Labyrinth Guardian - Amonkhet Spoiler

Labyrinth Guardian

  • Color: Blue
  • Type: Creature - Illusion, Warrior
  • Rarity: Uncommon
  • Set:

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  • TheseRustedCogs

    How do you mummify an illusion?

    • Pandancules

      Maybe its just an illusion of a mummy

    • Kahai

      It’s an illusion wearing armor. :D

      • Bige Boiy

        embalming it is just putting another illusion in the armor

    • Kaiser

      Ask to nicol bolas

  • Shawn Michael Diaz

    The two drop slot for modern illusions is a little too competitive for this but I like it.

    • Thorsten Hammerklopper

      I’d play this over snapcaster any day. I mean Snappy has 2/1 and this guy has 2/3 and come back. Like woah mind=blown

      • Shawn Michael Diaz

        Snapcaster is not an illusion…

  • Kameenook

    That means that there’s something in the labyrinth they don’t want people mucking with. Obviously where the gatewatch should be going…

    • Shawn Michael Diaz

      You got me thinking… Labyrinth? Are we back in Ravnica or something???

      • Lord Gonti Of The Orzov Networ

        Leyline phantom 2.0

        • Lord Gonti Of The Orzov Networ

          sort of (not at all except sort of flavour wise

  • Ultramegalord

    I just love that abilities don’t fry it

    • Jay Kilian

      That’s a change from most illusions.

  • E.

    Uh…. Can someone enlighten me as to why this is an uncommon? 2 for a 2/3 is alright, but it dying when it’s targeted by a spell? Sure it has embalm but even that’s pretty pricey for what you get surely?

    • Moses

      Just what I wanted to ask… this seems horribly bad, basically you can’t do anything with it e_e

      • Shawn Michael Diaz

        Block… Attack… Crew

    • Kaiser

      If this cost U could be a stricly better illusion bear, Illusion bear is very powerfull card, also you cant exile a illusion. If ever going to go to your graveyard, no one waste a removal in illusions…no one, unless is super necessary. The logic is this: If he was going to be target he was probably going to die anyway and blue dont run combat tricks that buff your creatures, so if a 2/3 for 2 IN BLUE withouth draw backs

      • E.

        Well the difference between this and bear is that a 2/2 for 1 is above curve in any colour and merits the downside. Whereas a 2/3 for 2 is significantly less above curve (and bear was a common as well). Everything else you’ve said makes it seem like you’re suggesting the card is so BAD that people aren’t going to waste a removal on it. Given the number of cards in standard currently that can target multiple creatures there’s not a lot to lose from targeting this with a spell. Is the upside just supposed to be that it’s an embalm card that is guaranteed to get to the graveyard rather than being exiled (e.g. by magma spray?)

        • Ted R Deniro

          Bear dies if it’s targeted by spells AND abilities, this only dies to spells which means that in the very least you’re trading it off for something else.

          • E.

            Indeed. But bear is much further above curve and a common. And the whole “illusions are usually killed by abilities” argument doesn’t make this good, it just accentuates that your average illusion creature is even worse. Ultimately I think k it’s the embalm effect more than anything that makes this uncommon but it’s more than what I’d be wanting to pay for this creature since they’ll almost certainly have a blocker for a 2/3 by the time I’m on 4 mana

        • Bonogringo

          Don’t go and assume people are talking about constructed format when they don’t mention it.
          This is garbage for standard in itself. It’s uncommon because a 2/3 for 2 is good in amonkhet packing with embalm.
          And as for the wasting of card. In limited you don’t have much removal and using one to get rid of that is not a good option.

          • E.

            When i say, “in standard”, I mean “even within the very small range of cards available in the standard format alone”. Even in Amonkhet limited there are multiple spells that target multiple creatures. So you aren’t necessarily “wasting” a whole removal on it, and you’d hope at least some of your creatures have 3+ toughness to make combat math with this thing simplistic since they can’t target it with their own pump spells.

    • It’s not as bad as it looks. It’s a solid early-game defensive creature that you can recur for chump blocking later on, and killing it with the first ability still requires your opponent to pitch a card.

  • Deadly Berry

    How do you embalm an Illusion? Mindblown.

    • Lord Gonti Of The Orzov Networ

      Well, the illusions token looks pretty neat.


        please show it


      Illusion in a armor is like “living armor” without germs – and if you embalm the soul into a mummy zombie with some parts of the amor you got a illusional zombie mummy in an armor

  • Mr. Sad

    Labyrinth = Greek

    • eltratzo

      so are the sphinxes we are shown (egyptian ones had no wings) and minotaurs are also from greece. that said this is not egypt. so if it works within the worlds flavor why not? and since the blue trial seems to be about cleverness this might very well fit.

    • Marvin Sürig

      You know what the inside of a pyramid is like, do you?

  • Ladino

    Meh, It’s not really good out of limited. Modern Illusions has Phantasmal Image and Krovikan Mist in the 2 drop slot and they are waaay better than this card.


      Jace flavoured Illusion Tribal? ^^

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    Go home, illusion, you’re drunk. You can’t be a mummy.

  • Cynical Bastards

    love the art