Gideon, Battle-Forged - Magic Origins Planeswalker

Kytheon, Hero of Akros – Gideon, Battle-Forged

  • Color: White
  • Type: Planeswalker - Gideon
  • Rarity: Mythic Rare
  • Set:

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Kytheon, Hero of Akros -  Magic Origins Planeswalker

At end of combat, if Kytheon, Hero of Akros and at least two other creatures attacked this combat, exile Kytheon, then return him to the battlefield transformed under his owner’s control.

1 ManaWhite Mana: Kytheon gains indestructible until end of turn.


+2: Up to one target creature an opponent controls attacks Gideon, Battle-Forged during its controller’s next turn if able.

+1: Until your next turn, target creature gains indestructible. Untap that creature.

0: Until end of turn, Gideon, Battle-Forged becomes a 4/4 Human Soldier creature with indestructible that’s still a planeswalker. Prevent all damage that would be dealt to him this turn.

  • guest

    Yea favorite planeswalker ever and now he is truly the best ever. And first

    • Hex Jonson

      Not the best but nice in creature based deck

  • Deadly Berry

    This is a nice addition to W aggro as you have the required spells to give him protection if necessary. As you transform him you lose a 2/1 but you gain a 4/4 if you want to go for the kill or take a defensive position with the +1 ability. Very nice planeswalker, balanced and useful.

    Now that the 5 heroes have been revealed I believe the order of usefulness goes like this: Jace>Gideon>Liliana>Chandra>Nissa. Only time will tell for sure how good is each one.

    • Kevan Kramer

      He is better in R/W agrro since he can be flipped turn two in that deck with swiftspears.

  • da

    This site is kinda slow…

    • Melissa Juice

      Ad blocker is your friend.

      • Gabriel

        He meant that they take too long to post new spoilers… This had been out for almost a day when they posted it

        • Melissa Juice

          Oh, haha. I mean, first world problems.

  • Ryū

    Cool. I like it. I guess we’ll see why he changed his name soon enough.

    • kingalexander61

      Because he walked to Bant and lived there for a while, so he made his name more Bant-ian, like anglicized names in the real world such as pyotr to peter. His whole name is Kytheon Iora, and was referenced in the strive card desperate stand in Journey into Nyx.

      • Ryū

        I haven’t gotten to the Uncharted Realms yet. That’s the first time I’ve ever been spoiled on one O.o

  • BlahBlahBlahBla

    I’m having a really hard time finding a downside here. I am absolutely blown away by this card.

    As a creature:
    -Early game pressure
    -Late game protects itself
    -Demands an answer or block
    -Can be flipped as early as turn 2
    -Flips relatively easily in an agro shell

    As a PW:
    -Protects you from attacks
    -Protects himself and/or you if you have another creature on the field
    -Provides indestructible beats for the win
    -Eventually becomes a 4/4 beat stick for 1 mana

    I think i’m in love..

    • Matt86

      Well, it can be flipped turn two, but in most cases, even in a dedicated aggro deck, it will have to wait until turn 3 to flip.

    • Sorrowgate

      You’ve covered it pretty well but allow me to add to that list with a couple of niche things!

      -Already good enough as a creature alone for an aggro deck
      -+2 says “up to one” so if you just want the counters you don’t have to force your opponent’s creatures to attack.
      -You can alpha strike to flip him then untap one of your other creatures as well as make it indestructible until your next turn for a chump blocker that won’t often die when it does.
      -As a top-deck he can be an indestructible blocker that can buy you extra turns to draw into a winning card.

      I can only see a couple of problems in Drown in Sorrow, Bile Blight (whether to counter indestructible Kytheon or to destroy tokens if you’re using them to flip him) or killing the other creatures, but even without the planeswalker text he’s good enough as a 2/1 for W that’s sometimes indestructible that you won’t feel bad that you included him in your deck.

