• Kameenook

    This and the flip side both don’t seem overpowered but generally solid.

  • Njaal

    I might play this in Edgar Markov, as flipping it is extremely easy in that deck, and it DOES create lifelinking vampires.

  • galen150

    seeing as vamps want lots of creatures, this and its flip are solid. not amazing, but its alright.

  • Bobit

    Turn 1 this Turn 2 Servo Exhibition is great. Question is how well those cards work with other cards.

  • magicalfollower

    This is great! Love token generator cards.

  • MrAptronym

    A playable front, easily flipped, but with a weaker backface. Not the most exciting in the cycle, but turning into a hard to kill lifelink token factory is actually pretty substantial. Much like the blue one, you are getting a slow, hard to disrupt value engine. Obviously of some value in EDH and limited (This whole set should just be called Commander: Ixalan) but, as little as I know about standard, this seems playable if slow and grindy can work. Would be great in control, but that is the one place you may actually have an issue flipping it. Would a token making control deck be doable?

  • ColorCaptain

    The power level of these is pretty varied…

    • Bobit

      Seems like all the strong spoilers are coming out now.

  • Alex

    “I claim this land in the name of the queen…”
    I hope the queen shows up in Rivals to survey her new land. More vamp legends, moar!

  • Grant Jacobson

    does the flip side being ramp factor in at all? (if on turn 1 you played a plain, this and 2 ornithopters; then on turn 2 attack with 3 and flip this, play the land for turn, and finish by playing 3 drop)

    • Jazzyboy1

      Yes, it does factor in. Makes this a really good card. Not sure why people are so skeptical of this.

  • Evil Tactics

    My Honor-Worn Shaku, Kaldra wants this bad. An extra mana for a W and a lifelink creature for Sword of Kaldra or Godsend? Yes please.

  • Dave

    Oh boy, Vampire Queen incoming! Maybe in this set (kinda doubt it), Rivals (also doubt), in supplemental Commander or in a return where we see other continents of the plane (my money is here).

  • Alexandre Donnart

    Finally a good one drop for a Temmet deck.

  • Ryuji Nichol Pabila

    I would like to see this queen he speaks of