• JD Farrell

    Wow, an identical Vampire Lord to the Simic one for Merfolk.

    Kinda hoping we’ll get an uncommon 3/3 dinosaur that buffs dinos for GWR, and a similar one for Pirates in RUB XD

    • Edward

      I think the 3-color ones need to have a keyword to balance it out. They also could just be 2 of the colors for the tribes.

      • Hedronal

        I’m guessing the enemy colors (UR/RW), to fit a cycle. Then again, not much of UBR does that on its own.

        • Edward

          I don’t think it needs to fit those color pairings. The whole block is off with the color pairings from typical sets. Assuming these lord are counted towards the usual uncommon 2-color cycle I would hope not because I would want something more interesting for UR than a lord. It is possible they fall outside of that though. The block really has limited boundaries due to how the colors are set up

          • Hedronal

            That’s part of the price of not being bound to the color pie, the way it was done this time. The 3c and 2c tribes getting different lord-types is what I hope for. Less-supported tribes need the varied effects more.

          • Edward

            Yeah I agree. Merfolk and Vampires already have plenty of lords and some give abilities. Vampires and Dinos have 1 each I believe and only Dinosaurs have one that gives an ability. Pirates can get Menace and Dinosaurs can get Trample.

  • Time to remove my Mimics…

    • chataolauj

      Why not play both?

  • Сергей Петров

    Oh my, Modern Vampire Incoming?

  • Jalais

    EIIIIIIIIIIIIIII! Are we actually getting a full cycle of lords?

    • galen150

      that would be pretty cool. but i’d hope that the dino one is more than just 3 colors for a 2/2 with a tribe boost.

  • TezzeretofCarmot21

    They dont have marraiges? Sad.
    Also this is not a bad card. in bw elenda, i can see him shine

    • Hedronal

      They have so much more time to grow apart during. Indefinite stability is rare in anything.

  • Happy The Cat

    well, now we know that Vamps lose, you abandoned the power of friendship? what do you think this is, real life?
    also, ahem…
    Introducing volume 2 of Uncommon Lords! you weren’t really impressed by the merfolk one, so here’s a bw vampire Lord! didn’t like the global first strike that came with our overpriced BR 3 drop back in Vol 1? well, we cut out the middle man and passed the savings on to you! now instead of wasting 1 generic mana on something like First Strike you only have to pay WB! Uncommon Lords! Coming to a set near you!

    • Nathanael Lambert

      I hope you continue this series

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    Papa likey.