• ShannoSauro

    why rare omfg

    • Phillip Speers

      I would rather see chainers edict upshift to rare instead of this

      • Samuel

        chainer’s edict is common though through mtgo so pauper availability.

        • Phillip Speers

          I know its a common on mtgo uncommon in paper, Im jsut saying I would rather have a rare edict than this card at rare

    • Tolle

      Because in limited this thing is nuts.

  • Hritzdaddy

    Love this card. Was much better back in the day then now obviously, but way better than that friggin mythic tree. That should have been the downshift.

  • Blahblahblahbla

    Big daddy squid arms is surprisingly pleasing to me in this release. I loved this card so much back in the day!