      I usually don’t like white, would much prefer to run a black/red aggro deck based purely on personal taste, but he just seems way too good to pass up. Guess I’ll just try to make a Mardu deck work :P

  • larryand corn

    WOW wizards is so clever wen selling their product… hear me out for a sec.
    so i feel that planeswalkers have always been a bit gimmicky i mean they are basically enchantments with 3-4 modes.
    when i first saw the other planeswalker from the set i was like DAYUM SON escpecially concerning their man costs very flexable/low. i was like well jace is 2 mana ONE COLORLESS wich i thought was the lowest planeswalkers could ever cost but then they threw this out and i still feel like this needs time in the ring like any other card ofc, i feel like planeswalkers are wizards goto if they need hype for a set (this was probably already known to the majority, but im still a relatively new player with 1 year and then some experience so excuse the obvious nature of my comment).

  • i need a playset of gideon, lily, and jace. im gonna be broke as hell when this set drops.

  • Comrodd

    So, he’s a human. Like Jace, Chandra, or Liliana.

    T1 : Kytheon.
    T2 : Moonmist.


    EDIT : In fact, it kills it… So… Opponents : enjoy !

    • JoepHenk

      U could also drop double memnite or double ornithopter…. or any 0 drop creature and T2 flip :P

      • Kevan Kramer

        You are thinking to low. Are you need are Swiftspears!

    • Jordan

      Turns out this doesnt work. A planeswalker has to enter play to get their counters, hence the exile part. Moonmist just transforms which makes him flip, sure but they die. I know you added that in your edit, but figured I’d explain it so others understand why.

    • David Meyers

      Transform is not the same thing as what these guys do, because Kytheon does not say “if blah blah happens, transform Kytheon.” It’s just like if you played Kytheon face down via manifest, it will be a 2/2 colorless creature rather than a planeswalker.

  • Thorben Termithorbor

    Did anyone notice that Kytheon is a Frodo look-alike from the LotR movies :D

    • BalthasarH

      Well the Plane he was born on is modeled after ancient Greece.
      And in the museum ruins of ancien Corinth is a 2m Statue of a Frodo look-alike.

  • Jordan

    So yeah, white gets a power level head and shoulders above the other ones in the cycle…. I hate white.

    • Matt86

      I’d reckon Liliana is way better, and most likely Jace, though not in power level, but in regards to the meta.
      Remember, even at one mana, there is no way this transforms until earliest turn 3, at which point a deck that can flip him might as well just play Elspeth, Knight Errand and be done with it…

      • Jordan

        Never say no way :) This guy plus double ornithoptor or any combination of 0 cost creatures can flip turn 2. Or any double 1 mana haste creature.

        • Matt86

          Yeah, sry, but I’m not really gonna play a 4-of Ornies just to have this guy flipped turn 2, especially if any 1-mana-removal will end that tactic

          • Jordan

            Nobody said you had to play this in standard. could be fun in affinity. Also, the standard scissors deck. Or Raise the Alarm. Tons of options.

    • Melissa Juice

      Oh hush. He’s not broken, just good.

  • Jonathan

    If Kytheon were a commander, would 4/4 Gideon do commander damage?

    • Guest

      Hm… It’s really a tough question… I suppose the official rulings regarding this will be published soon enough.

      But I think it works, because although transformed, it’s still the same card and thus the same commander.

    • Fakeromon .

      It depends if your group wants it to, in my group yes.
      If a planeswalker that deals damage could be commander, then the damage done counts as commander damage, either from its abilities or by turning into creature.
      If a transform creature could be commander, both sides of the card deal commander damage.

    • Angrygnome

      Odds are you’d never see him as a planeswalker if he’s your commander. The reason why? When the card goes to flip, it exiles first, and promptly finds itself back in the command zone.

      • Crabbus

        Returning to the command zone is an optional ability

      • Marvin Sürig

        Wrong. You always may decide if you put your commander back into the commander zone.

