• Tolle

    My guess this will only see play in budget animar edh

    • Kaiser

      A two “compuls target permanent” is very good in limited, plus decent stats and a interesting art…this is like a “spirit” eldrazi horror

  • Urdothor

    I have a UG mill deck based around investigate this would be funny in. *Puts annoying permanent on top of library, mills top 6ish cards of that library*

    This might be fun.

  • Jonathan Mueller

    The nonland restriction seems a bit overly cautious here.

    It certainly wasn’t added because they were afraid of bouncing lands on turn 8, but the emerge cost.

    Sure if you use Emerge this can be out on turn 4, turn 3 even with some acceleration.
    But since it’s “cast”, not an etb trigger, there isn’t much room for combo abuse either.

    I don’t see why you shouldn’t be allowed to set your opponent bach by a land-drop.

    • Jonathan Mueller

      I more bummed out by the fact that they tweaked its toughness to 4, though.

      • Chaospyke

        Keep in mind this is just an uncommon. For its rarity its pretty good.
        I’m just sad its not U/B for my control deck

  • Melissa Juice

    So beautiful and strange, as eldrazi tend to be.

    • Ryū

      Pretty things bursting out of the normal things and giving you better things.

  • Red

    I’m actually bummed it ain’t an Eldrazi Plant.

  • Protoss

    and it’s name shall be baby Emrakul and I love it and hail it as the harbinger of death that it is