 2/4 with no innate protection is your voltron general? U/G has many better at that role as well.

            Kumena doesn’t know what it wants to be. It’s worse for card advantage than Edric/Zegana/Thrasios/Momir Vig etc., Worse for Voltron than Kaseto, Thrun, Multani, Omnath etc., Worse for going wide and pumping the team than Ezuri (both versions). It’s basically just a mediocre general for an overall weak EDH tribe. I mean if you want to force merfolk tribal for lolz, then go for it, but please stop acting like it’s a good general.

          • Giby86 .

            You make it sound like there’s any other reason to do anything in Commander other than lolz.

          • DJ Pad

            Some people actually enjoy playing with powerful cards and not getting curb-stomped every game

          • Giby86 .

            Sure, everyone does. It doesn’t have anything to do with the goal of the game, though. You can, in fact you should, play “powerful cards” for lolz. This is basically what Commander was created for. The moment you become a tryhard and don’t play cards because you might not win you’re just betraying the goal and the spirit of the format.

          • Edward

            Fyi Neheb is literally a tribal lord. At least the one I am referring too since there is 2. For the rest of it, at this point I will just say agree to disagree since I obviously won’t change your mind. I personally love the design and the versatility. Maybe it won’t be tier 1 or 2 but I like Commanders that do a lot for what you are getting. He certainly won’t be the best at any 1 thing but he provides a lot of needed value for Merfolk tribal in Commander. He is certainly better than Tishana

          • DJ Pad

            My mistake, I misread and thought you were referring to mono-red Neheb.

          • Dominic Peck

            you forgot about elementals, thats a solid tribal deck, griffins not so much.

  • Alex

    I can’t tell if he’s giant or they did the foreshortening of the waterfall and perspective poorly…

  • Julian

    …o3o now we just need a card that makes merfolk tap for mana, oh yeah cryptolith rite….now we just need to untap, oh yeah paradox engine….well…guess im building a merfolk deck

  • sansmyhands

    Now THIS is a Merfolk commander!

  • Animar, Elemental Master

    This raises a VERY interesting question for Merfolk. The current Merfolk deck is an aggro deck. But Kumena’s abilities want you to wait things out, and NOT attack for a couple turns to stabilize so you can abuse his abilities. I might not play him in current list, but I will certainly try and make a new midrange merfolk deck.

  • Jesse Lee

    It not only untaps your merfolk, itself included, but it can be tapped to activate Kumena

    • Derek Niles

      lmao okay

    • Shagoth

      This feels like a squirrel nestless Earthcraft deck.

  • xxxx

    This should have been bant or mono u. We need a good merfolk commander for both color option. There are enough playable simic merfork legandaries imo.

    • Shagoth

      To me, none of them have been tribal merfolk commanders, they’ve been green and blue commanders with the merfolk subtype.

    • TezzeretofCarmot21

      Guess what? This isn’t a merfolk commander precon, this is Rivals of Ixalan. And in Rivals of Ixalan, the merfolk are g/u.