    • Marvin Sürig

      I think you can compare this to clone effects like Scoin of the Ur_Dragon which deals commander damage no matter which card it copies. Also goes for Sakashima. The only option I know in which the commander deals no commander damage is when he/she is a face down creature because your opponent can’t see that it’s your commander.
      But as far as I know is that the card has to be your commander whoch form doesn’t matter for as long as the opponent can identify it as the exact card.
      Which make him a pretty sweat commander. Using him with the artifact which allows you to activate another planeswalker ability and other planeswalkers he could be realy realy strong i mean imagin what happens if you buff him with ajani or elspeht XD.
      I mean the M15 Ajani could buff him with +1 or could buff him doubled with his -2 by adding a loyalty counter and a +1/+1-counter XD

    • marko

      I think it wouldn’t count as commander damage because of the exile clause, when it enters the battlefield is a new instance of the card, albeit a transformed one

      • ramenloverninja

        Commanderness is a property of your commander’s physical card. When ever your commander re-enters the battle field it is treated as the same instance of that card throughout the game. If your commander is turn face down it is still your commander and still deals commander damage, although you must reveal that the face down card is your commander. So yes if Kytheon is your commander and you “transform” him into Gideon, and use Gideon to deal combat damage it counts as commander damage.

      • joe

        all instances of a commander card deal the 21 damage, morph flip ect, thus the new terfferi card can be turned face down ect and deal commander damage. the more you know

  • Kevan Kramer

    Easily one of the best of the cycle. Boros Aggro is going to love this guy. The reason? He going to actually make it a deck and two he can be flipped on turn 2 with him on turn 1 and turn 2-2 swiftspears.

    • screamerchris

      I think it’s more meant as a turn three with a raise the alarm to still be able to hit that indestructible.

  • Melissa Juice

    Love the design. And nice to see our first “one” cost PW.

  • Zombie

    Wow, this is… really good.

    It’s the first Planeswalker that’s actually GOOD in an aggressive deck in the current Standard format, and not just kinda “there” like Chandra, Pyromaster.

    It comes down very early, it’s aggressively costed and has a decent P/T, it’s relatively easy to flip in a White/X Aggro and Midrange, and Gideon’s abilities are relevant at every point of the game.

    R/W Aggro is going to absolutely love this while Gideon and Rabblemaster are in the same format together.

    This is by FAR the best of the entire Planeswalker cycle in Origins, and the others are not even anywhere close.

    This Gideon is probably even Modern playable. Lingering Souls is a massive card in the Modern format right now and Lingering Souls alone provides enough tokens to flip this into Gideon.

    He might be smaller than the Gideon that’s played now, but he’s FAR cheaper in both mana cost and opportunity cost, can be played in different decks, and can still end games almost as quickly as Celestial Colonnade.

    If you’re going to pre-order any of the Planeswalkers from Origins, this is the one you want.

    • Happy The Cat

      I know that souls it the meta right now but what about raise the alarm?
      cast it at end phase then turn this invincible and swing
      he flips uninterrupted and leaves you set up turn four

      • Zombie

        (This is in regards to Modern)

        The problem with Raise the Alarm and why it’s barely even seen fringe play in B/W Tokens is that despite being able to EOT it or cast it at Instant speed, you can only cast it once, and the tokens that it creates don’t fly.

        Lingering Souls is slower, yes, but what it provides you is better than what Raise the Alarm gives you.

        This is a rare case where the card with the lower CMC and faster casting speed actually has a higher opportunity cost than its more expensive, slower brother, because the slower option provides better results.

        Yes, Raise the Alarm would be able to help you flip Gideon faster, but you’d also be sacrificing 4 slots of your deck for essentially a weaker Lingering Souls, and that’s why it’s not worth it.

        As for Standard, Raise the Alarm (Courtesy of the 2015 Core Set) in combination with this new Gideon is actually a strong option, because White decks in Standard can threaten reactive removal on turn 2, but can use that feint to drop Raise the Alarm EOT instead.

        • Happy The Cat

          soldier buffs?

          • Zombie

            I don’t even think that would do it.

            Evasion is a premium ability in Eternal/Non-rotating formats.

            It’s why Delver is such a huge thing in Legacy.

            If Insectile Aberration (Delver’s flip) did not have Flying, Delver wouldn’t even be a deck.

        • Antares

          I was thinking he could go into Small Zoo, R/W aggro (a fringe deck that was featured in tcg player recently and looks to have potential), and B/W tokens. His biggest issue in that deck is the lack of reliable token producers on turn 2. I can only think of Precinct Caltain, and that’s not good enough for Modern. That being said, flipping him on turn 4 is still pretty good, given his stats. The for ed attack won’t be that relevant in Modern, but when it IS. . . woah Nelly is it going to be strong.

