• Daniel Behan

    1 mana heals 4 health and doubles if a trigger is met and still will se zero play

    • galen150

      i dunno, this plus leave to chance might seriously help aetherflux reservoir.

      • Jacob Hennessy

        Especially since it’s when any creature dies and it’s an instant

  • Jacob Kodicovic

    Oh yeah, I said Life Goes On, long after the thrills, of the Trials are gone.

    • Nick Art

      Can’t hold on or life won’t change…

  • galen150

    love the flavor text.

  • Hecksus

    So you like to play burn….

  • Matthew

    Hmm, I wonder if this will replace feed the clan as an answer to burn. You get 2 less life, and its condition is probably harder than feed the clan’s, but that one mana discount could be very important.

  • magicalfollower

    Seems like a great sideboard card for Pauper!

    • Random Guy

      [[Feed the Clan]] yes it will be. Might see modern/standard play too.

  • Gregory Walter

    Is she standing on Rhonas’ corpse?

    • Peter Johnston

      I think that’s Oketra.

      • Chris Tomsky

        Its definitely Rhonas, and Samuts standing on top of em.

        • Gregory Walter

          That’s messed up, yo.

          • Thomas Dixon

            I hear snake tastes like chicken and how many times do you think you’ll get a chance to eat a god?

          • Hedronal

            Could they even break the skin though?

  • Tolle

    Return of morbid without morbid

  • Nebulium

    Rest for the weary level life gain with a trigger that is almost as easy to get. And it’s only 1 mana. That’s definitely sideboardable.

  • Happy The Cat

    pretty sure the only decks that will be picking this up are the decks is meant to stop, since gw+ aggro is the only thing this hurts. yay. more cards to make those decks stronger. now they have cards for the mirror…

  • Pauper power… So Sideboardable

  • Swedish Death Metal

    Entombed – But Life Goes On

  • Shagoth

    We’ve come a long way from Healing Salve. Dang, this is some good life gain. It basically can be a post combat fog if played right.

  • DarthinvaderIX

    feed the clan 2.0

  • Scud422

    … Except for you!

  • Deadly Berry

    Not bad if you don’t use creatures with power 4 somehow, for Feed the Clan.

  • Jalais

    Does Aetherflux Resevoir want to splash this?