what does it say?

    • Litdaze

      2T: Sacrifice a desert, exile all cards from all graveyards

      • Jonathan Reynolds

        I’m too slow!

    • Jonathan Reynolds

      2, TAP, Sacrifice a desert: Exile all cards in all graveyards.

    • Gregory Walter

      “When there is no longer a trace of flesh, the curse of the wanderers is over. Then the dead can rest.”

  • Kitnz

    Based on the translation, this is a much welcomed card. If we get some more decent desert support, we could see some serious answers to Delirium and any Embalm / Zombie strategies.

  • Jacob Kodicovic

    Finally, another card for my Ramunap Gitrog Desert Delirium Revolt deck! It made sense in hindsight, okay?

    • Akisama Inu

      how is this good for delirium? you’re basically exiling all graveyards .-.

  • [phenax intensifies]

  • NobleGhost117

    Could this be that good desert that everyone wanted?

  • Tolle

    I knew those years from each French class would pay off

    • Seb

      Thats not french lol. In french it would be: T: Ajoutez C à votre réserve de mana. T, 2, sacrifiez un desert: Exilez toutes les cartes de tous les cimetières.

      • Tolle

        I am aware, but those words are cognates to their French words but not necessarily their English. Because I know French I could read that. :P

    • Leandro Vizcaino

      Is Spanish, pretty sure you failed in the french class

      • Tolle

        I am aware, but those words are cognates to their French words but not necessarily their English. Because I know French I could read that.

  • Laws

    Don’t speak the language, so it’s hard to fully grasp the card’s capabilities.

    Can it sacrifice itself so that you can just splash 1-2 into a 2-colored deck without playing any other deserts? If so, I love this card.

    • Modern Igloo

      Yes the card reads sacrifice a desert, rather than sacrifice another desert. So as long as you have not used it for mana you should be able to tap it to activate the ability then sac it.

  • Shagoth

    Well, the best hate in the format only viable in a deck with crappy lands? Interesting.

    • Paul

      At the very least you can sac itself for the ability.

  • DJ Pad

    Any value for modern/legacy eldrazi decks? Probably doesn’t make the cut…

    • Modern Igloo

      I can’t see any circumstance where this will be better than Relic of Progenitus

      • Jay Kilian

        Because it is a land you can use for mana while waiting for the right time to crack It? But otherwise nihil spellbomb and relic are better due to card draw.

        • That could make a pretty big difference – for one thing, unlike Relic you could easily mainboard this in certain decks. And I’m already contemplating subbing this in for Relic in my Kozilek EDH, where I pretty much need to hit a land drop every single turn until I reach 10 mana.

  • Bostorket

    “Aha! Take THAT, Camel!”

  • Happy The Cat

    I don’t know if the best part of this card is that it looks like it has Batterskull sitting on it, or if that is the worst part, since these is nowhere near anything like Batterskull.
    the actual card is whatever, I’d rather just play B. Bog, sure it’s a desert but I haven’t seen anything worth warranting enough Deserts in a deck to the point where this would see play.

    • joe

      It can sacrifice itself so it is an extra hate card in addition to Bog. Hate is always appreciated.

    • George Robinson

      I think it’s supposed to be a SandWurm.

  • Nebulium

    Oh man I need this really bad for my ulamog edh.

  • Hedronal

    So apparently sandwurms can be cartoonishly long, like seeing a toon drive down streets on hills that look diagonal to each other.