          Zoo and Boros (or Human) aggro could flip him on turn 2 fairly consistently. I really like him, and hope to pull several during pre-releases and drafts. My guess is that be’ll find a home in Modern somewhere that will make him pricey (as he’s going to be a legitimately good card that is also a planeswalker).

          I would rank the walkers as: Gideon > Liliana > Nissa > Jace > Chandra.

          • Zombie

            I’d rank them the same, but there’s a huge gap between Liliana and the other 3.

            Nissa, Jace, and Chandra from this set are utterly disappointing.

            Imho they’re not even worth playing at all, let alone being worth playing in Standard.

            They’ll all be fine in Limited, but Origins’ Nissa, Jace, and Chandra are some of the weakest Planeswalkers we’ve ever seen.

            I’d honestly consider Jace and Chandra to be more useless than Tibalt.

          • Antares

            Nissa would work in EDH, I think. Usually decks like to get up in lands very fast anyway, and her abilities aren’t bad for EDH. Between her and a Courser of Kruphix, you’d dig through land piles fairly fast.

            Jace’s planeswalker form is held back by the “build around me” part of his creature form, the bad ultimate, and scattered abilities. Chandra just has a terrible plus and minus. Honestly, combining them into a single plus one and giving her the draw ability as a 0 would have been SO much better.

            Nissa’s only major downside is that the downside is that her minus makes a legendary token. Otherwise, she’d make a pretty decent planeswalker.

            My opinion is that Gideon is the best hands down. Liliana is a fair distance back when looking at the whole card (and just on the planeswalker side). Nissa is fairly far back, and Jace and Chandra are a ridiculous amount behind even Nissa. I’m hoping to pull multiple Gideons and Lilianas, but onky really want ONE Nissa and no Jace/Chandra.

            My only gripe with Gideon is that his “come at me, bro” ability feels tacked on for no reason. I would have preferred some form of removal (an O-Ring effect would have been awesome) like his original iteration.

          • Zombie

            It’s not “tacked on”, actually.

            It’s just a smaller version of Gideon Jura’s +2. Instead of forcing every opposing creature to attack Gideon, he only picks 1.

            In some cases, Gideon,- Battle-Forged’s +2 is much better than Gideon Jura’s. In some other cases, it’s not.

            It’s just a different take on the same type of ability, and it does a good job.

    • wwww

      I think it’s the first planeswalker that is really designed for aggressive deck at all.

      In modern, it can be a good creature for Zoo (the fast variant) or any aggro deck with white at all that aims for speed in general.

      • DJ Pad

        Ajani, Caller of the Pride was definitely an aggro planeswalker as well.

      • Zombie

        I specified “this Standard format” because there have been other Planeswalkers that fit in an aggro archetype/build, Ajani, Caller of the Pride being the most notable one.

        There are other Planeswalkers that have been played in aggressive midrange decks like Junk (Sorin, Solemn Visitor), but he’s not a true “aggro” Walker.

    • Sorrowgate

      (This is coming from a Standard player perspective):

      The more I think about this planeswalker the more powerful he seems to be.

      Just looking at his creature side first he already is a winner for an aggro deck. He’s right on curve with 2 power on turn 1 and if you topdeck him he may gain you extra turns to topdeck something better by chump blocking with indestructible.

      The planeswalker side makes his creature side even stronger. He becomes such a big threat with added versatility that he may act as a lightning rod for removal, something I personally wouldn’t mind because it means it’s not hitting my Rabblemaster or… anything that costs more than 1 mana.

      I’d happily play 3-4 of him in an aggro deck as a lightning rod that doesn’t slow down your curve. I wouldn’t care about flipping him as that’s all just even more upside and will just happen in an aggro strategy, no need to build or play around it.

      As a planeswalker I didn’t care much for his + abilities but every time I come back to him he just looks better and better.

      His +2 seemed a little bland but could occasionally set up for alpha strikes (which only seems like it’ll be relevant if you have a Rabblemaster and enough goblins, but it’s something), not to mention it says “up to one” so if you just want the counters you don’t have to force your opponent’s creature to attack. It’s certainly a nice option to have for ‘free’.

      His +1 is awesome to use right after he transforms because it says until your next turn. Even if you alpha strike to transform Gideon he protects himself by untapping a creature, turning it into an indestructible chump blocker.

      His 0 is just obviously good. A 4/4 indestructible for 1 mana is nuts.

      He does seem a little weak to Drown in Sorrow or your opponent playing around him by killing the other creatures you’d use to active him, but he seems so powerful to be because you don’t need to build around him, he’s already a good enough 1-drop for aggro that everything else is just a really generous serving of icing on the cake.

      It’s pretty obvious that he’d play well with red thanks to Swiftspear, Rabblemaster and the token spells in addition to cheap removal so he won’t easily be chump blocked. I’d also like to try him with black, mostly because it’s my favourite colour but also because Black and White have a nice selection of 1-drops between them and it also offers removal.

      I’d much rather be running Black/Red over a White build for aggro as a personal taste, but he seems really fun and a little too strong to pass up.

    • Kameenook

      My problem with him is, that flipping him doesn’t seem to do too much. I just don’t really like to beat down with 4/4 indestructibles, I’m sorry.

      • Zombie

        Just because something doesn’t fit your playstyle doesn’t mean it becomes a poorer card from an objective point of view.

        Beating down with a 4/4 indestructible creature that required only a single White mana investment is insanely good.

        Sure, it takes a while for him to flip to that point, but once he flips he is fantastic.

        Gideon is without a doubt the strongest Planeswalker in the entire Origins cycle, miles ahead of the other 4.

        He’s Modern playable and will see a ton of Standard play.

  • Happy The Cat

    …does he have to survive combat?
    I’d assume so but look at that wording. it just says two and this attack

    • Noatzon

      Sadly it say “At end of combat” so yes.

    • Lukas Ziebell

      guess so, cause it is a triggered ability, that doesn’t tsate it triggers from graveyard, so it will trigger at the end of combat if he is on the battlefield, which means he has to survive.

    • Yes, it says at end of combat, which is after damage is dealt.

    • David Meyers

      It does, but that’s probably half the reason for the indestructible ability. It gives him *some* chance of swinging to transform later in the game.

  • Eric Barton

    So now… Ashiok can steal Planeswalkers… lol

    • Kameenook

      Ashiok can steal your soul, which is arguably better.

  • Trevor Terry

    This is definitely going in my soldier tribal.

  • wwww

    It’s (way too?) good for 1 mana. Might add this in my Zoo.

    2/1 for 1 is already alright for aggro, and if you attack with 2 other creatures, it becomes a 4/4 body.

  • Guest

    It seems a little redundant in the 0 ability to to say he’s indestructible and to prevent all damage dealt to him.

    • Alejandro Blanco-Uribe

      indestructible does’t mean it prevents the damage dealt, he simply doesn’t die

      • LearnToReadScrub

        But you know what does prevent the damage dealt??????
        The line that says “Prevent all damage dealt to him this turn.”

    • Alejandro Blanco-Uribe

      you can dealt damage to a creature with indestructible, if somehow u manage to remove its abilities then it could die for the damage done previously

    • Guest

      Don’t forget wither and infect.

    • HadesGate1

      Remember that he is still a Planeswalker, and if he were to be dealt damage to, he would lose loyalty counters.

  • Jon

    I know it sounds kinda odd, but he seems great in affinity.

  • Leonardo Duarte

    1º Gideon
    2º Liliana
    3º Jace and Chandra tied
    4º Poor, poor Nissa

    Yet this only matters to cards spoiled until now.

    • Julna Buras

      I’d put Liliana and Jace tied for second. He’s pretty sweet in a spell-heavy deck.

      • Julna Buras

        And by spell I meant instant/sorcery.

        • Leonardo Duarte

          Liliana has a powerfull +2 and her ascencion are powerfull too. Her ultimate is awesome. Jace’s strong, but she’s a more well round planeswalker.
          Not to mention that with a creature in the field that can sacrifice itself it’s nearly impossible to remove her by any means, before ascending.

          • darthnewt

            1. Gideon
            2. Liliana
            3. Nissa
            4. Chandra
            5. Jace

            did you guys even fully read Nissa? She’s insane and is likely to be the reason why most people will probably go green at prerelease.

          • Leonardo Duarte

            Chandra’s better than Nissa. She flips faster, you can deal in one turn about 8 damage with her.

            T3 Chandra
            T4 Attack, buff her with some red spell like Titan Strength, she deal 5 damage, untap her, tap again, 6 damage done. Flip her, +1, 8 damage total.

            She just need to deal 3 damage, even if she’s blocked those damage will count. Nissa has more support than her, for sure, but Chandra alone has more maneuverability.

  • kiowa

    Idk if he will be great in standard due to little amount of haste creatures so Idk of he will be good for aggro u have to remember if they you play him then raise the alarm u r tapped out of mana and they can burn him easily and can just respond to him when u make him indestructible like with arch lightning hero’s downfall drown in sorrow lightning strike ultimate price murder I just don’t think he will be aggro in standard unless we get more one drop haste creatures now in modern I’m not sure and doubt legacy but that’s what I think. Lily still seems the best for creature and planeswalker

    • Sorrowgate

      The thing that makes this card absolutely nuts to me is that he is already such a good aggro creature. I’d throw him in an aggro deck because he’s a 2/1 for W that draws removal from your more expensive threats and has such a massive upside if unanswered. If you look at him as a creature first he’s just insane.

  • Minja

    My Alesha EDH deck is smiling so hard right now.

    • Kameenook

      I see what you did there.

  • Maxwell Canipe

    Call me crazy but i can honestly see him in U/W control because he would make a really good early game blocker

    • gabriel

      i think he fits an aggro archetype better.. it should be really hard to flip on control and you don’t want to spend 3 mana every turn… but who knows, only time will tell

    • BlahBlahBlahBla

      I think that Gideon is great in a control shell, but flipping him in a control shell is going to be really difficult unfortunately. Unless you’re doing some kind of Mutavault tokens thing.

    • wwww

      How is it a good blocker early game?

      Can’t block without dying turn one or two, and must spend ressources to keep it alive (precious ressources that you can spend for better spells anyway).

    • Kameenook

      You’re crazy, this guy comes down way too early to protect, and is only worth protecting if you can legitimately flip him.

  • The_Good_O

    Anyone else seeing G/W manifest? I know he won’t become a Planeswalker when manifested or flipped. But to be able to flip him for only one, swing with two manifested creatures, and then have a Planeswalker? That’s just value.

    • Kameenook

      I think G/W manifest (if it’s still a deck after Theros), doesn’t want to play a bunch of weenies. This guy wants to chill with Anafenza and raise the alarm type friends.

  • The_Good_O

    Also, any “experts” have a good price estimate for him? I don’t know what he will be since he is a one drop. Certainly under the pre order price of $25 right?

    • BlahBlahBlahBla

      I think that hype will start him around $30 and move up toward $35 or more if people test pretest him and he’s looking good for standard. I’d bank on at least $30 for a couple months though. Only time will tell on this one though. He has so many capabilities, it’s hard to know how well he will do until he’s been tested thoroughly.

      • The_Good_O

        You could be right. Brimaz was pretty high for a while. Maybe I’ll order two.

      • wwww

        I think he will keep a high price if aggro deck with white exists in Standard (there’s already some in the actual meta). He’s a one-drop of choice (a 2/1 with indestructible for 3 that can become a 4/4 indestructible) for aggro.

        I don’t think he will be a super-big card for other formats, but still a good choice for Modern aggro though and I think it will be a popular card for kitchen table (he’s that kind of card that screams “Play around me”, like all planeswalkers in this set). He might drop to 15-20$ post-rotation.

        • kerploop

          i think he is going to be a bomb in tiny leaders

    • “Experts”

      He’ll probably hold a higher price of bout $20-25 just on the base of he has a good cost and abilities and he’s a planeswalker. But until a pro tour or GP or some kind of event where he either proves his worth or flops

  • Adam Sane


  • LordHaydawg

    1 cost 4/4 indestructible. sooo bad.

    • Kameenook

      Obviously, Storm Crow flies over this all day e’ery day.

      • Happy The Cat

        you know this is only good because it can tell storm crow what to do
        storm crow doesn’t have to listen
        he chooses to

  • dagathar

    i just realised you can win from commander damage with the planeswalker side :P

    • Nharzhool

      Yeah, though I’m not sure on the rulings regarding the change of the name. Say: you hit for 20 (somehow) with Kytheon, and then transform him; I think you’ll still need to do 21 damage with Gideon since he is a “different” legendary creature. So essentially you would have two different commanders. So what I’m saying is: build a Child of Alara commander deck if you want to win with commander damage. lol

      • joe

        “even if the card has been turned into a 0/1 bug, flipped over with no abilities, morphed, a commanders damage remains from the same source. ie a planeswalker morph can kill with commander damage

        • Nharzhool

          oh yeah, I forgot about that. I realise that I’ve won with commander damage after Ixidron had its way with my commander.

  • Ross

    You know whats gonna end up being an issue with him for me, the transform isn’t optional, and he’s actually easier to kill in his planeswalker side than his creature side if you havent been able to set up a defense. I love gideon and ill play his planeswalker in some kind of aggro or super friends deck (if i can figure out a good balance of creatures, lands and walkers) but the flip effect not being optional i feel like is gonna screw me over at some point and give me a worse opinion of him.

    • Demarge

      his 2nd ability is what will protect him, you untap and make indestructible one of the creatures he attacked with when he was flipped.

    • Jazzyboy1

      But in Modern, you can untap and give Thoughtweft Trio indestructible to protect Gideon… and everything else you own.

      Now they just need to make a flip version of Elspeth and have her +1 give something flying. Then I can screw everyone in my playgroup over with a slow soldier build-up.

  • kmk888

    One of the finest white weenie one drops ever printed. Possibly the chase mythic of the set.

    • Kameenook

      I think all 5 walkers are chase mythics at this point, if not by flavor alone.

      • kmk888

        Oh they certainly are, especially those strange shiny promo ones. But this one may be worth more because it will probably be the most played.

        • Happy The Cat

          this and Chandra
          Jace might see edh along with Nissa
          Liliana is a loose cannon that I’m not sure about

  • Demarge

    …anyone else realized Wizards just made a pokemon planeswaker? Kytheon evolves to Gideon, it’s really the names ending with eon that put it all together.

    • Happy The Cat

      there’s lore for that

  • Matt Winner

    Monstrous hundred handed one and keep giving him indestructible…. Unbeatable defense!!!!

    • Kameenook

      Try Guardian of the Gateless for even more fun! Also splash for deathtouch things to really wreck house!

  • Kameenook

    I am so sad. I know Gideon’s a nice guy and all, but he doesn’t really do anything.

    • Happy The Cat

      he’s a 4/4 on turn three so he isn’t the worst white can do
      trick indestructible is not to bad on a one drop

  • Mike Thomas

    So it turns out the reason his named changed is because some knight misheard him.

    • darthnewt

      Yeah. But We still don’t know why he changed his last name to Jura.

      • Happy The Cat

        if I had to guess I’d say it’s a title

        • darthnewt

          An interesting theory. I suppose we shall find out in the coming weeks

      • Richard Ashendale

        Kytheon Iora—> Gideon Jura

  • wwwwf

    This dies to Moonmist.

    • Happy The Cat

      how, it seems even better with it

      • darthnewt

        because with these new flip walkers, they have to exile themselves to get the counters. Moonmist just straight up flips them, so they have no counters, and die right away as a result.

        • Michael Proulx

          no it wouldn’t.. Moonmist just say transform a human.. the exile part in this card just to represent them planswalking for the 1st time … unless rules specifically made just for flip planswalker is placed in the set.

  • Happy The Cat

    does his one white count towards devotion while he is flipped?

    • Big Lupu

      Mana Cost is 0 when flipped, devotion is 0

      • Happy The Cat

        well that pulls him out of white devotion